Have You Invited Any Black Eyed Children Into Your Home?

Real Accounts of BEK Encounters: Have You Invited Any Black Eyed Children Into Your Home?


Picture it. You and your better half are on your way home after a night on the town. It’s late, it’s dark, and you pull into the gas station for a pack of smokes. He runs in, you wait in the car.

You’re sitting there, idly waiting for him to return when suddenly you get this inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of terror. You sit up a little straighter and glance toward the driver’s side window, and there, staring in at you, are two children. But not just any children. These are Black Eyed Children. And they want to get in your car with you.

Sounds like something out of one of those Village of the Damned sequels, right? Well, it’s not. This is real life, as real as it gets. And this is just one of thousands of reported sightings. Black Eyed Children are knocking on doors and tapping on windows, asking to be let in, all over the world.



BECs have, as the name implies, black eyes, completely void of color or light. No pupils, no irises, just dead-looking black eyes. In fact, some witnesses say their eyes seem to be bottomless pools of blackness.

These children, typically between the ages of 8 and 16, have very pale skin, some people say it even looks plastic, or artificial, but other than that they look like normal children. Witnesses say they either dress in drab clothes, generally blue jeans and a hoodie, or they wear very old-fashioned, handmade clothing, similar to what Amish people wear.

Sometimes they travel in pairs, sometimes in groups and sometimes you’ll see just one. Regardless, these BECs seem to evoke an instant feeling of terror. Not just suspicion or even fear. But pure, gut-wrenching, “I think I just shit my pants but who cares cuz I’m about to die anyway” mind-numbing terror.

What do they do that’s so terrifying? They ask to enter your home or your vehicle. But it’s not what they ask – it’s how they ask it.

Witnesses report that the BEC approach and try to get you to let them into your home to use the phone or ask you to give them a ride home because they’re lost or they forgot something. And when they speak it’s in a monotone, almost hypnotic. One witness even compared it to hypnosis she’d undergone to quit smoking.

No matter what you say to these children they don’t answer questions or speak about anything else. They just keep saying, “Let us in. We won’t hurt you. This won’t take long.” This won’t take long?! To me, it sounds like those children in “The Village of the Damned”, and that movie always, always, always freaks me out!


Now, I know you’re probably thinking these are just children wearing black contact lenses. But David Weatherly, who’s written a book called, “Black Eyed Children” says that may be true in some cases. However, black lenses that would cover the entire surface of the eye are very expensive and extremely uncomfortable. Given that the average age of BEC is 13, he doesn’t think most children would be able to afford the lenses, nor would they be able to wear them for any length of time.

Jason Offutt is another paranormal researcher who’s done some digging into the Black Eyed Children phenomenon and I accidentally tripped over his blog. And it was there that I found the following account:

At about 10:45, on a warm night, 18-year old Carris Holdsworth was walking to her apartment from a friends house in Lisburn, a city in Northern Ireland near Belfast. Her apartment was in a bad section of town and as she approached she noticed two teenagers, in hoodies and jeans, standing in her yard with their backs to her.

Of course, she was immediately wary and put her hand in her purse to grab hold of her pepper spray. As she was sneaking around the corner the two boys turned, simultaneously, to face her, which really freaked her out. She says she felt raw fear when she saw their faces.

However, Carris had her pepper spray in her purse and she was still alert enough to defend herself, should the boys approach. But they didn’t. Instead, they seemed able to read her mind.

“No need for that,” the older one spoke, calmly and maturely. “We just want to borrow your phone, miss.”


Carris said they looked just like two normal boys – until, that is, she saw their eyes. “They were pitch black. No trace of white or pupil at all.” She felt she was in terrible danger and had to get away.

Running for her door and fumbling with her keys, the boys following close at her heels, the boys continued to ask to use the phone. “Please miss, my mother won’t be happy if she doesn’t know where we are.”

“I wanted to obey them at first considering that they were young,” she said. “But seeing their eyes took me away. I just had to get away from them both and I knew if I obeyed them I was going to seriously regret it.”

Carris managed to make it inside her apartment and locked the door. But just as she was about to sit down with a cup of coffee, there came a knock. When she ignored it, the knock came again and she immediately felt a sense of overwhelming terror. When she peeped out the peep hole, there they were, both boys staring at her. “Just let us in to use the phone,” he said. “We won’t hurt you. We have no weapons to hurt you with.”

Carris opened the door and ordered the BEC to leave her alone, locked everything up tight as a drum, and called a friend. When the friend arrived the boys finally hightailed it out of there, but not before she, too, felt an overwhelming sense of danger.


Carris soon moved to another neighborhood but says, “I always check through that peep hole before I go to sleep,” she said. “I don’t know exactly what those boys were, but I do know they meant me harm and that they weren’t human in any way. I still get scared thinking about it.”

What are these BECs? Weatherly seems to think they’re an alien-human hybrid, particularly because they bear a strong resemblance to MIBs. He’s also a little inclined to believe that they may have some sort of demonic origin because a lot of the reports say these children seem to vanish into thin air. Some witnesses also report a huge run of bad luck, or even death, after encountering one of these soulless children.

I could go on and on with eyewitness accounts but it’s all second-hand news, which is scary enough, but I’d like to hear your own stories of Black Eyed Children run-ins.  Have you seen them yourself?  And more importantly, you didn’t invite them in, did you?


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Donna Anderson
Donna Anderson is a freelance journalist living in Columbus, Ohio who believes that something really is out there, you really can't trust anyone, and sometimes, mysterious “things” really do go bump in the night. A long-time fan of Coast to Coast AM she previously covered some of the more exciting and weird topics in her column at Examiner.com. and she currently writes for Alex Jones and Infowars.com. Too lazy to maintain her own blog and looking for a more open-minded audience platform, she approached the gang at Who Forted?, who graciously agreed to let her talk about whatever she wants – as long as she avoids the topic of leprechauns.
Donna Anderson

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Greg Newkirk

If I had to choose between letting the Black Eyed Children or The Black Eyed Peas into my home, I’d welcome the kids with open arms.

Amen to that! Choose the lesser of two evils XD

Amen to that what ? choosing the lesser of 2 evils is still choosing evil , so is your amen to the father of lies and deceit

White Trash Peg

Watch this and keep repeating to yourself “Fergie is not a reptilian. Fergie is not a product of Project Monarch. Let’s get retarded in here. Let’s get retarded in here.”

you would let them into your home? are you crazy? if the BEC would come into my home, i wold freak out, and i would call 911

call 911?.lol you’d be better calling the winchesters. Just mutter christo and watch the reaction. If they flinch or hiss at you then you’d better start an excorsicing ritual. Lol

Haha. the Winchesters. Nice.

salt and holy water work too

drop kick that alien ass, then ask them Ifin they want you to really let themselves into your house.

lol…I agree.

This happened on march this year I heard a knock saw a face pale girl blonde unkemp hair aged 12-16 scruffy clothes black nothing eyes I had a non rational intense fear didnt open the door backd away my friend went to the door opened it the girl asked to come in for a cigarette friend replied sorry I dont smoke closed the door he was white also had fear reaction there are alot of kids in my neigjbourhood seriously just seemed to vanish my friend is a complete sceptical person but was spooked never saw before or again since… Read more »

As would I which is probably why we haven’t seen them. -_-

I would be hesitant to invite black eyed kids into my house or into my car.
I don’t think we really know who or what they are and until you can be 100%
sure that they are not evil angels or for that matter, that these Black Eyed Kids have nothing to do with the occult I think it better not take any chances. I don’t know a whole lot about them, but from what I have read of them it is better to be safe then sorry.

I’d let them in too, I’d want to ‘interview’ them, find out how they became how they are, why they do what they do, if/who there parents are, etc. although, I would be armed, with a phone, a camera, and weapons just in case, I also might lock them/trap them somewhere until scientists show up. As long as they don’t hurt them. I’d also try to be friends with them, I believe they don’t mean harm.

When i lived in puerto rico
I was att the mall and it was october time of the year
Kids go trick or treating
Amd i saw this little boy with eyes all black he had parents but how can a little boy wear eye contacts he was skinny and hes just a kid he or his parents could not afford something like that he only had black eyes he wasent even wearing a costume it freaked me out that there are children like that.

Pfhaaaaaha haha!!😂😂😂

I’m wondering why they always want to get into your car/home. Surely if they’re that dangerous, they wouldn’t need to get you inside. They’d just dismember you or beam you up to the mothership right there on the street.

Maybe they need a lot of prep time or access to your freezer.

Maybe there is something to the vampire mythology of having to be invited into a home. Maybe the BECs are energy vampires.

I think I work with a few of those. Soul Sappers.

I have heard of vampires having all black eyes. I don’t believe anyone that actually say they are vampires nor do I believe that humans can be transformed into them, but I would be more inclined to believe in the vampire in regards to black eyed kids. I wonder if they have the same weaknesses as vampires

My kids are evergy vampires, but they do not have black eyes.

Evil has to be invited in. This is a paragraph from http://www.powerofaith.com/TruthSatan.htm Satan can influence you, but he can not physically harm you without direct permission from God, or unless you invite him in. Not only did Satan need permission to afflict Job, God gave him specific details of what he was allowed to do to Job, and what he was “not” allowed to do. We’ve been so programmed by the religious hype peddlers, to believe that Satan is lurking around every corner, that if we misplace our car keys, it must be an attack from Satan, and we feel… Read more »
Satan would rather not that we believe that he exist. He is out to kill and destroy, the Bible says. all the new age religions and pagan witchcraft is the reason more of this kind of stuff is going on more and more and more. ignorance is bliss until it happens to us. I was in ignorance for years. and wham! I got attacked because I decided to follow Jesus and took authority against the devil. ” saved by grace and not of works lest I boast.” and believe me…I have nothing to boast about except I now know Jesus… Read more »

Haha you people and that damn fiction story called the bible that book is right about one thing it sure does turn you into close minded sheep, you do realize the bible has magick all throughout it including the consulting of oracles and using crystals, stones, and even herbs for potions? It even had several books of mysticism that were taken out in previous translations such as the book of Enoch… Elohim is one of the annunaki you fear fools

Just one small question- You never met them perosnally, never talked to them as a person… How can you just judge them that way? You don’t know, who they are, you just suspect for them to be evil… But why? Because of eye colour? Thousands of years ago only “human” coloured eyes was brown! And, yes, there ones who have blue, green (me :-p) and other are purely MUTANTS… But the fact that I’ve green eyes doesn’t prevent me from being a human… Why do you suggest that entire black eyes are a sign of an evil energy/demonic/alien presence? You… Read more »

With Demonic cases I have always heard that you have to “open a door” and “invite them in” in order for them to do harm in your life.

I think one can invite them in, not knowing that these bengs are evil. It can be through drugs, unlawful sex and other things. the Bible calls it possession. God does not change. I change not says the Lord.” man is the same as day one when Adam and Eve were the first humans created by God. God created the angels too. `1/3 rebelled against God, hence the weird things happening in the world of oz. similar things, inviting them in…there are other ways and not knowing it could… have happened to me…but Jesus did not leave me because I… Read more »
WOW! i too was not born into religious family. on July 29th of 2012 the Lord came to me n told me to surrender to Him. I didn’t want to but I’m glad He did. He truly LOVES each one of us. he showed me how i had been battling demonic forces all my life.He made me fast first for forty days n then another ten days each time he fed me straight from the Bible. it truly is the Bread of Life and the Living Water. The ten day fast was a Trial of Tribulation and all kinds of… Read more »

“He also let me in on how the women i have been dating the past twenty years were all jezebels, satans women.”

I hear you brother. Jezebels: Can’t live with em, can’t kill em.

But to be fair I would have left at any hour of the day if I knocked on the door and got rebuked in the name of Jesus.

For the longest time I felt that churches were all just some one’s opinion and that no one really knew the truth. In essence, most churches are, as you said watered down, incomplete. In my own personal search, which for the longest time I didn’t even realize I was on I eventually found something that was not just truth but complete truth. In what you have commented, I can tell that you have experienced times in which the veil between this world and the spirit world has been very thin. You have been very receptive to it, and in your… Read more »

But they don’t do that. You know? Because they have to be like the Devil. Do you notice that the Devil can’t fuck you up unless you let them? It’s exactly the same. DO NOT open the door for them, just as you wouldn’t open the door for the Devil (unless you’re an idiot like some Satan-worshipping pig).

The thing that gets me about BECs, MIBs, and whatever other similar apparitions is how do they not know that their appearance makes them stand out. I mean who would go to the trouble of disguising themself, presumably to try and fit in, and get it so wrong?

If they’re something like a vampire, maybe they can’t help having the black eyes when they take on human form. All animals of the Earth have warning signs on them that Man should notice, perhaps by God’s will. (Of course, you can’t help but wonder why God would will them in the first place…) I will admit that the BECs bother me.. a lot. Frankly they sound like vampires with their need for an invite, and though I believe in a lot of lot things (since I’ve seen a few), I always put vampires under the fantasy heading. Now, I… Read more »

Higher intelligence, possibly demonic etc…and they can’t think to buy some contact lenses that look like regular eyes? — bullshit, bullshit and wait for it………..BULLSHIT!!!

If they are intelligent interdimentional beings you would think they’d borrow some shades from the men in black.

That was dumb, I stopped reading it three quarters way through. So many credibility errors. To lay some claim in my own credibility; I’m a 2nd year Resident at a major teaching hospital and have been a paramedic for over 8 years. -“Void of color or light, no Pupils, No iris” No pupil-no iris… No see! There is a disease called Aniridia where someone will be born with no pupil or iris and they can barely see if at all. Even then, only a portion of the eye is black. Image search it -They do make all black contact lens.… Read more »

Your logic is flawed. Just because some medical conditions or contact lenses can produce black eyes does not imply all black eyes are so caused. I see this dumb logic all the time on TV, like that debunker show where they “disprove” something by reproducing it. Their “proof” is worthless. Take a course in symbolic logic.

” ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” The Bible. and we have stupid people coming out of our ‘educational institutions’ nowadays… ” the beginning of Wisdom is the fear of the Lord.” no fear of the Lord, no wisdom…

Mortimer Smurf Buscuit
I’m wondering why it is that they always want to gain entry to one’s private space. The common denominator seems to be them wanting invitation into a vehicle or building. Why do they want into these areas? Is it because they wish to get the inviter alone, or is there something which buildings and vehicles share in common that interests these BEKs? Perhaps electricity, or perhaps specific electrical components such as computers, radios, and telephones? If they are interdimensional beings, then perhaps one of the “things” about vehicles and buildings is what they are after and not necessarily the people… Read more »
yes i have cam across one of these people last night and ot was strange because i didnt really feel anything and seeing the black eyed was really cool.. in my oppion it was really cool..nothing happened.. i herd knocking at my door one night around 830ish. i open the door. i seen a little teenage kid must have been around 14 maybe 15 maybe older i asked yes may i help you and he looked up and told me that he was hungry and if i could spare some food. i didnt answer at first all i did was… Read more »

Maybe one of them will come to see me, Donna.
If they did, I would certainly invite them in, offer cookies or a beer, depending on age, and post the results here (if I lived, bwah hahaha)

Unfortunately, these types of things never seem to happen to anyone who doesn’t run away in fear. 😉

or they do but never live to tell about it.

I agree….u NEVER hear of a paranormal experience in where someone stands their ground! I’m sure its spooky having some child with black eyes staring u down but just once in ANY UFO/ghostly situation someones gotta witness something and come out a hero! 🙂 I mean, come on….

Now this is coming from someone who has never witnessed a single paranormal thing. No UFO, Bigfoot, spookable, nada. But, in the end I soooooo wanna believe!! I do, I really really do! 🙂

I love hearing about this, because they freak me out. I found an account of marine who had a run in with a BEK a while back. It goes like this I’M A MARINE stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. I live in the infantry barracks off of River Road. I recently had a rather strange encounter with a pair of black-eyed kids. I live on the third floor of the barracks that have open walkways on the outside and the rooms on the inside. This happened on a weekend back in November, 2009. It was a weekend, so almost… Read more »
Silas Rogers

I think one of the major factors in the “fear” surrounding BECs and MIBs is the sense of the uncanny that Freud talks about. (And Frank off of 30 Rock.) it’s the sense of something being “off”.

Silas Rogers
I think some of the points we’re bringing up here are excellent questions- if we were attempting to investigate a human phenomenon. Now, unless you believe that these BECs are creative pranksters, what these stories are dealing with are something distinctly nonhuman. Remember Vallee’s story about the “aliens” making pancakes. These creatures, if you class them together, don’t really play by our rules of logic (or physics if we take UFOs into account). I’m not sure that, even if one did have them come in, anything immediately perceptible would happen. When considering the MIBs, the closest paranormal experience to the… Read more »
Wow! I’ve always wondered if it was true or not….reading too much paranormal, mythology, spooky stuff would bring on an actual encounter! Because let me tell ya I’m a ginormous chicken!! But I admit I love reading on the paranormal and monsters and the Devil and his shenanigans. My husband makes sooooo much fun of me because he’s such a huge skeptic and I’m sooooo not. 🙂 I am a Christian woman who thinks there is so many things unexplainable out in this crazy world of ours that really, all we have is each other to rely on what we… Read more »

I believe what Rinzzler said. I think they are vampires, either feeding off our bodies and/or blood; And/OR draining us of all our energy. Having researched aliens for many years, I feel they do feed off us. Many of the cases go unreported or are covered up by the government. I’ve also watched a few vampire movies where they DO have to be invited in, and they DO have all black eyes so I think this could be the case.

And I love the Black Eyed Peas, especially Will.i.am; he’s a great philanthropist and humanitarian. 😉

Greg Newkirk

Which is ironic, since the best thing Will.I.Am could do for humanity is stop making music.


I read somewhere that encounters with these BEC’s is on the rise. Anyone else know anything about it?

On About.com’s paranormal section there’s a story about a kid that got bit by a BEC when the kid kept denying the BEC entry into the house. I had never heard of any other type of actual attack by a BEC before tat story. I’m posting the link below:


Holy crap, that story took place literally 30 minutes from the same place I had my encounter which I posted below…. That story is in Muscatine, my story took place in Annawan, Ill. Both are little cities around an area called the Quad Cities, which is where I grew up! Go ahead and map it out for yourself. Muscatine is on the West side (Iowa Side) of the Quad Cities (Bettendorf & Davenport Iowa & Moline & Rock Island Illinois) and Annawan is on the East side (Illinois side) of the Quad Cities.

What a load of crap. Where’s the evidence of these bites? It only “happened a week ago” from writing, why not take photos as proof? Especially considering she had done a load of research on them or so she said. Camera phones – if this apparent BEK had come to her door while she had her mates around, all I’m betting armed with an iphone or some such in this day and age, why did no one think to snap a photo of him? I mean, my mates whip out a camera to take a photo of a piece of… Read more »

Possible many hints and criteria won’t pick up and appear on photo. If you willing to bet all that’s high possibility to will face with dangerous situation when you face to face with the fact the unknown will affect you.

I wonder what happens when they get inside? I read about a dad who let the BE salesman in but the teenage daughter felt the bad vibes and kept her eyes shut and prayed. The dad made the salesman leave when he had nothing to sell, the mother told the daughter that the whole time the BE salesman was there he was staring at her daughter.

What if the confrontation is what they are looking for. The fear that everyone seems to experience just from looking at them maybe all they need. Since we are looking at what they are not getting, we could be wrong. And if I am going to go this far,why do they only appear to people who are terrified of them before they do anything that is outrageous. Just curious!

Hi Robin, That’s one of the things I’ve heard before is that one of things that aliens and demons feed off is fear and negativity. Whether they are one and the same is unknown at this point but highly suspected among some researchers. But the case of the lady who met the children outside remembers as she felt intense fear, one of the kids put a smirk on her face. And I forgot to add to my other post that at first I thought that other beings couldn’t feed off us, but if you consider fleas, ticks, and mosquitos feed… Read more »

[…] Keep Reading: Have You Invited Any Black Eyed Children Into Your Home? | Who Forted? Magazine. […]

What if they aren’t aliens or demon/human hybrids. What if they were regular kids at one point, that have been experimented on? What if this is some kind of test the government has going on? I some times wonder if the government is controlling us more than we think. The BEC,s could be a new project that they are just introducing to the world to see how we react to them? Maybe they weren’t meant to harm us. Yet. First they have to see how we react to them. See what needs to be changed. Then they become some form… Read more »

Ziah, dont sweat it, what is normal? Dont be normal, be your own man!!

Not wanting to endanger my family, I would not invite them into my home or automobile. But, having said that, I would never pass up an opportunity to hold a conversation with a possible nonhuman being. I would exit my home or vehicle, locking the door behind me, hopefully with camcorder or telephone in hand, and shaking off any “enchantment,” strike up a conversation. What to say or not say or ask or not ask is something we should all think about. What will you say to a nonhuman being? Running away is NOT investigation. It is running away. Contact… Read more »

these beings can go through walls and cars. and…they are liars. don’t waste your time contacting or talking with them. they hate you. if they disappear like that in a second or two…they can get into your house or whatever with or without your permission.

i beleive they are a manifestation of unbridled evil and demonic souls inside a child witch got to the child after seeing a demon or a demon orb without any devices, since the eyed are the portal to the soul you can tell exactly what a person is like if you study their eyes and you know how to understand them. however the human brain is basicaly hardwired to notice evil and danger so you instantly become scared once you see their eyes. and i personaly do not beleive in aliens


[…] Have You Invited Any Black Eyed Children Into Your Home? […]

vampires that what they sound like to me especially since they ask to come in and never force themselves in just like vampires

I used to want to go camping and hiking in the wilderness because I love nature- unexplored open territory, but now I guess you can say I’m paranoid, but nowadays I don’t fault anyone for being paranoid, given all the things we read in the news and on TV. In addition to this, we have hundreds of people who have gone missing in State Parks without a trace. I used to like to take long evening walks, but now I tend to go out in the daytime instead of at night. They say it’s ok to walk at night as… Read more »
Here’s an idea as to why these beings appear to some people and not to others.. What if these beings don’t go for people who are already easily frightened? There are so many people in the world who walk around in fear every day. They go to and fro and are afraid of what the stranger walking along the same street could do to them. Meanwhile, you have some people who are fearless or some who are indifferent – these people give little thought to what harm could befall them from moment to moment. The people who get frightened easily… Read more »
I think I may have had an encounter with these BEKs…in reading your comment it triggered a memory of a few years back. It was late evening and I was home alone with my 2 kids, whom had already gone to bed. As I was getting ready to hit the sack as well, I heard a knock on my front door. Living in a rural area, we have shotguns and a hand gun at the ready. As I reached for the handgun I heard the knocking again. I stepped up to the door and as I looked through the peep… Read more »

Annie, that would have had the hair on the back of my neck standing on end!

Again, you said it yourself “two kids up to no good”. They saw a woman and a child alone, outside, and tried to take advantage of you. Nothing supernatural about that, but still terrifying.


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[…] Have You Invited Any Black Eyed Children Into Your Home? – Who Forted? […]


[…] article posted on July 3, 2012, at WhoForted.com asks, “Have you invited any Black Eyed Children into your home?” After reading about these […]

There have been many accounts of ETs who can control your perception and share what your brain “sees”. You know the story of the “girl in the red dress” who walked out of a landed saucer ETV? We should consider that they are entities who may not look like children at all, but project the image into the minds of their mark. I don’t think this is similar to MIBs because they don’t correlate with witnessing a UFO. Rather, they seem to appear randomly and with no real pattern outside of the plea to “let me in” and the terror… Read more »

Arie, I agree that they can alter our perception. I’ve heard of either a faction, or all of them, being able to shapeshift; and if this is true, then it’s terrifying to think that they could appear as anything or anyone…..even these black-eyed kids. One thing is for sure, anything that radiates energy causing that much terror cannot be benevolent.

Oops……addendum to my last post.

I’ve heard that some people who have seen these black-eyed kids claim to feel like prey, and that’s a very scary feeling not knowing if you’re going to live or die.

Born of shadow and dead flesh their eyes reflect the emptiness of their bodys. Given the need to replenish their husks they look for someone to let them in they consume their victims and then move on to the next.

Eyes of black
They knock
They ask
They never push
They wait
They beg
Never let them in

WTF???????!!!!! That poem literally has scared me more than the stories. OMEFFFING Goshness!

I’ve heard of someone that let them in, he had a phone in his arms, ran into the bathroom and locked himself in, of fear ofc.. and he rang his neighbour and the cops, he told the neighbour everything, and when the cops came, he was found in the bathroom dead, and his apartment was messy, but there was no sign of forced entry to the bathroom.. it’s scary, and if i had to choose I’d let the kids inside or the devil himself, I’d choose the devil, cause he allways give you a chance 😛 and to those whom… Read more »

Riiiiiight. So how do you know this story? If the guy who ‘let them in’ was found dead, how’d he tell anyone what happened? I think it’s all a crock of crap

ummmm…. because besides the police he called the neighbor and told him (or her) everything??? Didn’t you read it?

sounds like a bunch of brats to me.

Kinda reminds me of that Doctor Who episode where the kid in the gas mask keeps asking for his mommy…

Is there any reference to people having pets around (dogs or cats) when these BEC come around? I’m curious how my german sheppard would react…animals are execellent judges of character. I also wonder if knowing this they purposely avoid households or people walking/driving around with pets?

There was a story but I can’t remember which site (probably paranormal.about.com) but anyway, this person answered their door and their pitbull ran for the door barking but then it reached the door and extremely quickly ran from the door whimpering. Apparently this dog wasn’t scared of anything until this incident.

Its kind of weird isn’t it though? You have these two contradictory feelings. “Are you homeless, where are your parents?” & “Do I know you, can I help you?” They look harmless almost its easy to be convinced they aren’t creepy.

I have this weird morbid curiosity of what if I did let them in, would they suck your blood, or drain your energy?

Oh one more thing, has anyone else noticed this weird mothering instinct thats contrary to your own personal best interest? I mean they could be the devil, yet because they are kids you feel sorry for them.

They curse you with like cancer and dead cats and stuff if you let them in. I read it in another article. Also, is it odd that. I’m on this as a twelve year old girl?

are the reports of BEC’s only in the USA? if no in which other countries have there been reports, cos where i’m from, there hasn’t been any reports

I have read about a possible encounter in Australia. Pretty sure it’s discussed on ATS, something along the lines of, “Did I have a BEK encounter?”. Not sure about other places, but that one European vampire movie “Let the Right One In” (US remake “Let Me In”) seems to suggest the possibility.

hmmmm… I still say its only in the U.S.A.

Has anyone ever heard of “chanelings”? They were old fairy stories of children who were taken from their homes and replaced with; many times a wooden doll. An enchantment would be placed for the doll to look like the stollen child only for it to die. If the replacement were another fairy, it was fair haired and with black eyes. If it again does not die, it can have a “voraciouce appetite”. I mention this not because of a fairy story but what if this old legend was similar to the BEC. Maybe they were left here. I just brought… Read more »

Here is a story about a man who let them in. It says they advanced on him, telling him they were here to collect him, and he ran away out the back door.

Yeah, I was going to post that. The story is creepy as heck! Here’s a more direct link:

OMG! Creepy creepy creepy!

I think I saw one of those kids. I was just watching tv, when some kid knocked on the window. It was halloween so I thought he was just trying to screw with me, so I Yelled: Fuck off! (Sorry for the swearing.)And the kid just walked away, he had black eyes, no face expression, and he had worn some old scratched up shirt. It wasn’t really that creepy back then, but now that I know about this. Man

Alright – I had absolutely no idea this was any sort of phenomenon, and I had encountered two of these when I was a very young child and was with my older cousin. My cousin, to this day if asked about them completely acts like she has no idea what you’re talking about but gets very clearly shaken up and turns pale. I had to be 5 or 6, but I remember it clear as day as their image has always haunted me. I just thought it might be some random crazy ghost experience I had, I didn’t know there… Read more »
Hi, my name is Alex and I am from Romania. I had an encounter with a similar “child” once. A few years ago, me and some friends were travelling home by train from the neighbour city of Cluj-Napoca which is about 40 miles away from our hometown. It was late fall and it was night already at around 8 or 9 PM. Because it was friday night and the city is a teeming with students at that time of year, the train was crowded with people going home for the weekend. We were standing in the train car near the… Read more »

[…] your parade for fear y’all are gonna eat me alive. All I am gonna say is, it looks like the black-eyed children have finally found a way to be invited into your home (spooky link alert, […]

I think there might be a reason why they look the way they do other than them not being able to get an exact copy. I think that whatever they do they might need to evoke fear but be just innocent enough so that those who ignore their inner voice saying “DONT DO IT!!!” will actually let them in

when i was about 5 or 6 yrs old i can remember playing in my friends front yard when out of nowhere a car pulled up and 2 men in black suits where in the car, the passenger got out and opened the back door and said come with us girls we have lots of candy, my friend started to walk slowly towards the car and i grabbed her arm and said come on i think my moms yelling for us so we ran up to the neighbors door (why the neighbors door i have no idea lol) and we… Read more »

…most likely a kidnapper or pedophile.

I really hope i replied to the right comment -.-