Ghost of a Young Boy Captured Peering from Tree in St. Augustine, Florida

Witness Report: Ghost of a Young Boy Captured Peeking from Tree in St. Augustine, Florida


Sometimes ghosts show up in the strangest places. They walk up stairs that no longer exist, disappear through walls, and occasionally, they even appear in trees. That’s where a group of tourists spotted a lingering spirit in a St. Augustine cemetery, and they managed to snap a pretty spooky photo of the phantom.

Arturo P. wrote in to Week in Weird to share the story, and included a couple strange photos of the alleged spirit, but he wants to know  – is it real?

Hi Greg and Dana! I was wondering if you have ever heard of a legend in St. Augustine, Florida about a boy named James P. Morgan.


While I was taking one of those haunted tours, as you would in st. Augustine, our guide told us a story. It happened two weeks prior to my girlfriend and I taking this tour. All other tours were booked except for his. He took us to Tolomato Cemetery and started telling us about how in the old days people would be buried alive, and was just going through some dark history of the town…

So apparently, a girl – who was 11 years old if I’m not mistaken – she was taking pictures of the cemetery after the guide told them how a 5-year-old James P. Morgan had died and “haunted” the cemetery. His grave is in this cemetery next to the tree from which he fell from. The little girl managed to capture two strange pictures. He says they’re genuine… I’m not an expert in the field of photography but they certainly look interesting. Maybe you guys have come across this already, maybe not, but our guide never gave us any real reason to think he was lying. If anything, he was concerned with finding out if the pictures were real or not.

Either way, I attached the pictures and hopefully I hear back from you guys. I’m also interested in knowing whether these are real pictures or just another fake. Thanks for all your work at Week in Weird, guys!


The photos are definitely weird, and sure enough, they appear to show what looks like a young boy peeking out from behind the tree. Knowing whether the image is real or not is a bit harder, but for the record, I don’t know many five-year-olds who wear ties while they climb trees. I’ve run through of the most popular ghost app databases to see if I could find a match, but haven’t had any luck. Perhaps it’s not the spirit of James P. Morgan, but someone else? Let me know what you think.


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