Lightning Reveals Hidden UFO in Incredible Footage from Guadalajara, Mexico

Lightning Reveals Hidden UFO in Incredible Footage from Guadalajara, Mexico


Mexico has always been home to some some strange aerial sightings, but one piece of footage from Guadalajara is one of the most compelling pieces of UFO evidence to ever come from south of the border. This shaky, handheld footage doesn’t just show mysterious balls of light floating in the sky. Thanks to a fortuitous lightning strike, the entire craft is illuminated for a brief moment, giving us a rare glimpse at the unidentified flying objects hovering above us.

The stunning footage was captured in 2012, and continues to impress both amateur skywatchers and serious ufologists alike thanks to its split-second look at a massive craft in the Mexican sky. Normally, it might be easy to pass off the strange orbs as a collection of street lamps in a distant parking lot, but a view of the craft blows that argument out of the water.


Take a closer look at the illuminated frames below:



One viewer of the video claims that he saw the UFO himself the night the footage was captured, and says it looked as if the craft was hidden inside a “special cloud” that was releasing the lights.

“I saw this UFO,” he wrote on YouTube, “it was huge – the size of a whole mountain.. The impressive thing is that it was hidden in a special cloud that seemed to be made artificially as it was diffusing a soft, dense haze. Also take note of those rays that are coordinated with the UFO lights. Seeing it live it looked like the [cloud] the was charging them or producing them. It was confusing but they had some connection. I witnessed it and [the craft] rather looked like a mothership due to its size.”

In a world where CGI hoaxes have become the norm on YouTube, the Guadalajara clip remains one of the most intriguing UFO videos on the internet.

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