Witness: "I Let the Black Eyed Kids Inside, Now I'm Dying"

Witness Report: “I Let the Black Eyed Children Into My Home, and Now I’m Slowly Dying”


In the last few years, the frightening phenomenon of the Black -Eyed Children visitations has swept the internet. Whether or not the the stories of midnight encounters with with the mysterious Black-Eyed Kids have any truth to them has been a hotly-debated topic, but that hasn’t stopped tales of the BEKs from popping up on message boards, in chatrooms, and on paranormal podcasts.  Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they want? We aren’t sure.

No matter who tells it, the encounters always occur the same way: someone home alone in the middle of the night hears a knock on the door. When they peek through the window, children, normally in a pair, are seen standing in the cold. As the resident cautiously cracks open the door to see what might be wrong, a familiar feeling of dread washes over them. The strange children beg to be let inside, but something isn’t right.. there’s something “off” about these kids. As the lonely resident looks closer, they see that these children’s eyes are black as an oil slick, an unnerving detail that causes them to slam the door and deny their pleas for entrance. Some of them call the police, others clutch a weapon, but never, ever, do they let the Black Eyed Children inside.

Until now.


The following chilling eyewitness account comes from a woman who emailed us to say that she made the mistake of letting the Black-Eyed Kids inside her home, and now, she claims, is paying the ultimate price. Her story comes as warning to those willing to open their door more than a crack. I’ve edited the letter for grammar, redacted the identifying information, and slightly altered the introduction, but beyond that, the report is submitted exactly as it arrived.

Honestly, it’s the scariest BEK account I’ve ever read.

UPDATE 10/27/16: More reports of mysterious cancer-related deaths after encounters with the BEKs.


Let me start by saying that I know how hard this all will be to believe, but now that things have taken a turn for the worse I started looking for stories similar to mine and found Week in Weird. I feel like I should share this story with someone and your website seems like the right place.  I made the mistake of letting the Black Eyed Kids inside and now I’m worried that I might die because of it. I hope this will be a warning to everyone who is ever in the position to make the same mistake that I did.

I live just outside of [a rural town in] Vermont. It’s a tight knit community where everyone knows one another and people don’t lock their doors at night. There has never been any need to.

A little over a year ago I woke up because I heard a loud banging on my front door. At the time my husband I lived in a small home on a dirt road just off the rural route into town. It was the middle of a snowstorm and the nearby hills get very slippery in the snow so I thought that someone might have been in an accident and broken down. It’s happened before.

When I looked out the window I could see that out motion spotlight was on. I could see that there were footprints in the snow that had come from our road and into our driveway but there was no car anywhere. The snow was still covering the road and no one had driven on it for at least a couple hours. Our front door was obscured from the window but I could see that someone was standing there. I wasn’t sure what to think so I woke my husband up just to feel safer. While I was telling him what was going on the banging on the door started again and my husband went to answer it while I stood in the hallway.

footprints in the snow at night

When he opened the door there were two children standing in the snow looking toward the ground. They were a boy and a girl and could not have been more than 8 years old. They were dressed strangely and had odd haircuts. The girl’s hair was very long and straight and the boy had a dated haircut that looked almost like a bowl cut. They weren’t dressed for winter and my first thought was that they must have been Mennonite children but as far as I know there was never a large community of Mennonites near us.

Thinking back on it I know that my normal reaction to seeing children in a snowstorm would have been to rush them inside and bundle them up with some blankets and hot cocoa, but that’s not how this felt. The children were very unnerving. They would not make eye contact and when my husband asked them if everything was ok they asked if they could come in. My husband looked at me like “what do I do?” and I asked the kids where their parents were.

“They’ll be here soon,” is all they said.

It was around 2 o’clock in the morning at this point so the only reasonable thought in my head was that there must have been an accident or these kids got lost. As much as my instincts told me not to bring them inside I did it anyway.

I went into the kitchen to make them some hot cocoa while my husband took them into the living room. While I was fixing the kettle I could hear my husband talking to the kids. He was asking them if they were ok, where the came from, how far they walked, if their parents’ car was broken down, things like that. But they always answered “our parents will be here soon”. They spoke in a sing-songy voice. They weren’t afraid to be in a stranger’s home at all.

I started to notice that our cats (we had four) were all hiding except Pigeon who was in the kitchen with me. Normally our cats are very curious and friendly and we have to be careful that they don’t run out the door when we leave. This time none of them even tried to see who was here which I thought was very strange. All of the hair on Pigeon’s neck was standing up and his tail was puffed up while he looked in the living room. When I bent down to pet him and see what was wrong he hissed and started growling and backed up until he had hid himself under the kitchen island. I have never seen him do that before.

When I walked back into the living room the kids were sitting on the couch as still as can be but my husband was holding his head in his hands. I asked him what wrong and he just said that he felt very dizzy all of a sudden but that he was fine. I turned back to the children to give them their cocoa, but when they looked at me I gasped. It took everything inside of me not to drop the mugs and run away. When they looked at me their eyes were completely black. They had no whites just giant black pupils.

When they saw that I was scared they stood up and asked if they could use the bathroom. I tried to be as composed as I could be and showed them down the hall. They went into the bathroom together and I hurried back to my husband to ask him if he had seen their eyes. He had seen them too and said that it looked like his brothers badly bruised eyes after a car accident. We were in the middle of talking about whose children they could be when my husbands nose started to bleed. He’d never had nosebleeds as long as I had known him. I just knew inside myself that this had something to do with the kids in the bathroom and I started crying while I ran to get [my husband] some tissues.


That’s when the power went out. I heard my husband yell my name from the living room and as I started to walk back through the hallway I stopped dead in my tracks. The two children were standing at the end of the hallway. They weren’t moving and I have never been so scared in my whole life. They just stood there in the dark.

After what felt like forever the boy said “our parents are here” and they walked to the door, opened it, and walked out leaving it wide open. My husband jumped up to go close it and almost fell over. We looked out the window and saw two men standing by a black car idling at the end of our driveway. The men looked like they were wearing black colored suits and were very tall, at least 6 feet. When my husband waved at them they just stared at us, got into the car, and drove off.

Our power came on about a half an hour later but nothing was the same after that.

Over the next few months three of our cats went missing. We can only assume that they ran away somewhere and never came back but the worst thing was coming home to find Pigeon in a puddle of blood on the living room floor. He looked like he had been vomiting blood. The vet told us that he had some kind of hemorrhage.

After my husband’s nosebleeds became a regular occurrence we went to see the doctor. He didn’t know what to make of it other than “dry nasal passages” but my husband was diagnosed with an aggressive skin cancer. When the doctor asked us if he used tanning beds we both thought he was joking, but apparently this kind of melanoma is linked to over-use of  indoor tanning. The doctors think he will recover but don’t understand how it got so bad so quickly. My husband has never worked an outdoor job and spends relatively little time in the sun.

Since we let the Black Eyed Kids inside our home I’ve also suffered from regular dizzy spells and nosebleeds on a regular basis. I’ve had other issues which I won’t mention here but trust me when I say that I am suddenly in the worst condition of my life and no one can do anything about it. I know that all of this is because I let the Black Eyed Children into my home. We’ve told everyone we could about the strange kids that showed up that night but no one else saw them and some laugh at how scared we were of the “Mennonite kids” but we know what we saw. I wish my husband had never opened the door.

Feel free to publish this as a warning to others about the Black Eyed Kids. My advice would be to lock your doors, call the police, and wait for morning. Don’t make the same mistake that I did.

As I said, it’s the most frightening report of the Black Eyed Kids I’ve personally read, and the first one I’m aware of that covers what happens to those unfortunate souls who let them in. Still, the story leaves us with more questions than answers. Who where the tall men that came to pick them up? Why were the cats so afraid of these children? Were they truly to blame for nosebleeds and cancer?

Two interesting things that stand out immediately are the obvious resemblance of the tall men in dark suits to the notorious Men In Black encounters. Second, the skin cancer diagnosis seems reminiscent of the radiation burns, or “Moonburn Syndrome”, commonly suffered by UFO witnesses. Could the Black Eyed Children be part of an emerging trend in extraterrestrial contactee cases?

Whatever the case, the warning remains the same: don’t let the BEKs inside.

UPDATE 10/27/16: More reports of mysterious cancer-related deaths after encounters with the BEKs.

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Also, do not under any circumstances let in the Black Eyed Peas.

Two years ago January I had fell asleep in my recliner which was positioned in the corner of the front/living room. The front windows were directly over my left shoulder running towards the front door.. It was about 2:45am when i heard a knock on the door. I peeked out from the drapes, still in my chair and could see the shadow of a short person from the flood light by my front door. I immediately was scared to death.. Im not normally an easy person to scare and am not sure if the immediate fear exacerbated due to usually… Read more »
Seems like you may have had a repeated visitation; have you considered installing an external video camera, with a battery back up system? I would also recommend getting a camera with an integrated NIR (Near Infra Red) light source and recorder mounted in a metal case, and ground the case with a copper rod driven into the ground. The battery back up system should also be installed inside the camera’s metal case. This is to hopefully make sure the camera keeps operating and recording in case whatever entity’s attempting to enter your home, causes a power interruption or attempts to… Read more »

This sounds demonic to me. That would also explain the eary feeling and the health issues. If these ever came to my door I would be praying for God’s protection.

I find this story very interesting and believable. I myself am a Paranormal Investigator and Radio Show Host of 2 Shows and I have had many strange paranormal experiences throughout my life, but none that have affected me as dramatically as my own BEK experience. My excounter was a little different then most but here is just a little bit of the story. I had just returned from a really strange Alien Abduction Investigation where the client had actual medical proof that he had been implanted with some sort of chip as well as he had a long list of… Read more »

I would have tackled them and kept them from leaving

Symptoms of Low Dose Radiation Exposure. That’s what you would likely have assuming the story is real. The MIB and the BEK are the same thing from what I’ve gathered. One is just training and assessing the other. The fact that it seems a recent phenomenon isn’t surprising considering how much written history has been lost and how little cultural oral history remains in the mixing pot of the more industrialized nations. Stealth is a necessary attribute for much of the predatory world in nature. I can think of no better applications of stealth than the manipulation of recorded history… Read more »
Well written,great thought out line of reasoning. Sometimes taking the middle road like you did is the wise choice. If anyone is interested in what I make of it, It is most likely the same powers “That be” using a slightly different slant to lure in the modern western mind set, of course this would have to be part of their end game strategy after having been able to delete some and re-write most of our history; so you may very well be onto it friend. Keep your heads up friends… for our redemption draws near. If they can be… Read more »

Re: “J”‘s comment: ….brilliant insight. Thank you for that.

Anything is possible and some things can’t be fully explained.. The way this world is going I wonder if the devil has something to do with it ..

Finally someone said it …. These “beings” are merely demons disguised as children and MIB’s.

Hoaxes aside, these cases are clearly demonic In nature and not treating them as such Is the real problem here.

I’m not sure if anyone here has heard L.A. Marzulli but he also has interviewed some people that have come across this type of incident. One occasion in his interview someone had a car accident and their son got sick after their encounter with the “BEK”. This was a Christian home, after some of these things began to occur they went to their church and were prayed over, needless to say after prayer things went back to normal. Some advice as well as documented information that helped another family in the same predicament.

This was a really interesting report for a few reasons but especially because of the whole “moonburn” syndrome/skin cancer element. The idea of radiation burns in the presence of “aliens” or alien spacecraft can actually be traced way back to bilbical times when you were never supposed to look at god else you would find yourself blinded.

I’d be interested to see this woman come forward with more of the technical details of her husbands cancer.

Please tell me that this isn’t in Australia.
I shouldn’t have read this before bed because now I’m scared shitless.
My dog is an inside dog but I leave the back door open for her all night. It’s pretty enclosed though, no access unless through the garage or hop over my backyard neighbours fence. Anyway, I can’t close the door because if I do she will have an accident. What do I do?
Is this real? I’m scared as fuck right now

close the fucking door..clean up your dogs mess.

In every account of the story the BEK ( Black Eyed Kids ) have had to be invited in. It has been thought that an invitation into a private dwelling has allowed many Creatures of the dark t o have power over you.


Well the “kids” can’t come into your home it’s like how vampires used to have etiquette and must be allowed in your home or domain.

9/10 chance it’s Vermont USA where I live, because of the snow I don’t believe it’s an Australian Vermont and looks like a winter from Vermont USA (Where I live) so yea

the kids r every where it can happen anywhere my cousin let them in shes in the hospitel right now as im typing

Your biblical reference is a very vague connection at best.

Radiation in general can cause all these symptoms and clearly this couple should immediately have someone over to test for any. If this story is in fact true, the “parents” sound like MIB.

My intuitive guess (again IF true) is these are a malevolent ETI.

What does “ETI” stand for?

I assume extra terrestrial intelligence

You notice how at the end of the story she blames her husband for opening the door when she was the one who woke her husband from bed to answer the knocking, denying her own responsibility. Typical woman.

For goodness’ sake, this is, “weekinweird”, not, ” return of the kings”. Kindly stick to the topic in hand, and not your misogyny!

Omg that was too funny

Spare us the woman-hating, please.

I made a post a few weeks ago on this. Look up LA Marzulli, he has had many people witness to him as to their encounters and there was one instance that the kids were let in and many bad things happened to them and even their son was sick without cause and help from the hospital. Until the they went to church and were prayed for their son was healed and everything else stopped. This is demonic and can be stopped only by calling on Jesus.

you dont need jesus if youve got inner spiritual strangth its all mental you are stronger in this realm tha ny deamon this is your domain they are the tourista

Should have shot those little bastid right in the fuckin faces.

Have you considered how easy it would be for an actual mortal child to obtain black contact lenses and prank some old people? I’m not saying that’s what happened in this instance, but it’s reason enough to simply shut the door and call the police rather than risk killing an innocent person. On the other hand, if you are right, you just shot one of two supernatural entities that can slowly kill you just by coming in contact with them… best case scenario, you’re burying two dead bodies and you’re getting cancer.

I’m not sure what to make of all this either, but sclera contacts (covering the full eye) are extremely uncomfortable (I speak from experience! ) and difficult to put it, and expensive! So I think that’s fairly unlikely. I would have gone with the husbands explanation of badly bruised eyes myself.

why would a couple of 8 year old or so go out after midnight and do that to people… if anything they will be the ones shitting their undies being out in the dark so late… or do u not know kids are scared of the dark? and i doubt 99% of parents would go out with their kids doing that shit or even let them out to do it.. what a stupid answer your solution is… kids getting contacts and doing it for fun.. if i could get to where you live i would let my kids do it… Read more »
Trust me… I don’t have to ask about permission… To take over ☺ My dear… My eyes are green, that doesn’t mean I’m a lier. We’re mutants, honey… Only brown eyes are “genetically original” to humans… Blue, green, amber, black… This is all a mutation… THIS may be as well ☺ We shouldn’t have to be afraid of som3thing, only because we don’t know it… Btw. You have no guarantion that the women is not just playi g pranks throught the i ternet and now is just laughing that her history went viral? 8’m not hating her… We just don’t… Read more »

HOLY SHIT I’M GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES! I shouldn’t have read this before bed.

Part of me wonders if these beings are alien human hybrids but I also think they might have something to do with the men in black. what if theyre trained from a young age to confront people?

BEKs fascinate me & terrify me at the same time. I know I shouldn’t read this kind of stuff after dark. The first time I read about the BEKs,I was on constant alert when I walked outside after dark.

Isn’t everyone slowly dying?

Children of the corn.

Deep, bro.

Some people die quickly.

some of us slower and more painfully than others.

I have always enjoyed reading the stories about BEKs. That being said, I have a difficult time believing in them. On one of the paranormal message boards I was part of, we had a member send us in this story of some BEKs he had run into while camping in the upper peninsula of Michigan, and it was a real humdinger of a story. He was way out in the woods, and they had followed him there from a gas station dozens of miles away, where he had initially encountered them. He even supplied photographic “proof” of some of what… Read more »

I know the story you speak of and am sorry to report it got me as well. I was also in defence of this gentleman. Was majorly dissapointed when I found out he was just spinning a yarn. Anyway due to that I remain very skeptical as well

I also remember the camping story well and it scared me as I read if for the first time but at the end I realized it was just too well written and too scary to be a real account. I did not know that the author later admitted that it was fake, so thanks for pointing that out. As I just posted, I think the report that Greg got is also fake, mainly because just too many creepy things happen (like a forced modern day horror movie) and because the fact that “real” BEKS always seem to show their eyes… Read more »

I don’t blame you. I think there may be some truth to the really early BEK reports, perhaps something to do with ETI, but it’s become an Internet urban legend, so you probably can’t believe 95% of the stories floating around.

Did you guys notice that ALL of these BEKs reports NEVER ever cite anything specific about the event ? I mean, no date, no name of town, state and country, no name of the witness, no data about his age, job, family…NOTHING ! Not even an email address to get in touch with the witness !
So how the hell do they pretend to be believed…? I am an open minded person, reasonable, and willing to listen, but you’ve gotta give me FACTS, not just vague, fantastic stories.

If you reported everything you just asked for the person’s life would be a living h*ll! Imagine all the trolls showing up to the person’s house, place of work and blowing up their e-mail account. There is a reason most witnesses never come forward, look at how many UFO observers remain anonymous,…

Do people actually believe this crap?

I don’t think people believe it so much as they enjoy it. Hell, if I didn’t get some kind of weird satisfaction out of reading it, and more importantly, didn’t think people would enjoy reading it as well, I wouldn’t have posted it to begin with. But hey, I’m the kind of weirdo who thinks that if enough people believe in something, they can will it into existence… just like they did with Bigfoot, or any number of hauntings based on completely made-up internet legends posted on The Shadowlands. Black Eyed Kids were first posted to usenet in like 98… Read more »

Just like they did with god…….


Wow, scary. I came upon a shapeshifter years ago in Vegas. When I realized what was going on it was a feeling of, hate, anger, devastation, sadness and every negative emotion you can think of simultaneously, all wrapped up in a bow of hopelessness. I almost threw up. I ran, literally to the airport and talked my way into leaving 4 hours early. The stewardess asked me why and I told her, She smiled and said,”Oh honey, you just came across a demon, they are all over the strip”. I didnt sleep for 3 days. BEK, yah I believe it!… Read more »

Demons on the strip? Wha? As a Vegas native of almost forty years, I’ve never heard of this. Intrigued now. I’m dying to hear more details, please. Curious what end of the strip you were on, what casinos you were near, etc.

These entities are vampiric in nature. They need your permission to enter. They zap your energy, and create a highly negative vibration. This explains the nose bleeds, the dizzy feeling and the illness. I have heard a psychic describe these entities as highly negative and they will bring illness and General negativity into your life if they are given permission to do so.

NEVER LET THEM IN! I feel for this lady. She clearly was a nice woman who let her niceness override her instincts. Another reminder to always trust your gut. Very sad.

“I’ll tell you the same thing I told the woman at Yankee Candle…. I’m not buying it.”

Who lets children into their home? #gross #theyrealwayssticky #ishouldknow #survivor

Perhaps we’r being farmed like animals, by these entities, for the same purposes we do animals. We love animals, we eat them, study them etc. Sometimes the animals (pets) benefit from the relationship, but we benefit more than them.

Fuck these little pieces of shit. Try living in DC–far more dangerous kids around here than these silly little “BEKs.”


Where can I buy one?

Greg, did you make this story up about the lady who let in the BEK’s?

Scary stuff! Probably have nightmares after this! Mommy

Navine… be careful 😉

I am not going to even read this!

lol 🙂

Me either

I can summarise it for both of you

Please don’t, all good here

Well, I guess she learned her lesson then. Didn’t she?

Yes,yes she did

Excellent Job Planet Week In Weird!

This scared the crap out of me. I’m glad you mentioned the Men In Black as well because that was the first thing that popped into my head. It would explain the unnerving feeling they experienced and, wow.. Just wow!

I say WHACK the little fuckers!!

This is scary and weird. But if you read about some of the things kids do to other people in war torn nations like Syria, Liberia, and etc this would make this seem like a pleasant dream.

My husband fought overseas. Dr of the kids were trained to kill American soldiers

Yep, my uncle did two tours of Afghanistan and one in Iraq, those kids would smile in your face asking for a candy bar and then pull a hand gun out and shoot you in the back!

I don’t think I’ve actually met these kids in a waking state, but they started appearing in my dreams around 2007 through about 2010. Same bowl cut and repulsiveness. Either a boy or a boy and girl. Adults too. I only saw adult males though. The kids would knock on the door and try to get in but I always told them to Go Away, kick or shove them away, and slam in the door. They were kind of hateful. I had a short dream conversation with one of the adults. It’s not the same, but it’s weird to me… Read more »
I have dreamed of an adult male, too. He seemed to be interested in me as a curiosity because I wasn’t afraid of him. I got the sense of great intelligence and that these beings are not from our dimension. I wouldn’t mind meeting him again in my dreams, or maybe even in real life, as long as he doesn’t intentionally try to terrify me. I have often wondered if the fear response is deliberately triggered by these beings as a method of self-defense, a control mechanism. After all, humans can be quite violent with anything strange or unknown. I… Read more »

Fascinating story. I, too, would like to hear more from Car concerning his dream encounters. My dreams very often reveal something that will eventually happen to me in the waking world, frequently in unnervingly accurate detail, no matter how bizarre the content! Don’t make the mistake of discounting them as mere dreams, Car. You never know….

Is this possibly secret government operations? Men in black connections? Curious.

It takes evidence to convince me. But if it is real then does anyone think it could be demons? I know spirits and Demons exist cause I’ve experienced them for myself.

Absolutely. Possibly Nephilim kids. Most plausible explanation I’ve found.

I’ve heard another report of a mother who left her son in the car for a minute to run into the gas station and when she returned, her son had let a BEK into the backseat with him. Her son became deathly I’ll and doctors couldn’t find any reason for it. He recovered, but it took almost three years.

Sounds like they may be related to the Men In Black. Not the movie. The actual MIB that the movie is based on. The men she described sound almost exactly how the MIB are described in John Keel’s books (Mothman Prophecies/Adventures Into Unreality).

This is just speculation, but they may be children of the MIB…

These kinds of stories, whether we believe them or not pics at our human nature – storytelling. Storytelling is innate in all of us developed from thousands of years. It was a way to bind the community, entertain us, pass along moral and survival lessons to the younger generation, and pass along historic events. I’ve followed other stories eerily similar. Always the case where young children “ask” to come in. One other victim entered a store with her young son in the car. She returned only to discover there was a BEK in the car. Her son allowed him in… Read more »

It is a well-told story, but what detracts from its putative authenticity is that we are not given the woman’s name nor location, as in, Betty Jones from Small Town Corner, VT

hmm it strikes me that the description of the eyes given in this case is the similar to descriptions given for the Kentucky Goblins “large, oily eyes” and the description given in your emails “Save for large round eyes, very reminiscent in shape and color of a bird’s eye” (birds eyes can be black and look kinda oily IMO) although this may mean nothing we have allready speculated that the “Kentucky Goblins” may have been ETL that has adapted to “better fit” life hear on earth.. who says their eyes didnt change to Become more “Human Shaped” and mabe Their… Read more »


Dying? Really? Probably just allergies. If you bathe them regularly and take some simple OTC meds, they make great pets.

let those little fuckers show up at my door and see what happens to them


I have never heard of this but sounds very creepy.

Who let’s black eyed children into their home?

I was at a local grocery store here in Phoenix,AZ. I was walking from the pharmacy and looked up and seen this teenager with black eyes. No joke completely black no whites at all. I was a little freaked out and talked my self into believing he had contacts but he was disheveled and his clothes were old. So this just came to me that 2 nights later I had the weirdest dream that i was walking down a country road and there is a little girl and what looked like her grandpa walking towards me. The little girl was… Read more »

Good idea!

Wow… So there is a connection between M.I.B. and B.E.C.

The plot thickens…

It might or might not be the case. If they are hybrids or et experiments as some theories go, this might actually be the case:


It is not in the whole eye, but an extremely acute case might actually be.
Food for thought.

Sharon Lockwood-Kurilchyk
I had an experience in 2003 when 2 kids wearing black hoodies and old clothes banged on my door during a time of day when they should have been in school. They wouldn’t look at me and tried everything to get me to let them in and even banged and looked in the window before they finally left. The bad vibes these kids give off is almost beyond words. Overwhelming fear came over me when I realized that my back screen door was unlocked, so I ran to lock everything up. They just vanished. I realized later they had those… Read more »