Witness: Black Eyed Adults Killed my Boyfriend by Drowning Him

Witness Report: Black Eyed Adults Killed my Boyfriend by Drowning Him in the River


Frightening first-hand accounts of the Black Eyed Children have been flooding the internet for the last few years, terrifying readers with tales of strange kids showing up on doorsteps in the middle of the night, causing strange illnesses, and even resulting in the death of anyone foolish enough to let them in their homes. Now a relatively new type of encounter has started to crop up: Black Eyed Adults.

Our latest witness report comes from a woman in the United Kingdom, named Esme, who says that she’s met the Black Eyed Adults.. and they killed her boyfriend.

I just found Week in Weird today and I wanted to tell you about an adult BEK experience I had back in May 2012. At the time me and an ex-boyfriend were living in Leigh Woods just outside Bristol, UK. We had many strange experiences in the 3 months we were staying in the woods, but this one takes the biscuit.


We were leaving to go to work one day, around 10:30am, and went out on to the towpath at the bottom of the gorge. Right there were 4 people walking along- the first a short middle-aged man with pointed grey beard and completely black eyes, the second a very tall middle aged woman with completely black eyes, the third a teenage boy roughly 17/18 with completely black eyes and a troll-like underbite with what seemed to have fangs protruding upwards, and the fourth was a very beautiful black girl (the rest were EXTREMELY pale white) around 20/21 years old whose eyes were normal.

The strangeness: the path was flooded out, some puddles on that towpath are up to a foot deep, and they weren’t stepping in the puddles without even looking at the ground which I promise is impossible in flood season even when you’re paying attention to what you’re doing. Their skin didn’t seem to fit them and they moved in a very strange way, almost like their limbs were bending in places there are no joints. The two older ones looked at us as we said “good morning” with this really unsettling smile, but the Black Eyed Adults said nothing back, which is really odd as it’s a very friendly city where strangers often talk to each other. They stared at us and it felt awful, like they were looking into my brain or something.

The troll-like teenager looked dead ahead with a really angry expression on his face, and the girl looked happy but vacant, like she was hypnotized, just staring into space walking in front of him. Their clothes were modern, waterproof coats and walking boots. Apart from the girl who wasn’t wearing walking boots like she’d intended to come to the woods, she was wearing flat pumps which nobody in their right mind would wear on that path in flood season. When they had passed us we looked at each other immediately and said at the same time, “that was so weird!”. We both felt the strangeness emanating off of them, like a total sense of foreboding.

What adds further mystery to this encounter is that exactly one year later, my ex tragically died at age 22 in one of the quays of that same river the towpath follows. It was reported that he had hallucinated a girl called Sally throwing herself in after speaking to her. He could’ve been saved but he refused to let anyone rescue him until he had rescued Sally. There are a lot of residential boats on that quay so a lot of people heard him shouting for her and tried to help him. The police looked in the quay for a second body for hours after he had died but concluded she had been a figment of his imagination brought on by misadventures with drugs.

I know this might sound far fetched but I have been trying to find out more about these BEKs ever since and wanted to share this experience in case it was helpful to anyone and in case you have any information that might be helpful to my search for answers. Thank you so much for reading this, I appreciate it.

Esme’s encounter is a frightening one, for sure. It seems that more and more, encounters with black-eyed entities are reportedly resulting in death, though never immediately. In the reports we’ve received from witnesses, deaths always tend to come some time after the BEK encounters, often in the form of slowly debilitating conditions like cancer. This is the first report I’ve seen where the death came as the result of a hallucination. Could the Black Eyed Children and related entities be omens of bad fortune akin to the Mothman?

This isn’t the first frightening encounter to come out of the Leigh Woods. In 2014, two girls camping in the forest claimed to have captured a ghost-like entity peering at them from a patch of trees. Perhaps Esme’s encounter is somehow related. Regardless, I have a feeling that these reports of Black Eyed Adults are just the beginning.

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