A Visit From the Black Eyed Kids

A Visit From the Black Eyed Kids

Since it was posted back in July, Donna Anderson’s piece on the “Black Eyed Kids” phenomenon “Have You Invited any Black Eyed Children Into Your Home?” has been one of our all time highest read articles, and has spawned some pretty incredible conversation about who the creepy BEKs are, what they want, and what you should do if they happen to show up on your doorstep. If you haven’t taken the time to read through some of the scary personal stories in the comments section, I’d highly recommend it.

This week, we received an email from “Curious In North Carolina”, who detailed her own experience with the Black Eyed Children… experiences which occurred as she was in the middle of reading Donna’s piece. Very spooky.

This is what “Curious” had to say:

I just read a short message on Facebook that a friend sent and included a few questions concerning the black eyed kids. I’m aware of these kids but not enough info so did a Google search when I ran upon your website and an article relating to these BEKS. Great article by the way. So I then decided to see if there were any vids and had just clicked on a link when the internet suddenly failed. A friend is here with me now and he’s on his laptop as well. I told my friend that I felt that perhaps this had something to do with me researching these BEKS, not exactly jokingly either. His connection failed, of course, as well. First thing I do is check the phone for a dial tone and go from there as there’s been no power outages or anything out of the ordinary.


So the friend went upstairs to the bathroom and I decided to call tech support. I’ve had my TV on for several hours this evening but had turned the volume down half an hour or so before the internet issue because my friend requested earlier that I turn it down so he could make an important phone call. Okay, just the two of us as I live alone and just him visiting, no pets. I’m on the phone waiting for tech to answer standing inside my dining room, close to my laptop when I heard the volume being turned up on the TV. I turn around, walk into the living room expecting my friend to be sitting there on the sofa with the remote control. However, the friend was upstairs in the bathroom! I’m used to some very weird and creepy things happening here for the past 30 years, but this is yet another experience that has left me questioning.

I’m usually not up this late so time for bed. Something else followed an hour ago after a friend was on chat for a few and he knew nothing about the BEKS so I filled him in a little. He found the subject somewhat disturbing based on his lack of understanding, but mailed me a few pics of this woman that has recently befriended him on FB. He was clueless as to why she’s desperate to meet him. The pics are questionable as she has obviously photo shopped a few pics but in a few of them you can see that she’s hiding her eyes. The other few I found very creepy. Could it be a coincidence being that all this strangely started unfolding this evening while researching the BEKs?? Beats me! It’s creepy!

I’m an abductee. Well, I prefer experiencer, but I do believe that these things watch some of us like a hawk. I did tell the tech support guy about it briefly, knowing he most likely would think I’m a nut job but I didn’t care. I wanted his opinion because it’s a bit creepy experiencing these things, especially when you’re alone. My friend has no explanation. I have no explanation. It’s not a real big deal but I view things a bit differently for several reasons, one being that I’ve personally come face to face with black eyed beings since 1976. I know quite a bit about what they are and why they’re here but don’t have all the answers. The first time I was face to face with one of these hybrid beings I had no idea what it was and seriously thought it was an angel, perhaps fallen at the time. But in November 1980 a very bizarre auto accident occurred in the exact spot and I was involved. The female being I came face to face with stared at me for a good 15-20 minutes and the eyes were black, black like a deer but sort of wrapped like a bee. Guardian angel, fallen angel, demon, alien? I can’t say but I’ve been involved with them for a very long time. Thanks for sharing the info and educating others. They need it!

Very creepy, indeed. Thanks for dropping us a line about your experience, Curious! Should you come into contact with any more of these creepy buggers, don’t hesitate to keep us updated!

Have you met any Black Eyed Kids? We want to hear your story too! Tweet us @WeirdHQ, swing by our official Facebook page, or email me at [email protected] and give us the scoop! But word of advice: you better not let them in, of you might not be around to share the tale.


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