Ask A Wizard: What Are Human Beings?

Ask A Wizard: What Are Human Beings?

Hello again.

What is the nature of the human species? Where do we come from, and what are we really? How many versions of us exist? Does Panspermia make aliens of us all?


There are sometimes holes in the reality we decide to see.

The human species is defined nowadays as homo sapiens, although I have come to suspect that the Gay Agenda is at work, there. The point to keep in focus is that we generally define ourselves as human, and all other things as not human. It’s wordier than Aristotle might allow, but I think he would be proud in a lyrical sense.

The general rule is that extensive study and analysis will lead to a better understanding than a cursory glance or a faith grounded in imaginary dirt. Does a Lord of the Rings sort of world exist all around us, in a variant of our own reality? Could invisible infinitudes proceed all around, over, and through us, quite without our knowledge? Isn’t Gandalf real somehow, somewhere? Failing to think remains thinking to fail.

Active Distraction

Active Distraction

There is evidence that we are not the only version of our kind to walk this earth. In one sense, we refer here to a scientific view, that there are in the fossil record examples of beings like us, but not like us. We give them different names. We are racist toward our own ancestors, and our obsession with division is almost as dangerous here as our obsession with unification. Statistically speaking, if we norm all operant examples of human behavior, we derive a mean in which the pattern is defined by punctuated explosions of total insanity. Crazy doesn’t only follow a pattern, its pattern is inconsistent with anything fully functional persons define as a pattern. This is why Skeptics and Speculators don’t get along. And it’s why we want so badly for Mulder and Scully to hump. Sexual energy is the strongest kind known to our species.


What is love?

Why isn’t the word union pronounced “onion”?

If there have been homo erecti (clear evidence of the Gay Agenda at work, again), and neanderthalensis  and so many Lucies and Hobbitses, then can there not also have been a version of us, living alongside of us to this very moment, and talking to all of us through history and the waves of the virtual internet that is reality? Did this species – or is it race? – build the great anomalous monuments that defy human reason? Or do these monuments even defy anything at all, other than the willingness to accept that a truly Cecil B. DeMille version of history is actually a more accurate rendering than we can know?

There are legends within legends and myths within myths. What is a human? A human is a pet, when he is not a nuisance. It depends upon who is doing the asking, and of whom it is being asked. Sometimes Gods told us very strange things indeed. And they always came making deals, and offering innovative programmatic control schemes to the most ambitious of heroes

Google these words: Puma Punku, Baalbek, hominid, Boskop, cranial deformation… See what you get. Let us be not guided by only one link that I send you to, or one page that I show you. Never give someone that much control over your information stream. “Keep your water clean,” as Agaba put it. But the number of references and images is astonishing. That’s a whole lot of noise for things that are supposed to be complete bullshit.

If you believe this is a natural formation, you should know that I own it, and I am willing to sell it to you.

If you believe this is a natural formation, you should know that I own it, and I am willing to sell it only to you. Take advantage of this limited time offer!!!

The thing about our bovine fecal metaphor is that it does not refer to a thing that is not real. It rather refers to a thing profoundly unpleasant. It is unpleasant for us to think that a race of hominids exists alongside our own, is superior to us in a way analogous to an adult’s superiority over a small child, and is responsible not only for the weird anomalies – the Yonaguni Monument (pictured above), and Puma Punku, and the Temples of Malta – but for our own civilization as well. Newgrange was built on orders from the gods. The Parthenon was raised in their memory. Human civilized order is not of human design. It is this last accomplishment of the Cryptosapiens that is the weirdest, as Robert E. Howard alone could attest – although perhaps not entirely alone. We must consider the work of Richard Shaver, and the work of Lovecraft, too. All three writers considered the possibility of an elder race, an offshoot of the common hominoid line, in near-continual contact and regularly adjusting the development of our own kind. They created not our species, but rather the cultures and social structures that control us. And by this, they keep us carefully hemmed in. It is a chess game. The best slave race requires a level of adaptive and technical skill, alongside an intellect capable of great understanding, but carefully hemmed in by social, religious, and cultural conditioning.

Our lies are not our own. They are lies given to us, in order to condition us to live by lies, and within them.

The Cryptosapiens are among us, beneath us, above us. They hold the strings of power. They conduct the shadow play that mesmerizes the masses.

They are few in number, dwelling primarily under ground, which has led to the development of a number of surprising abilities. If you want these guys to be grays, we can make that happen. We can say, “Oh, they went underground to hide from modern homo sapiens around 10-30,000 years before the present. They got pale, became smaller, and developed enormous black eyes.” Go there if you want, but it will only be partially true. Perhaps one branch went this route, whereas another developed tools far in advance of even our current levels over 20,000 y.b.p., and there are power plants and lighting systems and agricultural paradises three miles under the earth. Maybe they live inside the Moon – they are the Man in the Moon. Homo Luna is manipulating your banking industry.

Is human culture under its own steam? That’s the dispositive question – the thing that resolves everything if it turns out one way or the other. If it is demonstrably clear that our species does not dance to its own beat, then the beat originates elsewhere. If the beat is ordered, patterned, and directional, does this indicate that it is controlled by another intelligence, or merely a product of nature? Are the two sources significantly different enough for us to be able to differentiate between the two?

Cranial Deformation is easy. Where'd we get the idea?

Cranial Deformation is easy. Where’d we get the idea?

My man Rousseau thought that we were secretly guided by spirit beings with total control over every aspect of our perception. Possibly he was half-right. Jean-Jacques went extremely crazy in the woods one weekend – Okay, it was longer than a weekend. He also did a lot of drugs. That’s one of those not-so-secret secrets that we know about the Enlightenment. It was drug-fuelled. Hence, we now criminalize the bulk of drug use, in order to put pressure on the natural and predictable effects of the behavior. Revolution is bad for business. Awakening and expanding consciousness means challenging pre-existing and long-standing restrictive rules and codes of conduct. If you get the slaves high enough, some of them will have experiences that let them see through the deceptive structures that guide us.

The 1960s and 1970s, anyone? Whether the cultural revolutions are regarded as good or bad, it is unreasonable to minimize the scale of the impact of the social upheaval. Basically, drugs eff everyone up, and the imagination becomes dominant. This is a dangerous imbalance, and a useful one. It is to be regulated. But who does the regulating? Who established this pattern? View human kind over long spans of time, taking the events as continuous and linked and flowing: a pattern emerges that had better be natural. Because if it isn’t, we are definitely not responsible for it. It would be beyond direct human agency to orchestrate a sequence of events with a purposeful culmination responsive to planning over a period of even a handful of centuries. Too much random chance and variability disarms the human intellect.

electrical waveforms

What about the intellect of Homo Capensis? Does Boskop Man know your name, or do you know his? Enlarged and elongated skulls are depicted in art and represented in archaeological and fossil records. Whether or not the skulls are shaped as they are due to the actions of human beings through cranial deformation, or else the result of natural mutations and the emergence of disorders, or perhaps due to the fact that we are in the presence of another species – well, it depends. Which version will keep you up at night? Which version will make people pay you money? And which version will let you ignore this kind of bullshit and get back to watching the game or the romance-drama-comedy? Shut up about the state of humanity… I’m listening to my Journey tapes.

How much information can adults keep from children? It is equally true that the kids will often know exactly what is going on, and sometimes better than the adults. But that is not the general rule with respect to all operational elements of life in these United States. Nor really throughout the world – it is in fact the case that the adults are the ones with control over transportation, housing, food, playtime, and so forth. And now you have the human condition in a nutshell.

Somewhere on this planet is a master race, all right, but it ain’t the kind that Hitler et. al. had in mind. Nor even was it the sort that the Hebrews considered themselves in Biblical times. This is a species – or not quite a species, but no longer a race – with a bigger brain than our own. They have bigger heads, and those heads are often of a weird shape. They Live, pretty much right next to you. They cause us to hallucinate. You know that science fiction picture from back in the day where the intrepid and courageous space captain is trapped by big-headed aliens in an underground base, and they can completely control his experience of reality?

That’s true. You are in that episode right now. I am a radial, an iteration of the same Matrix-like un-reality in which all creatures great and small are trapped. The Cage contains man as readily as cheesy mazes compel and contain mice.

The guy who wrote that episode knew some stuff. There’s a way of conveying information to you the people by we the wizards. We can pass it through time. We tell stories, and we use certain symbolic sets. We teach the songs. We tell the history. Shaman, sorcerer, poet, industrialist, author… These are names. The great spiritual traditions are all built around common cores. Here is why:


If you learn the Secret Language, this image is an equation. It represents a calculation of the rate of change in a society over time. If you don’t know the Secret Language, this is just weird religious porn. Eye of the Beholder = Judge of the Value. Be not blind.

The superior species of man that controls us can see directly into our thoughts, and control them. He does not do this by mind waves or magic rays or lasers of any kind. That is ridiculous. Rather, a species with an average intelligence equivalent of our own measures of genius (allowing for the fact that our means of measuring intelligence actually measure cooperation) is able to sell us some serious bullshit. And this metaspecies can do so using nonverbal communication. Under this doctrine, UFOs are nothing of the sort. They are a type of mental projection, a randomly occurring form of mass hallucination or individual delusion – depending upon the scenario – designed to conceal what is really there. A genius among these metamen could be three times more intelligent than the most brilliant of our own. Put a handful of those together, and it is not very long before technology expands out of all proportion to our own advances. Fastwalkers and Slowwalkers are easily explained: we have just recently learned to track well enough to detect vehicles that belong to the other people that inhabit our world.

We are monkeys. Our societies are a kind of zoo, and they always have been. We don’t have the mental capacity to see anything other than the imaginary world constructed around us – a prison so profoundly wicked (to us) at least in part because we build and maintain it with our own hands. We do not seek to escape, because we are not allowed to believe in anything other than this Cave of ours, and the shadows on the wall, and the flickering light of fire.

Psst. We’ve all been telling you this for 12,000 years. Wizards learned magic from Homo Capensis when Prometheus stole Fire from the Gods and gave it to men. Jesus died for your sins because a redeemer who is dead cannot help you very much unless he is planning on coming back sometime. Moses and Gandalf are virtually indistinguishable because they are each modeled on the other. That’s why the real masters of the earth, the Cryptoterrestrials if you will, invented religion. They gave men hallucinations and visions and delusions so convincing, the men were filled with a spiritual fire of unbreakable will. They did the impossible, the unimaginable. Men carefully chosen for the rare balance of abilities and faults that made them perfectly controllable were also able, under the right conditions, to make the miraculous appear to happen. And with a bit of assistance from the so-called gods, great numbers of people could share in an illusion, moved to unwavering faith by an experience beyond human ken.

Is the world trending toward atheism, and if it is, is it because there is no god, or because these god(s) are not the god(s) you are looking for?

A step further still and we might come to suspect that there is not an institution on this planet that does not secretly have some knowledge of these creatures, perhaps even direct knowledge – at least what they have been permitted to believe is direct knowledge.


There is a strain of truth in many belief systems, art forms, and philosophies, however – unless this too is a fabrication generated by the superior minds of a higher hominid. But if we pretend to have some free will, for just a moment, we might entertain the notion that these overlords are not nearly as powerful as they would have us believe. After all, they bear the burden of having to bother with us, so we must be some sort of factor in their existence.

What is man? He is water, and machine, construct of the stuff of life and custodian of his own fate – when his gods permit him to be so. We speak here of all humanity, albeit in the antiquated prose of a bygone era. Wizards are always behind the times when it comes to styles and customs and sexual morays. Thuggin ain’t easy.

Be careful, those of you who would delve deeply into the realm of Homo Capensis and like iterations of the same. None of those initiates I have access to, and none of the Masters I have studied truly know the nature of the master species that rules this world. We know only that it is not us, and that we are wise to keep our distance. What we all know is that one can only go so far toward dominion before something smacks one down. The mighty must always fall. Our propensities and profundities are all products of a culture beyond us, observing and manipulating with very delicate fingers. The problem is that Philip Coppens and Mac Tonnies are exemplars of what happens when we seek too much, reveal too much, and suggest too much. Keep it tight, keep it respectful, and all will be well.

toddler headbrace

There’s certain shit you just cannot say. If you were to say these things, then certain BEINGS will hear you, and decide that you have outlived your usefulness.

Be careful not to bite the hand that you don’t even realize is feeding you.


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