The Real History of Valak, Demon Nun in The Conjuring 2

The True History of Valak: Everything You Need to Know About the Real Demon From The Conjuring 2


If you’re anything like me you’ve wasted no time rushing to the theater to see the latest instalment of The Conjuring, which sees Ed and Lorraine Warren jetting off to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Enfield Poltergeist, one of the most famous and well-documented cases of paranormal activity of all time. In the film, the duo come face to face with a very specific demon, but is Valak just a Hollywood concoction, or based on an actual entity?

It goes without saying, but if you read on below the trailer, you’re going to get some spoilers.


If you know anything about the real life Enfield investigation, you’ll know that the movie adaptation of the famous case took quite a few liberties, the most obvious one being our introduction to the demon Valak. Well, it turns out that Valak is, in fact, a real demon, one that the creators of The Conjuring franchise have added into the mix as a way to link both the Enfield and Amityville stories together.

While it’s true that the Warrens did investigate Amityville, and it’s also true that they did spend a few days meeting the the actual investigators of the Enfield Poltergeist, as far as we know neither of these cases have anything to do with Valak in real life. So who, exactly, was this demon, and why were they dressed like a nun?


According to the demon conjurer’s go-to guide, The Lesser Key of Solomon, a 17th century grimoire that acts a kind of Yellowpages of Hell, Valak (or Ualac, Valac, Valax, Valu, Valic, Volac) is none other than the Great President of Hell. Generally speaking, he’s hot shit in the demon world. Often depicted as riding a two-headed dragon and commanding 30 legions of demons, he takes on the visage of a small child with wings, which if you ask me, would have been way more terrifying than a nun in corpse paint.


Valak’s skill set also amounts to a lot more than floating legos around the room and spinning crosses. Even today, he’s often invoked by magical practitioners who are looking to find “true answers of hidden treasures”. He’s also known as being quite strong and not opposed to sharing that strength with those worthy of calling upon him. Not worthy? Well then, I’d hate to be you, because Valak will probably ruin your life, which happens a lot slower than it does in the movies.


So what did Valak have to do with Amityville, Enfield, and The Warrens? Nothing. James Wan, the film’s director, says he intended the demon to be a premonition for the Enfield Poltergeist case, with no relation to the paranormal activity happening in 112 Ocean Avenue.

“She’s got nothing to do with Amityville. At all,” he told to reporters.

Most likely, the demon was introduced as a wholly original way for The Conjuring to bridge the Amityville and Enfield cases together in a semi-cohesive way, as the rights to The Amityville Horror are owned by another company, making any popularized connection to Jay Anson’s book or the horror films based on it a no-go.


But the biggest question of all: why is Valak presented to us as a late 90s representation of Marilyn Manson? You can thank James Wan and the real-life Lorraine Warren for that. While the name of the Big Bad had been decided upon early on in the process, Wan still hadn’t settled upon the actual design of the demon until the 11th hour. While speaking to Lorraine in passing one day, she mentioned that she had once encountered a swirling vortex with a dark, hooded figure at the center. That bit of information was translated into the demonic nun, which, believe it or not, was added to the story in a series of re-shoots.

“I had a strong outlook on the whole movie, but the one thing I wasn’t quite sure of [was the design of the demon character],” James Wan explained to io9. “I felt like I was still discovering it. And believe it or not, I always knew that I was going to do additional photography. So I was saving it because I was hoping I’d discover what that thing would look like as I was putting the movie together in post-production.”

Here’s hoping that if Valak makes an appearance in future films they’ll ditch the nun and give us some nightmares of winged children from hell instead.

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All I see is Marilyn Manson.

Me too!

hahahaha mee toooo yess !!

I have seen hundreds of horror movies and I am pretty much unfazed by them. But that nun scares the crap out of me, I have no clue why but it freaks me out so much that it has kept me awake at nite

Yeah me too. …..

I just didn’t think it was scary. Just daft.

but the way that nun came behind the picture and ran towards lorrain was funny :v

If Valak is the President of Hell why is he bothering a 11 year old girl on England? wouldn’t he be too busy doing his Presidential duties like starting wars and poking people in the butt with his pitchfork?

He got bored of his presidential duties and thought “Hey, why not screw with this family for awhile? I’ve got nothing better to do…”

Well Demon’s as we know want to enslave all souls it’s their number one job despite their many other jobs.This is the one they love the most. It’s like a game really the more souls you have wins the game and the name of the game is how to get them. Of course their are one’s that don’t like that game but then you get into other classes of beings. Not all beings like what demon’s do even though they might be considered one in the same but are truly not. Dark Angels for one. They aren’t the nicest but… Read more »

Awesome film this is how Horror films should be and the Nun,well I will not look at nuns the same anymore

I enjoyed the movie. Made me jump several times and I don’t get scared that easy. Thumbs up…. Awesome!!!

Will you do a discussion on the Warren’s history of…taking LARGE liberties with their socalled investigations?

You are a ass

I should of text azz, sorry about that. The original poster as know idea what they are talking about. I met The Warrens at a paranormal convention several years back. They are real not as they put it ‘so called investigations’!

The Warrens were outed MANY times, as far back as the 90’s, as charlatans.

Outed by whom: their critics? That being said, if the seance conjured the spirit of the killer, that wouldn’t be Christian.

And all the critics and skeptics come to the yard to unite. Haha. LOL. Skeptics outed them for what they believed in. People have stuck by their story many times, proving it’s real.

Let them have their fun now, Lorraine Warren isn’t doing anymore paranormal activities in hauntings.

And if you think they charged for their haunting cases they took, they did not. They funded their lifestyle purely on the Late Ed Warren’s art skills and paintings.

The picture is crazy because he has a cross on his chest zoom in

“they’ll ditch the nun and give us some nightmares of winged children from hell instead.” Well, I’ve seen almost every horror known to man kind. Can name you all the top horror movies. With that said, I think I’m qualified to say that the Demon NUN (partly because I’m christian) did creep me out. More than a small demon child with wings would have. I think the movie would have been another chapter from Insidious if James put a demon child with wings. Let him save that for Insidious which I wouldn’t mind. Valak is 10/10 and in the top… Read more »

Thanks for the story , ben and I saw it and now it makes a lot more sense. Benjamin

It looks like Marylin Manson.

Valek the defiler? Sounds like a fun date to me LOL!!

Did anyone notice in the movie @43 minutes when Lorrainee was reading her bible the bookshelf spelled out Valak?

Look in the kitchen too, when Ed and Lorraine are discussing going to Enfield. The daughter comes down to have breakfast or something. Valak is spelled out.

DID ANYONE CATCH THIS ‘SUGAR-PLUM’!?! CURIOSITY POINT…? [THO’ BEGGING THE QUESTION] Firstly, as an anecdotal aside: ‘Is that a James Wan CAMEO ‘setting-up’ the cameras in the De Feo/Lutz Amityville home at the ‘Warren-Seance’ in the beginning?? BUT! HERE IS THE REAL “ITEM”, “DID ANY ONE CATCH DEPT?”, ….Needs MUST offer a bit of BACKGROUND Germane to the Topic At Hand So BE Patient S_V_P! UNLESS YOU ARE AUTHENTICALLY PRETERNATURALLY Very ‘sharp’ I’ll Wager You’d HAVE TO SEE CONJ-2 [2X] TWICE to catch what I’m sure I SAW – SO BEAR WITH…! For me, a Teaching Physician & Prof Em.… Read more »

Are you on crack

OMG YES I DID at first I thought I was a little trippy but I saw it spelled out and thought hey.. Did anyone else see that ??was it on purpose?? .. Im sure it was but still.. It was pretty awesome.. Good eye mate HIFIVE

Andrei Mateus Mancilla
Are you kidding man haha? We must see the BACKGROUND. So, assuming that this demon exists and writting fantastic things we must say that: 1. A demon who enter to our world never have the same powers that he has in hell. So in earth this demon only have possesion abilities and some telekinesis and metamorphosis. 2. A nun IS BY FAR too much big than a demon who ride a two head dragon. Why? Because the objetive of this demon is that his victims go crazy step by step… So he needs to transform his real aparience in a… Read more »

The old man wasn’t the demon- it was a spirit that was being used as a pawn by the demon.

Amazing and loved this movie

If I’m not mistaken, the name Valak appears in the Warren’s home during the scene the daughter pours the Kellogg’s Froated Flakes cereal.

and not only that, remember the scene where the daughter was mix and match letter bead on a bracelet and it so happen to be VALAK

you’re absolutely right , i saw it too , James Wan is such a good director 🙂

Where can I find ed’s painting of Valak?

Very thrilling and scary movie, shows how smart valak and demons in generall can be, they were practically following the wrong spirit the whole movie ( bill Wilkins ) or the crooked man, valak really overpowered and outsmarted them and any spirit that makes Lorraine practically shit her pants is not to be trifled with. Conjuring and conjuring 2 were both brilliantly terrifying movies and us horror fans waiting for the next chapter………

it Marylin Mason alright. Always knew he was baaddd!!!

Hot shit in the demon world = me no likey

just wanted to escape reality for a while. Watching this did that…for 10 dollars. Beyond that, not much. Give it a C grade


D your ducking crazy A bitch

“real” demon

Exactly..Thank you!

It looks like Marilyn Manson. The beautiful people, ahhhh.

Can’t wait to see the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult this weekend at Ohio State Reformatory!

your crazy…is that the one Nick Goff is involved in, where recently they’ve been doing live CCT on renowned items from the museum…?? apparently even people at home when login into to watch it have been getting some real spooky Shit going on in their own homes…..
Have fun, rather you than me though….

That’s Zak you idiot.



Dr. NAMGYAL/Prof.-Em.
Physician-Research Neuroscience

@Dana, I think you mean a mid 90’s Manson. Smells Like Children era (95) and Antichrist Svperstar era (96). Those two albums are wear Manson (or should I say Valak in this case) looks like Manson. By the late 90’s Manson had moved onto the “glam” look with Mechanical Animals. 1998 release. But I admire your site and whatnot. 🙂

Mason didn’t play the demon nun some lady named Bonnie Adams did

Yes it’s true there is a demon named Valac, but its nothing that is portrayed in the show itself. Valac comes in a form of a young boy with wings, riding a two headed dragon and during the exorcist “done” by Lorraine Warren, she mentioned Lord of the flies, another higher demon of hell by the name of Beelzebub, which isn’t Valac. Guess James need to start doing his demonology homework.

Fernanda Sousa Fontes

Well I loved the nun. Not really fond of the idea of a child with wings, the nun is way creepier

Totally agree. Kids are over used in horror movies. I want to make that valek nun for Halloween! Oh, also I’ve met the Warrens. And have been in their artifact room. I stared at Annebelle,(Ragady Ann)thinking “Yeah right, do something.” Mr.Warren said “I wouldn’t stare at that doll if I were you.” On the way home I started to cough in the car, I had a sore throat and was sick for 3 days after.

How can a demon from hell be wearing religious clothing?

Lorraine mentions something about the demon expressing blasphemy by taking the shape of a religious figure. Dont really remember the exact line, but it made sense as in such movies, you often see the demons mocking the priest, turning the crosses upside down, etc..

I come from Indonesia, I am Catholic, all things supernatural can be explained by science, because it comes from energy. Whether it’s supernatural powers, witchcraft, or what is commonly called Voodoo in Africa. Even including the Dayak supernatural was widely in Indonesia is also famous in Bali with Leak science. Energy as depicted in the Avatar movie is really happening in our lives. This energy can be used for anything, including to cure the disease, capture ghosts, and even kill the ghost itself. Sometimes not be accepted by our common sense, but it’s  real. Browse on google “Trisula Sakti” some… Read more »

Can you measure or replicate the spirits the energy makes present to us? There’s accidentals left by phenomena and reason based on it as to what it could be, but if science can explain them, we haven’t developed it that far.

Really love this movie

See my comment above dude. Good eye though. I don’t know how more people didn’t notice this.

If Valak is president of hell, that means american already bomb hell with DEMOcracYYY

Not a ghost. Pretty sure it’s Marilyn manson.

Fucking bullshit ! Valak like a bitch

This movie was a huge disappointment. It’s predecessor was 10x better.

I’ve read that Valek is going to be at the center of a spin-off called “Nun.” Wan is ex-producing. That is what I’ve read, not verified tho.

I loved the nun. Something about it being a nun creeps me the heck out. I would not find a little kid with wings scary.

I totally agree about the nun. The nun was by far the creepiest part of the movie for me! I would love to see a movie based solely on the demonic nun.

I thought the nun was creepy

Valak took the form of something he thought would cause Lorraine to blaspheme her religion, hence the demonic nun.


Quite a good movie. They admit to adding to the story, but good none the less.

A very intense telling of the story for sure!

Very thrilling and scary movie, shows how smart valak and demons in generally can be, they were practically following the wrong spirit the whole movie ( bill Wilkins ) or the crooked ma valak really overpowered and outsmarted them

I found the first film frightning as well, Bathsheba definitely put fear in to us as well, but I think valak is a more powerful presence and any spirit that makes Lorraine shit her pants is not to be triffled with

El nombre de Valak aparece en letras doradas en la biblioteca en la escena cuando escribe su nombre en la biblia

Ths horror movie make me jump


Her name is Bonnie Aarons.

is very good for small childrens

scary conjuring 2 is freaky

I think it would play off better if James Wan would use a little person for the part of Valak in future movies instead of a child. Speaking of pulling it off better. My reason is that the adult would better pull off the demonic presence better than a child and the stature of a little person would be that of a child.

donald trump outed!