Witness Report: Worried Reader Sends in Image of a "Black Eyed Kid"

Witness Report: Worried Reader Sends in Image of a “Black Eyed Kid”


The Black Eyed Kids phenomena is getting really, well, weird. Our original piece about the BEKs is consistently one of the most read posts on the website, with hundreds of readers offering up their own stories of encounters with sinister, dark eyed children attempting to enter their homes.

Alas, as is the case with most anomalous stories, there never seem to be pictures of these beings to accompany their tales of house hunting, which simply leaves us with eerie anecdotal evidence to ponder after dark.

As the stories of these terrifying run-ins continue to grow, it seemed only a matter of time before someone claimed to have visual proof of these sinister people. As it turns out, one of our readers thinks so, and she sent it our way:


bek2Greg, I have some strange cyber friends some which have been secretly researching Vampires and a few of them have sent me photos of these very dark eyed people who are total strangers begging to meet with them. One of my friends is a Native American living up North and he had this woman emailing him begging him to meet with her and give her his address. I told him about the BEKS and he was a bit creeped out and then emailed me a few photos of this woman along with her story. When I send them I would very much appreciate your opinion about her.

First off, even with the identity-obscuring details, it’s fairly easy to see that the black eyed person in the image is most definitely not a child. If you were to ask me, she’s somewhere in her mid-40s. What is hard to make out, on the other hand, is that she’s stark naked.

The reader makes mention of chat logs where the woman is pushing her friend for his address, “begging” to meet with him, as well as sending him several other photos with her eyes photoshopped out of the images. Her friend mentions feeling like this strange woman is out to “steal his soul”. You click the photo for a closer look.

While we should take the story and it’s accompanying image with a grain of salt (after all, the internet has made it fantastically easy to meet strange people), there is one thing for certain: I would definitely not let this person in my house either way.

What do you make of the image? Is this a photo of a soul-sucking BEK or just a really bad OK Cupid match? Let us know what you make of the image over on our Facebook page, by tweeting us @WeirdHQ, or leaving a comment below!


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Writer, adventurer, and professional monster chaser, Greg Newkirk is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Week In Weird, Director of The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult and one-half of the prolific investigative duo Planet Weird. Learn more about Greg.
Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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That’s no BEK, it’s my ex. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul right? Well she doesn’t have one.

I’d fuck her.

If this comment made it through, then we can see that there is absolutely no quality control whatsoever. To the person who runs this site: seriously? So, the rest of the world doesn’t get to have privacy from idiots like this guy? For whatever reason you’ve allowed this comment to get through, I can assure you that it does not trump the rest of your viewers right to peace, dignity and privacy. I, and I’m sure most people, do not want to read the calibre of comments one would find on sites such as Youtube. Remember, if you give these… Read more »

Lighten up, Francis.

That’s not a black eyed kid, that’s an Hispanic, not as rare.

It does look photoshopped but that might just be down to her features being blurred out? Why doesn’t her friend arrange for a meeting with her somewhere safe with people to back them up and film it? Could be a good opportunity here..

If it was her…

But seriously, this does not fit the classic description of a BEK, though most encounters happen in the evening or at night, and in the top photo the person seems to be holding their eyes wide open, the bottom photo is pretty obviously manipulated.

Totally agree BEK’s are supposed to have no whites this is a laughable hoax.

I’m going to have to through my lot in with the naysayers this time. While I’m not discounting the possibility of BEKs – there be weird things out there, me laddy, I’m sure of it – this doesn’t look like any soul-wrenching terror-fed denizen of the shadows. It looks like a bad photo made worse with image manipulation software. The story’s a bit… iffy, too. I’m sorry, but I don’t see a connection between this and BEKs. Besides, people can be creepy on the internet without being BEKs or vampires.

I’ve just started stumbling upon articles on this subject and have never known this was a phenomenon. I SWEAR that I’ve had an encounter with one Black Eyed person ( Not a kid, but about 19-20 year old, very innocent-looking) in Sept. 1998. I was sitting inside my friend’s car,facing my mother’s house while parked on the corner. My best friend had witnessed this thing, too! I’ve only told this story to a very few because I knew that people would think I was losing my sanity. The story is too long to write on here, but I can tell… Read more »

I wonder if it’s tough to get photographic evidence since most will start to pee in their pants.

Hey. I have black eyes. Every time I say I have brown eyes, somebody corrects me and tells me my eyes are black. My ethnicity is Spanish (you know my family is from Spain) and we have lots of people with eyes so dark they seem black except when you see us in the bright sunlight.

This entire black-eyed kid nonsense is just that . . . nonsense. It’s entertaining fiction, but fiction nonetheless.

Vicar Lee

All things reported are fiction until you directly experience them.

Tell me, does the Moon exist? How do you know? Have you been there?

I kind of hope he replies with a “yes” to your question, Vicar Lee. 🙂

You must live in a very egocentric world if you only believe things you directly experience are real. Remember all information comes through the senses. Do you trust them? That information is indirect knowledge about things. You interpret the meaning of the sensory input (light waves, sound waves and so forth).The sensory data is not the object itself. There are other kinds of knowledge that comes through shared language both written and aural. We have to use our judgement as to whether we consider the information valid or not. A reasonable person learns how to do this as they mature.

Well said, Jim. It looks like someone just wants some attention.

lol…. humans can have black coloured eyes as well but this subject is about mono toned children, adolesants, young adults which the WHOLE EYEBALL is black

This planet is one million times smaller than our host star which is the Sun. In a galaxy with one hundred billion stars. In a universe with hundreds of billons of galaxies. You could not name all the life that exists in your back yard. But you can say with absolute certainty that these beings do not exist.

kinda close minded, don’t ya think?

He actually sounds quite open-minded in that he is using his mind to determine that this is a fable rather than a documented actuality.

Or he could have just jumped to conclusion without actually considering the possibilities. I am still a skeptic, mainly because of the show ‘Supernatural’ where demons are supposedly black-eyed (just like these BEKs) So maybe it’s just kids being frauds so they can see if this show is REAL? Or maybe it isn’t. But i’ll leave you with one thing. How is it there are so many incounters all of which sprouting up at the same time? And almost half were made before or a day or two after the more popular BEK post. Who’s to say there aren’t liars… Read more »
Sorry Greg but those ain’t what people mean by black eyes. My thing since I was a kid’s chasmic eye sockets filled with infinitely receding and approaching swiring coiling luminous black and white checks but I’ve also seen more than me fair share of what’s meant by black eyes. You’re talking a kind of spectrum between the kind where the entire eyeball becomes a totally self-luminous pitch black sphere and the other kind which seem to be a half way house with chessboard eyes because the glassy curve of the eyeball can no longer be made out and it’s more… Read more »

The so called BEK’s are supposed to have totally black eyes-even the white part. Kinda think she’s just a regular old female. 🙁

Exactly. The BEKs supposedly have totally black eyes including the sclera which is what makes them so freaking scary.

Not to be a spoilsport, but that LOOKS like it’s Photoshopped.

If someone was firing up photoshop for this they should first have read a few accounts of BEKs as they would then have known that the accounts tend to have one consistent feature: black eyes, as in NO WHITES of the eyes. This is just a normal dark-eyed person who may or may not be weird, but doesn’t appear to be paranormal.

Seriously, what exactly is the point of this? You might as well print a photo of some random dude with a beard as proof that one of your readers met Jesus in a shopping mall. Your correspondent allegedly got e-mails from a not unattractive lady he’s never met who likes to send tastefully nude photos of herself to complete strangers. Well, maybe that’s true – there are lots of freaky exhibitionists on the internet! And they did get these e-mails as a direct result of being obsessed with vampires. And as “black-eyed children” go, well, she’s not a child and… Read more »

My friend is in a band, and one of his bandmates looks exactly the like “traditional” image of Jesus. Doesn’t mean he is, and honestly, the guy’s a great guitarist, but a really lousy carpenter….

I second that – lol.

I did meet Jesus in a shopping mall once. He said Yo, what’s up.
Why did they photoshop her eyes out?/in? whatever they did her eyes are supposed to be completely black with no white for her to be a BEK. so are they saying she gave her self eyes with white added in to fool him?
I always thought BEK’s were more like the children of the corn type kids. blondish white hair. I never heard of them having some weird foreign ethnicity.

From what I understand the black-eyed kids eyes are supposed to be ALL black.

It looks like a bird Keith brough to the studio session last year. Stella something or other. Yeah, that’s it. Stella somthing or other.



[…] Bigfoot? While that remains to be seen, the stories of personal run-ins with the Black Eyed Kids keep racking up in our inbox.. and our […]

The photo is a fake – this is not a black eyed kid. I have seen met talked to and lived through an encounter with these beings. The eye is 100% black. There is no whites of the eye because its all black. The skin is a sickly whitish gray. They are evil beyond imagination. If you run into real black eyed kids they will try to get you alone in your home. DO NOT LET THEM IN – DO NOT LET THEM LOOK INTO YOUR EYES AND DO NOT TALK TO THEM…SLAM THE DOOR, LOCK IT AND GET A… Read more »

She has white in her eyes…BEKs are all black, no whites. Some folks have black corneas…that’s no mystery.

I thought the BEKs had no whites to their eyes whatsoever???

My only question is, Why did she send him a photo of herself with the eyes photo-shopped? If its to look attractive, it didnt work..just looks creepy and makes me wonder whats she hiding!!

It is possible to enlarge you eyes, she is not blackeyed hence( the white in her eyes)she’s just weird.

She doesn’t appear to be a BEK. Her eyes are not entirely black as the BEKs eyes. She is probably of Latin descent or possibly Middle Eastern descent. No doubt the guy is creeped out because she keeps pushing to meet him. I would be creeped out too but such demands.

Come on! ‘Black eyed’ people are all over Latin countries. And, that whole thing of kids wanting to come into your house? Curious that this whole thing starts after many dweebs spent years watching the X Files where black eyed people featured heavily. It’s called an ‘urban legend’ people.