Today Only! This Awesome "Exorcist" Christmas Ornament is One Possession You Won't Cast Out

Today Only! This Awesome “Exorcist” Christmas Ornament is One Possession You Won’t Cast Out


Listen, I know that it’s way too early to start promoting holiday stuff, but there are things that just can’t wait, and this crazy Christmas tree ornament based on The Exorcist is one of them. If you want to snag one, you better hurry – they’re up for pre-order today only!

While there’s no shortage of fun holiday ornaments, horror fans generally get the shaft come Christmas time. Fortunately, John Squires (AKA Freddy in Space) has done his best to change all that by partnering up with Homemade Horror for a yearly series of crazy ornaments based on beloved horror films. Previous creations have captured Killer Klowns from Outer Space, The Thing, and Return of the Living Dead, but this year Squires has outdone himself.



The “Demon Girl” ornament pays homage to the scariest movie ever made, The Exorcist, with a clever design that showcases a possessed Regan floating above a puke-covered bed. Seriously, this ornament could only get any better if it was actually possessed by Pazuzu.

The piece was hand-sculpted by Homemade Horror’s Gabe LaPeer, who did a bang-up job of detailing the film’s famous levitation scene right down to the padded corners of the bed. Each made-to-order ornament is resin-cast from the original and painted in acrylic, so you know it’ll last for many Christmases to come.


“Demon Girl” is so great that might be wishing you could display it all year. Well get this: Regan actually detaches from the chain so you can place her in the bed, making the ornament a year-round piece that’ll stand out on any shelf full of well-worn VHS tapes.

If the power of Christ is compelling you to snag one of these ornaments for your tree, head over to the official Freddy In Space shop where you can snag one for $25 today only! They’ll ship early December so you’ll have it in plenty of time for Christmas.

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