Man Dies While Watching The Conjuring 2, Viewers Report Hauntings

Man Dies While Watching The Conjuring 2, Viewers Report Ghosts Following Them Home From Theater


If you went to see The Conjuring 2 in theaters this weekend and survived, you should count yourself lucky. Viewers of James Wan’s horror sequel aren’t just reporting ghosts following them home from the theater, some of them are dying during the film’s climax.

On Tuesday, a 65-year-old man collapsed during the climax of The Conjuring 2, during which famed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren battle the demonic nun Valak. The man had complained of chest pains during the climactic scene, only to lose consciousness in his seat. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Sure, it could be a coincidence, but here’s the weird part: hospital employees claim they have no idea what happened to the man’s body.


Hospital staff told the man’s theater companion to escort the body to a local medical college hospital for postmortem, only for him to disappear with the corpse.

The odd death is just the latest in a string of strange events surrounding the release of The Conjuring 2, the most common of which are claims that viewers have left the theater only to return to haunted homes.

On Jun 10, one man claimed that he’d returned from a screening of the film only to discover that a fresh cross had manifested across his hotel bathroom’s mirror.

cross-appears-after-screening-of-the-conjuringMysterious cross manifests on hotel bathroom mirror | Via Facebook

“We came back to the hotel room at about 2:30am,” he posted to Facebook. “As we were too beat, we decided to nap first. At about 2:45am, Legacy Voronia decided to brush her teeth before continuing her sleep. After brushing her teeth, she came out of the toilet asking me if I pranked her with a cross drawn on the mirror in the toilet. I was puzzled, as I was resting on the bed all the while and I thought she was trying to prank me. We then realized that we were not pulling pranks at each other. I then went to the toilet to check out the cross… It was freshly drawn, as I could see water creeping down on one side of the cross, and the stain is still fresh. I then asked her how that could be me when she was the one standing in front of the mirror all the time. Furthermore, if I were to do that, she would not have miss my presence.”

The couple claim that they fled the room and immediately requested a change with the front desk. When they returned for their things the following morning, the smudged cross had disappeared.

the conjuring employed catholic priests to bless audiences during screeningsWarner Bros. employed priests to bless The Conjuring screenings | Via Twitter

When the first film premiered in theaters back in 2013, Warner Bros. made news for employing real-life priests to bless freaked-out audiences during the screenings. Sounds like a few exorcisms might have been a good idea this time around as well.

If you’re planning on catching The Conjuring 2 in theaters this weekend, you might want to bring a crucifix with you just in case.

Have you experienced anything strange after watching The Conjuring 2? Can a horror film really kill you? We want to hear from you! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or start a conversation in the comments below!


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Thats odd. I was really gassy afterwards

Lol. So, this happens during the climax of the movie. So, can we at least say that the poor man died during climax?

They probably cursed the movie and the evil joke is on the people who go see it.


Totally awesome movie!!! Made me jump several times off my seat.

Really, it was good but not that scary

Fuck idk if I should see it nos

Lane Morse, this movie is getting out of hand..


William Castle lives!

Hmmm…hand out cards?

This just sounds like publicity stuff.
Now, people will go, just to see if a ghost follows them home.


Exactly and that’s not good cause what if something really follows them home? Some things are not to be played with. I don’t think they should release that movie on dvd😰😟

Gimmicks like they used for most Vincent Price’s movies back in the day

The demon portrayed in the movie (valak) looks nothing like the one portrayed in the dictionarie infernal, it looks more like the engineers from the movie Prometheus!

Wow.. Lol it was really scary.


I saw the name Smurl in another article about the Warrens. Didn’t think it was that common!


carin is a good friend of mine she is part of the Smurl family that your thinking of


My husband keeps torturing me with that creepy demons name and image. We live out in a very rural area. Not cool.

I’m fine. No ghosts.

Give me a break they looking for money

Kristina Katherine check this out before you guys go see this and please DO NOT take the CHILDREN…please!!

I wouldn’t take them


Not! Lol!

Nobody followed me home


We went to see this on Tuesday 14th June, only problem we had, was the idiot in front tellin us to stop screaming lol 😀

I watch it 3 time , and I’m medium and I removed demon spirits

Saw it last weekend. Not that Scary and nothing has happened too Us. Not the Best movie and not the Worst Movie

As I am infatuated with the other side, I must say this movie was a nail biting, eye closing, edge of seat, screaming kind of movie. Well done to all

You’re infatuated with the other side? Hmmmm…well, I suppose the good news is that sooner than you think, you’ll be there. Do you think that, once you cross over, you’ll then be infatuated with this side?

Shut up moron loads of people have massive interest in the after life who are you to tell them otherwise? Hope when you pass over you suffer a terrifying limbo for eternity!

That Norma Bates can screeeeeeaaaaammmm

Great marketing team at work here. Money well spent…

We watched last Saturday. It was scary but none the less I loved every minute of it. We came home and straight to sleep. Nothing happened other then having a weird scary dream with the nun Valek.

I went and saw the movie with a friend and it made me feel nauseous through the whole movie, so being a huge Christian I prayed in the name of Jesus that no demons were to be in or around my body and since then I stopped feeling nauseous and could continue watching the movie. It might just be a movie, but demons are real people and they are not to be played with

Arika. I am a christian too and I regret watching this movie. I felt INCREDIBLY nauseous. I thought I was going to throw up, shortly after I prayed with my boyfriend and asked the LORD to forgive me. I really didn’t think that the movie would be that scary. It was really strong. I have never been afraid of a scary movie. I was literally shaking in my seat, but I know the LORD is good and I too rebuked demons and fear.


You should also stop going to these kind of movies not just pray to Jesus to protect you from the demons you yourself went after. 😊

U should understand there are greater problems in life than a fucking demon/devil . Also u should know that ALWAYS ALWAYS THE LIVING HAS MORE POWER THAN THE DEAD(IF THEY FUCKING EXIST) .

ugidy…googidy…….BOO !!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHA !!!!!

Man emits bullshit at a theatre. Lots of people experience bullshit on their way home form the cinema.

I saw it tonight and as I was watching the movie I started feeling sick my stomach started to hurt and so did my head I had to leave the theater

Demons are not people, but they are beings of pure intelligence–fallen angels–and are totally selfish and hate God and those He gave the possibility of being with Him in such a special way (adopted into His family) in the worst way.

I had fever after watching this movie. I don’t know what’s wrong but this seemed odd

I also saw a video the other day of someone getting ‘possessed’ after the movie was over!!

As I left the theatre I could see my breath. It was not cold at all. I kept breathing out my mouth and saw white mist each time, indoors, in the hall before getting to the lobby. A day later a heavy glass spice jar flew horizontally straight for 3 feet, hesitated a few seconds and then dropped to the floor. I laughed and shrugged off. Not afraid. It was just a bit unnerving.

The worlds gone nuts l

IT IS REAL!!!! As I walked into the theater I felt this chilling, dark sensation creep all over my body. I knew something was not right, but I have faith in the Lord God Almighty and baby Jesus. My youngin started acting a damn fool and projectile vomiting on the people in front of us. Turned out he was possessed by the devil himself. I shit you not. I had to perform an exorcism in the middle of the movie. I truly saw a light shine down from above and the hand of baby Jesus touch my little boy. All… Read more »
Saw it, I’m a jumpy person and I had to close my eyes in some scenes haha. I hadn’t been to the movies for years so I wasn’t used to the loud volume which is what made the BOO! type scenes scary for me, plus the nun was creepy, that spiritual stuff creeps me out haha. I got a stomach ache hours after the movie and nausea, probably due to eating 600 calories of popcorn and chocolate. I have noticed myself causing a bit of hysteria for myself if I’m alone at night, like in the shower I don’t wanna… Read more »

I left the theatre got home only to fine my dinner was cooked for me?! Thank god I’ve got a boyfriend 😳

Ed Warren was a more modern version of the spiritualists of the 1920s. They put on shows to make money. This is a movie, pure fiction. It’s actually pretty weak at the end because it’s got all but the pea soup spewing out of her. It’s basically a modern retelling of the exorcist without the priests. Very well built up from the start, but turns into just another exorcism movie. Not that interesting.

Thanks for the review. Exorcism movies are hard for me to take seriously, especially when they are over the top with visual effects and/or have a heavy religious agenda. I’ve been interested in the Enfield case but think I’ll try to find another version of the story, one without rogue demons in nun costumes.

Wasn’t there a movie on Hulu made some years ago called the Enfield Haunting? I watched it a couple years ago. They then claimed it was based in truth also.

I came home and was laying in bed a few hours after the movie. Suddenly this feeling came over me like my blood was boiling and I was going to pass out and I had severe chest pain. I told my husband something wasn’t right. I ran to the bathroom because I felt like I was going to be sick and he followed me to make sure I was okay. We heard our dog start barking in the other room, which was weird, because she was muzzled. We went back to the bed and she chewed through her muzzle and… Read more »

When a movie is based on a true story, it is embellished a lot. You can take a story of some kid eating ice cream then dropping it on the sidewalk. The movie version of that true story would end up with an Earthquake following the ice cream hitting the sidewalk because it was made from dark matter…etc. The kid DID drop the ice cream after all, so that is true!

Since I read Guy Lyon Playfair’s book about this years ago & I don’t remember any demon nuns in it, I wonder, has anyone asked Mr. Playfair about what he thinks of this film, another alleged “true story” that probably isn’t true at all? Why are humans so damn credulous?

There wasnt a demon nun…lol.. The story was creepy enough without that addition.