Witness Report: My Friend Died after Meeting the Black Eyed Children

Witness Report: My Friend Died after Meeting the Black Eyed Children and their Caretaker


Whether they’re banging on doors at military bases or frightening residential homeowners, the Black Eyed Children show no signs of slowing their terror tour of America, but now these encounters have started to take a darker turn. People are actually dying in strange ways after meeting the BEKs.

Eyewitness accounts continue to spill out from those who’ve had run-ins with the Black Eyed Children, but one of the scariest reports we’ve received about the mysterious visitors came from a woman in rural Vermont who made the grave mistake of letting the mysterious children into her home. Soon after the kids left, her husband was diagnosed with severe skin cancer and she claims she’s now dying in agony. It’s a disturbing account, but she’s not alone.

The following report comes from a woman named Jamilyn who claims that one of her own friends was also suddenly stricken with an aggressive cancer after meeting the Black Eyed Children.


I just read the Week in Weird witness report from the woman who said she’s dying after letting the Black Eyed Kids into her home, and I wanted to share a story about a very close friend who met up with these “children” and who is now dead.

My friend took a road trip to see a friend near Arcata, California. They visited, said their goodbyes, and he stopped by a bar to have a drink before going to his hotel for the night. The bartender was a beautiful woman (my friend was extremely attractive), and she served him and chatted and smiled. After a few more drinks, the woman told him he could stay at her place. She said to leave his car there and she would drive him back the next day, as her place was hard to find and somewhat remote. He took her up on it.

He told me later that he began to be very fearful when they arrived at her home. She took him to her room and of course the inevitable sex experience. He said that he was actually frightened of her then as well, as she was not acting normally, and sounded almost inhuman, in a way.


After laying in bed for while, the woman had fallen asleep and he got up to get water from the kitchen. As he was walking to the sink he saw numerous small, frightening-looking children walking to and fro about the place. It was a large two story house. He wondered what they were doing up at 2-3am if they had school the next day. He also said that they looked at him with completely black eyes and he was terrified of them, that he had a horrible feeling about them.

It turns out the woman owned the bar, and she did return him the next day. She forced him out and he had to walk to the highway.

I met up with him a week or two later and he seemed perfectly fine, but a little frazzled. About a month later, this extremely healthy, athletic individual was diagnosed with bladder cancer and no medication or treatment would impact his condition. He believed it was directly related to that experience with the Black Eyed Children in Arcata. He died about 6 months after his diagnosis.

The thought of little kids with black eyes running around knocking on people’s doors in the middle of the night is scary enough, but the reports of cancer and other strange illnesses take the BEK phenomena to whole new, terrifying level. Don’t let them in.

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