The Conjuring 2 Causing Frightening Ghostly Activity in Viewers' Homes

Witness Report: The Conjuring 2 Causing Frightening Ghostly Activity in Viewers’ Homes


It seems that from the very beginning, James Wan’s terrifying sequel to The Conjuring was literally haunting viewers. From reports of paranormal activity in the theater to mysterious deaths during screenings of the horror film, The Conjuring 2 has been scaring people on screen and off. Now that the film, based on the allegedly-true exploits of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, has hit the home video market, more terrifying reports have started rolling in, with many alleging that the movie is a “visual curse” intended to cause terrifying hauntings.

The following reports were all sent to the Week in Weird tip email after The Conjuring 2‘s home video release last week. Aside from grammar and identifying details, these reports have not been edited.



“We were just watching The Conjuring 2 and my family paused it while I went to my bedroom to change into my pajamas. As soon as I walked into my bedroom you could hear loud screaming. I thought they turned the tv up really loud in the living room but then realized it was coming through my bedroom TV speaker. There was nothing on my TV. My two sons, grandson and son’s girlfriend all witnessed it. Needless to say we stopped watching the movie.” – Joanne P.


“I wanted to send an email to let you know that strange things have started happening in my house after my wife and I watched The Conjuring 2. Everything was fine until the end of the movie when Lorraine says the name “Valak”. As soon as she said the name our back door swung open and it sounded like someone came running into the house. When my husband went into the kitchen to check there was no one there. For the last three days we have heard knocking on our walls at night and the sound of someone walking up our stairs. I know it is because of that movie and we’re already talking about calling  a priest over for a blessing on the house. There is something wrong with that movie.” – Nancy P.

“Just wanted to throw this out there. Last night we watched part of The Conjuring 2. Not all of it since my son was scared already. My husband went to go put my son off to bed and slept with him. At almost about 3am my husband came back to our room. My husband lies down in bed and in our closet we hear a sound of dishes breaking. My husband gets up turns on the light. And the picture of us married, the beautiful picture frame it stood in was broken in two. I should not have agreed to watch that movie. All my stuff in my closet is put away so neatly. I am still trying to understand how it could of flown and broke like that. Sorry to have bugged you, just thought you should know. People should not watch that movie.” – Maria B.


“Last night me and my girlfriend were watching Conjuring 2 and halfway through the movie we started to hear a scrape on the wall behind us. We ignored it for awhile but when it wouldn’t stop we paused the movie and got up to look for the sound because my girlfriend was getting really freaked out. We couldn’t find nothing until we saw that the cross hanging on her wall had turned upside down by itself. When we went to go turn it upside down we heard a big slam in the basement and it sound like someone screaming so we ran out the house. We was trying to see if anybody else had this happen and thats how we found Week in Weird. What do we do?” – Jason P.

The Conjuring 2 is a visual curse intended to spread the manifestation of demons through households across America. The name Valak was carefully chosen for this purpose and now it is being transmitted over computers all over the world helping the evil spread and infect homes everywhere. We have already seen the damage being done while the movie was shown in theaters and now it is about to become even worse. I predict we are in for a record year of exorcisms.” – Eugene T.

Is The Conjuring 2 manifesting real hauntings in homes across the world? It’s too early to tell, but judging from the emails we’ve been getting just a few days after the film’s home video release, either New Line Cinema is killing it with the viral advertising, or there’s definitely something strange about the way people are responding to the film.

We’ll keep you posted as more reports show up in our inbox.

Have you experienced any strange activity in your home after watching The Conjuring 2? Email me at [email protected], drop us a line on Twitter, or send us a message on Facebook.


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