Fresh Meat! Introducing Chris Savia, a New WF Editor!

Fresh Meat! Introducing Chris Savia, a New WF Editor!


Time certainly flies when you’re having fun, and 2013 went by like a rocket. It seems like just yesterday that Who Forted? was just a weekly newsletter giving shit to Ghost Hunters for faking evidence, or for hosting photoshops of Chip Coffey as Vigo the Carpathian. But boy, things certainly have a way of changing on you. In six years we’ve gone from a couple scrappy kids teasing reality television stars on MySpace to a whole gang of semi-respectable adults writing about and reporting on the paranormal to thousands of readers a day. Hell, we even made friends with Chip Coffey somehow.

For six years I’ve served as the only editor of Who Forted?, but I’ve had loads of help from people like Dana Matthews, my wife and co-creator of WF, Ken Summers, author and long-time contributor to WF, as well a host of brilliant writers and researchers whose names could fill this page. As we march headfirst into 2014, and as I focus more and more on the upcoming Planet Weird series and other fun, secret projects, I’ve finally requested a little help keeping Who Forted? a well-oiled machine… but enough about me… on to the man of the hour!

You’ve probably noticed his name cropping up on just about every post around here in the last month, but it’s my pleasure to personally introduce Chris Savia as a new editor here at WF!


I say this first as a fan of Chris’ work as news editor for The Anomalist, but second, as a friend – we couldn’t be luckier to have violently coerced convinced him to jump on board and join our motley crew of weirdos.

Chris brings with him an obvious passion for finding the fun in the fringe, experience editing one of the top fortean news sites on the internet, and knack for really “getting it” – something increasingly rare in a world that tends to polarize itself when it comes to the paranormal. Chris is a true fortean, and it shows in his writing. Heck, he even shares his backyard with the Jersey Devil.

Stay tuned for more fun news, but for now, please join us in finally welcoming Chris to the gang!


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