Parents of the Black-Eyed Children: Encounter With Adult BEKs Surfaces

Parents of the Black Eyed Children: Frightening 90s-Era Encounter With Adult BEKs Surfaces


In 1998, the first reports of the Black-Eyed Children began to surface online, with appearances cited in Abilene, Texas and Portland, Oregon. For the next two decades, the reports of creepy children began to appear in frightening stories that permeated the internet, books, and even films. But despite theories of alien/human hybrids, evil origins, and other attempts at digging up the truth, one question has always remained: who are the parents of the Black-Eyed Kids?

Now a woman has come forward with her own encounter from the 90s that might just answer that question. Her story is one of the few I’ve come across that involves Black-Eyed Adults, and falls perfectly into the timeline that sparked the arrival of the Black-Eyed Kids.

Melissa S. writes in with this story from Pennsylvania:


Years ago when I was a child, I was selling girl scout cookies around my neighborhood. Back then parents were more relaxed and didn’t mind a child going door to door on their own as much as they do today. I lived in a safe neighborhood where nothing really happened.

I was going house to house but I wasn’t having much luck. I saw this red car pull up into the driveway, so I ran to catch them as they exited the car. I was desperate to make some sales.

I saw there were three of them as they got out of the car – two elderly people, one male and one female, and the third person was a young women in her 30s. The elderly people saw me and got really excited. From far away I thought their eyes looked black, but I assumed it was just because of the distance between us.

I didn’t make anything of it, but I thought something was off about them when they started excitedly running up to me. I put a smile on my face, and said hello as they were running up. But my smile turned into an expression of horror when they came right by me and I saw that their eyes truly were pitch black. They had no whites in their eyes.

They looked down at me with huge smiles on their faces. I just froze in place with fear. They looked at each other for a second and the women said something I couldn’t understand to the black-eyed man. They looked right back at me, they were slightly bent down, and just right in my face.

The women who was with them ran up, took their arms to pull them away, and sincerely apologized. She said “I’m so sorry!” and hurried them inside. As soon as she took them and went towards the house, I became unfrozen and ran almost all the way back home.

When I slowed down I started to feel bad. I rationalized to myself that maybe they had some kind of disorder that made them that way. I mean they did behave like two year olds. I tried looking it up years later, attempting to find a disorder that matched what I had seen. But I couldn’t find anything. Still, I thought maybe it was just a rare disorder and that was why I couldn’t find anything.

It wasn’t until a few years ago when I found out about black-eyed children from a friend did I realize that what I experienced was probably supernatural. This raises so many questions. Who were those people, why did they back black eyes? Why was that women caring for them, like they couldn’t care for themselves?

If the theories that these black-eyed people are really alien/human children, then what are they doing living in a human neighborhood? Maybe the combination messed up their genes and made these two mentally ill? I’ll never really know that they were, and why a normal lady cared for them. Makes you wonder what people know that we don’t.

A kid going door to door bumps into the Black-Eyed Adults? Talk about a role reversal.

Did Melissa bump into the parents of the Black-Eyed Children? Or could it simply be a case of a child meeting people with a mysterious disorder? Have you had or heard of an encounter with a Black-Eyed Adult? We want to hear from you! Drop us a line on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or start a conversation in the comments below.


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