Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Terrifies Airman on Texas Military Base

Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Terrifies Airman on Texas Military Base


I think it’s a pretty good bet that no creature terrified people more in 2013 than the Black Eyed Kids, and with good reason. Encounters with the spooky children have grown from a creepy tale whispered about on internet message boards to major plot points in Hollywood films, begging the question – are the BEK’s the new Bigfoot? While that remains to be seen, the stories of personal run-ins with the Black Eyed Kids keep racking up in our inbox.. and our nightmares.

Take the following account sent in to us from an airman at a Texas military base. It’s one thing to scare a woman alone in her home, but to terrify a trained military man on base? That only goes to show how frightening these kids really are. Buckle up, this story is a good one.



I’m a 6’7″, 260 lb airman who was prior Special Forces. About a month ago, while stationed at a base in Texas that I will not disclose, I was up drinking a beer when I heard a knock on my dorm door. I got up outta bed thinking it was my pissmate, and since we have “Jack and Jill” styled bathrooms connecting our rooms, I opened our bathroom door and there was nothing. Being confused as hell, I heard this sharp rapping on my door again so I look out my peep hole.

Now the hole, being quite settled halfway down the door, I had to bend down to look through it. Standing there in front of me was a boy who looked about 17 or 18 at the most. I asked “what’s up”, and he looked up with a smile that I can only describe as partially cruel and hungry looking. With a gaunt face, the boy asked me if he could use my phone. I said, “sorry Bud, I’m about to go to sleep so try the SP building across the parking lot”. I closed the door, thinking nothing of it.

He knocked again, and I walked over to my window, this time to intimidate the boy into leaving me be. I pulled my blinds up and looked straight at him. He looked up at me. I’d say he was only 5’9″ and about 140 lbs.. real gaunt and frail looking guy. Believe me when I say I don’t scare easily, but something about him made me feel uneasy as all hell.

He looked up at me and asked if he could come in again and then I saw his eyes.. they were empty looking coals and a smile crept to his mouth – that same hungry predatory smile – and I felt goosebumps on my legs and back. Something wasn’t right. I said, “I’m going to tell you one more time before I kick your ass to get lost.” I turned around to get my phone and looked back and he was gone.

The only thing that I cant help but shake is the feeling that  I’d seen him somewhere before.

In Pennsylvania, two years before that night, I was working in a gas station. Late one night I was working a 11-7 shift in late October, still in highschool, when I saw him walk across a four lane highway to our pumps and stare at me and my brother who were outside smoking a cigarette. My brother yelled over to him asking if he needed anything, and it was that same reply.. he needed to use our phone. My brother told him it was behind the counter and he can’t use it, but the kid kept on coming closer. We went inside and he stood in front of the shop glass, and he just knocked for about five or so minutes until my brother got a bat and went outside.

He said the same thing I did… that the kid had a white face and black eyes. I’m uneasy about this. I shouldn’t be terrified like this.


Sweet dreams!

Have you had a similar encounter with the Black Eyed Kids? We want to hear your story. Drop us a line on Facebook, find us on Twitter @WeirdHQ, or leave a message in the comments below.


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Greg Newkirk

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Man. Lot of strange crap seems to crop up in the wilds of Texas. It’s like our hot, crazy state is just a magnet for weird stories.

In Texas Black Eye Children run away from Chuck Norris, because he is the boogeyman to them. XD

fuck that pussy norris

I feel like a comma is needed to understand your comment…Is it directing Norris to do something to a cat…or are you calling Mr. Norris a name?

I’m afraid of the brown-eyed children. They come to the door wanting TP. They usually knock on the bathroom door. Sometimes they come up through the toilet. I plunge them back down if I get to them before they lift the seat and climb out. I think they are Obama’s children, because they are full of shit, and they mean harm to good Americans.

Why is there always someone who uses any kind of forum, no matter how outside politics, to air comments both irrelevant and in poor taste? I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t something Fortean here — POPs? Politically Obsessed Posters? I think I’d rather deal with BEKs.

wow just shut up

You’re going to wish BEK were the real threat when you see what Odumbo has in store for you. I have inside information about what is really coming. Enjoy!!!!

how did that ‘inside information’ work out, Richie?

It is very strange that people with “inside information” about some sort of disaster that is going to effect us all won’t share that “information” so we could prepare ourselves to, at least, for the forthcoming events.

Richard go play with your facist action figure. Wow you call yourself important and one with a so called superior intellect? You are just another so called patriotic neocon fool.

I have your back Richard! The hell with these “Libtards!”
They obviously know nothing of politics. My state of Oregon is full of dumb Libtards. Bunch of sheep!
Obama is our savior! Guns are bad! Fuck them!

You clearly don’t know the definition of “neocon”. Either that, or you aren’t paying attention to my politics. That eiher makes you stupid, or inattentive. Take your pick, but either way, the bottom line is the same.

It makes no sense to me how no matter what the subject matter people feel that they must take a jab at a really good man like Obama it seems that you are obsessed with him and I would be surprised if you could put two sentences together but that comes from inbreeding so you cant be held responsible after all when your wife and sister are the same person what do you expect

Robert,….it seems you are the inbred one. You haven’t learned the basics of punctuation. It’s also funny how you say Obama is so great. That shows your severe lack of education. Further, you don’t know my intelligence level. I’m sure it is vastly superior to yours. You know nothing about me, yet choose to divulge your cretinism to the general public, in a feeble effort to discredit those of wisdom, unlike yourself. Continue on in your self induced state of cerebral hypoxia.

You should obviously realize that people hate Obama that mych. There is nothing I repeat nothing good about the man except to socialist liberals.

Texans…go kill yourself


ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Re: Obama’s children………….!!

As I recall this happened back in the fall of 1972. I had just returned from my 3rd tour in Vietnam as an Army Ranger. Having graduated high school only 2 years before, some people might question how I was able to serve 3 tours in Nam in only 2 years. It wasn’t a problem back then. Back then, we did things a lot faster and better then people do them today. Back then men were manlier and able to do more in a shorter period of time. And I’m not even going to bother to explain how I was… Read more »

Cute fairy tale!! 🙂

Fricking awesome story! I laughed for hours and couldn’t stop. Thanks. P.S. I suffer from depression have not smiled in years.

Your story seems more like a fantasy than reality. First clue, Angie so desperate to have you. I doubt she had a desperate for sex bone in her body and I don’t care HOW good-looking you were. Also, she must be in her 70’s by now.
Also, for you being so SMART you had SO many spelling errors. Maybe you should’ve stayed in school a bit longer.
I do believe in the black eyed children, but I don’t believe in your personal story.

OMG! U R sooooo perceptive. I mean I thought his story was real until I read your post. You are quite the debunker.

Supposedly the guy who first shared his BEK story on the net, was approached outside a movie theater in Abilene,TX which is home to an airforce base with a dorm layout exactly as described, across the parking lot from the SP building. The area has also had alien sightings and has quite a few ghost stories about the town, take that as you will

Great story, but something’s not adding up. I’m not sure how he can be PRIOR SOF and have been in highschool two years ago. The only way that would work would be for him to be guaranteed contract as a para-rescue (PJ)which would take a year of training, and unless something happened that took him out of action, the Air Force would not be willing to just let you leave PJ’s after a year. The only Air Force bases in Texas are flight training bases, bomber command, an intelligence base, and the join base in San Antonio. The only job… Read more »

Must have been the Special Forces Gas Station across the street from the Special Forces Highschool.

there seems to be a lot of people graduating from there

Special Forces: The biggest regiment in the world.

Another thing, how the F**K did he know two years ago from that night he had a similar visitation. did he write it in his fricken diary or something?

He needs to organize his lies first and then tell them.

actually its not tht unusual for people to remember something after many many years when that memory is triggered by a similar situation

It sounds to me like he just meant two years ago. Not necessarily on that exact same night.

How about Lackland A.F.B.? The gas station account happened two years before he was in the military, obviously. He says he’s a former special forces guy but that could’ve been “after” his experience at the airbase. Since he was living in a dorm it could be that he was in basic training at the time. I suppose this guy could’ve put events in chronological order, which would’ve helped. Understand though that his craziest experience was on the air base. Someone would’ve had to trespass on the base and get into one of the Air Force’s buildings where troops reside. So,… Read more »

I was thinking the same thing, no way could he be prior SF two years removed from high school plus he lived in “dorms”? I’ve never heard anyone refer to barracks as dorms. His whole story is BS.

and we call “barracks” dorms. we are Airmen, not Soldiers or Marines.

thank you for pointing this out. current active duty, aircrew here, sounds like a load of bull to me.

Totally agree with you. That was my first initial reaction to the story as well; how in the hell was this kid “smoking a cigarette” two years ago and is prior SOF?

maybe he just wanted to sound bigger and badder..doesnt mean his whole story is bs

Could be they just make up the stories for page clicks just like the olde timey newspapers used to with their wild stories of bigfoots and thunderbirds and the National Enquirer and Weekly World News did back in the day. People like BS. BS sells.

I thought the same thing. I was in the USAF and I was stationed at Lackland and Sheppard AFBs (both in Texas) and his story just didn’t ring true.

I think BEKs are just the hot new paranormal fad.

seems like the worm got out of the tequila because something don’t ring true

One more thing: smoking at a gas station?! Are they crazy? Yeah, I noticed too that this story has continuity and logic problems. I call fake.

Something smells fishy and sooo fake!!! Why did he say he had to bend down to look through the door hole? Then say “I closed the door”???? How the fuck could he close a door when he was looking thru the door hole? Lies me think,,,,,, good try though x

I sort of smell it too. He says he heard a knock on his dorm door. So he opens his connecting bathroom door and nobody is there. Then he hears a sharp rapping on his door again. But apparently it was the front door that leads outside. Why did he check the bathroom door when the knocking was on the front door? Who says things like, “pissmate” and “Now the hole, being quite settled halfway down the door” Of course, I knew that he meant the peep hole was drilled halfway down the door.

At dyess afb they call the people that they share their bathroom with in the dorms their pissmate. I was at stationed at the base in question, and it the words make sense to someone who was stationed there. Im not sure if I believe the story, but I know exactly which dorm he wouldve been in.
P.s. Airmen call “barracks” dorms for anyone who doesn’t know

he doesn’t mention opening the door he peeks through the hole at the kid, but then he’s closing the door to go to bed. then when he goes to the window to look straight at him why didn’t he look straight at him when he had the door open?
it’s just weird. the wording of it. maybe he left some stuff out or just doesn’t know how to write or he just had this literal crap scared out him. whatever scared it out of him probably wasn’t a BEK he’d met previously.

Whenever you’re dealing with witnesses of any paranormal phenomena there will always be a couple bad eggs in the crate, or out-Liars if you will, but we should always try to atleast make the attempt to never let one or even a couple of bad apples allow us to discredit the whole possibilty of this very strange as well as very unique phenomena in it’s entirety, as I for one will not as I myself still believe that this especially paranormal phenomena is real, there is simply just too many honest everyday people like you and I around the globe… Read more »
Im glad someone here has the good sense to not let one story ruin the credibility of them all. I personally sit in the camp believing these entities to be a bit more earthbound. The key piece that makes this distinction for me is the tie ins with many aspects of old world folklore. An alien hybrid probably doesn’t need my permission to enter my home. I would also assume they would go for someone a bit more high profile than say a suburban soccer mom or an elderly couple in the middle of no where. It just doesn’t make… Read more »
I wonder what happens when you let the creature in. Maybe the Black Eyed Children are harmless? Or just some creepy kid with an eye disease? Could the all black eyes be a result of a newfound disease? Or maybe could it be that these creatures are normal human beings with a disease? I’m very curious on the subject. But a disease that only infects children. It could be. I’m guessing we will never know what happens because no one will let them in. And the extreme feeling of dread. That clearly shows that we will never know. I find… Read more »

They are demonic that’s why they need your permission for anything, that’s why they can materialise and dematerialise. The eyes are black because the soul is gone.. They often go in the form of a child to try and bypass our defences but they still cannot stop the aura of evil that surrounds them (the prevailing fear we feel around these entities). It is my extremely strong opinion that these entities bleed through from a realm that could be as close as the air between your fingers

“Pissmate is an Australian term for drinking partner. Me thinks the story was made up “down under!

Great Scott!!! I Say!!! Well I, Never!!!

Oliver Gauld-Galliers

US Air Force pilot.
Previously special forces combatant.
Only twi years ago, he was in high school pumping gas at a gas station.

Inconsistent story is inconsistent.

Methinks the author needs to go back to writing school.

Just because he is in the army (and even that is massively inconsistent in the story) doesn’t not give one an “air” of credibility. I run ghost tours and the amount of “professional” people we get coming who haven’t got their head in reality let alone screwed on amazes me. Fake.

Fascinating 😉

Pissmate is an accepted term for the guy in the dorm room on the other side of the shared bathroom like he described. If you lock yourself out you can go around and let yourself in through your pissmates room assuming you didn’t dead bolt or lock your bathroom door.

Timeline doesn’t add up, most training in SOF takes over a year and it’s a sparsley populated career group with like three or four different AFSCs (assuming they are not aviators, of which there are more.)

Hard to buy the timeline.

Lol, the best part is ” I turn around to get my phone ” To call who ? His mom , his brother? What a sissy , it’s a young girl or a whimp that wrote that fake story obviously.

Would be interested in knowing who the black-eye kids needed to call. Optometrist perhaps

I think your BEKs are children in a spiritual form with ( troubled souls). Who were gassed in WW2

Just wondering why everyone is assuming that the guy in the story was just out of high school . I’ve read the story over about 3 times and no point in the story does it specify his age or that he had just gotten out of high school. I don’t believe the story is necessarily fake . It sounds like some of the other stories I’ve read. To be honest , it looks more like he is just poor writer.

As u have said , u r drinking a beer , u r under alcohol so I think this is ur illusion

This is the first time I have heard of other people seeing BEC’S. I say this because I had my own creepy experience about 30 years ago. I have never forgotten it, and was never sure of what I saw. But now after hearing of other’s stories, it bugs me even more. To make this story short, the family who once lived up the hill from where I live had a little girl I say was about 5-6 years old. One day I was outside and noticed she had walked down the hill and across a two lane road in… Read more »
Check this out well I’m not sure who came to my house or what all I know is it felt very evil… I live in Tucson Az. I was living in a house right next to a freeway thats where the front door was facing on the other side of the house was a big window but it faced some motel 6.anyways one night before I had the encounter with the thing that was about 5″9 come to My door I had a crazy dream I like to say a vision because that vision I had probably saved my famlies… Read more »
Ps SORRY if I spelled wrong im using my touch phone n the stupid phone is putting other words in lol this phone is supposed to be smart but seems kinda dumb lol n other thing sorry for writing such a long true story book I had to get this off my chest I hope someone out there can tell me if they had a similar encounter too cuz truths I have no clue what this could have been… I’ve seen ghost n other creepy things in my life but NEVER thought evil would try its hardest to come n… Read more »

Those are Demons, They are Hyper Dimensional. They come in all different forms. Rebuked them in the name of Jesus. God Bless. Repent,Believe,and be Baptized by the Holy Spirit. 🙂

Nice story, but this guy isn’t even American. I suspect British. Calling someone your “Pissmate” and using the phrase “Now the hole, being quite settled halfway down the door,” are not American turns of phrase. That alone makes me doubt the story. Include the time errors and you have a nice tale, but that is all it is.

Chris Savia

Of course, people never pick up colloquialisms from other countries when they’re stationed overseas.

You’re right, they usually don’t. Nowhere in the article does he say he was stationed overseas, unless you consider Texas a foreign country, some do.

It is sad to hear how people are being frightened by this BEK. If you would like some answers I would like to invite you to my Radio Show – “New Consciousness New World”. The topic for Monday 26 May 2014 will be Black Eye Children at 9:00 pm EDT. What will be discussed: What are they? How do they get here? What is their purpose? How do they impact you? Most important How to protect yourself? If you would like some answers please join me. Here is the link for the show – http://www.bbsradio.com/newconsciousnessnewworld.

I just saw this story on Mysteries at the Museum. It intriqued me enough to Google “Black Eyed Children”. I was surprised to see all of these accounts. The stories today came from happenings at “The Badlands” and highway 666.
Now I see that this isn’t the only place that they have been seen or people have had interactions with. Everybody can’t be lying..
I do recall (from somewhere deep in the recesses of my mine) about them having to ask permission to ‘come in’ or do a favor for to NOT do it!

Your brother takes a bat and goes outside, and ….?

I’m with the one guy, bullshit sells. None of the stories add up. Chances are none of the people who reported “experiences” in this forum even knew what the Black Eyed Children were before they read the original story.

I’ve heard several reports about BEKs Never saw one though

HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT! HOW DID YOU KNOW I HA DA NIGHTMARE ABOUT BLACK EYED KIDS. In real life i forgot to lock my back door and i was staring at it all night i didnt forget i just didnt lock it! And my dream felt real i was choking when i woke up IM 10 i watch to many tv shows and i read to many things about black eyed kids! BUT LOOK dont you think there another of gods creation lets get to know them dont let them in just saying but maybe there from another planet… Read more »

Cook a BEK a steak dinner with baked potato and salad and you’ll have a friend for life. Be Nice..Treated Nice. BEK’s are just like us,just have shiny eyes. No Harm…Just BEK.

This story is fake, look at the details. Read the sory again and notice how the voice of the writer changes from one that sounds like a tough military vet to a creative writing major within the same sentence. Also all the details, the text has too much context. Here are some examples: ‘. . . smile crept to his mouth – that same hungry predatory smile . . .” – does that sound like the genuine recounting of a story? “that same hungry predatory smile – and I felt goosebumps on my legs and back. Something wasn’t right. I… Read more »
A similar thing happened to me. A kid knocks on the door, I answer, he asks if he can come inside. His eyes were just black, scared the living hell out of me. No creepy grin though, just emotionless. Anyway, I let him in as I’d heard about these stories a bit, and nobody ever seems to let the poor bastards inside. So why not I thought. He was dressed strangely though, not really like kids today, more formal and old-fashioned. I assumed he wanted to use my phone, and I was hoping to listen in to his conversation. Maybe… Read more »

[…] to leave after being denied permission to use his phone. When the boy looked up, the man say that he had full black eyes. However, this may not have been the first time he has seen this […]


This occurred at Dyess AFB, TX. Which also has reported UFO activity in the area, which is sometimes a common theme with BEK, ive noticed. Also you if you were real prior special forces you would not be in the dorms, you were therefore most likely, either a spec ops drop out or go injured, and not really spec ops

If you happen to have any doubt what so ever about this story, get on youtube and look up a man named LA Marzulli. He deals with this so called “phenomenon” on a daily basis. His videos may lead you to change your views and opinions on a lot of things.

Raised 3 children.
After these experiences… NOTHING terrifies me including little black eyed nose miners.

well im not happy because a BEK stole my chips

I try to find the best of everyone. I am positive you could have a positive encounter with BEK using kindness. If a couple of BEK come to my home I will invite them in and cook a marvelous breakfast of western cheese omelets, hot cereal and lest not forget, toast and jam. The BEK will leave with smiles and happy hearts!