Paranormal Prowler? Mysterious Shadow Figure Captured Stalking Man On Security Camera

Paranormal Prowler? Mysterious Shadow Figure Captured Stalking Man On Security Camera


Having your home broken into is already a terrifying ordeal, but what if the entity trying to gain access to your house isn’t exactly human? Sound scary? That’s exactly what’s happening to a man who witnessed something unexplained attempting to enter his home through his cat door.


Late one evening last week, a man noticed the sound of scratching coming from his downstairs cat door. Having previously found his next-door neighbor’s cat sneaking in, he just thought the animal was back for a midnight snack. When he turned on his outdoor camera app, he was completely shocked to find not an animal, but a very shabby-looking man crouching down at the cat door trying to pry it open.


The man did what anyone would have done in that situation and immediately called the police, who sent out a cruiser to search the neighborhood for anyone resembling the man. Unfortunately, the officers were unable to find anything, even after searching the tree line that runs behind the house. In fact, when they returned a few days later to get a statement, the officer suggested that he may have a ghost poking about.


Obviously freaked-out, the man mounted yet another outdoor camera, and began posting his strange updates to Reddit with the username FlexGunShip. After a week with no activity, FlexGunShip returned home from a work trip to discover a plastic bag draped over one of the cams. That night the scratching sounds returned and all the motion sensors triggered, but when he checked the cameras, they displayed nothing at all. That was when things began to get really strange.

While Flex was visiting his parents house later that day, one of the security cameras, which was normally mounted on the wall outside his house, managed to take a mysterious photo of the end of his bed. Except he never placed a camera there.

According to Flex, the house was locked, the security bar in place, and the cat door pinned shut, which would have made it impossible for anyone to have gained entry to his home.


The first logical assumption was that someone had planted a camera in the bedroom.  According to FlexGunShip, there’s only an empty wall in the spot where the camera had been angled, and it had only captured one photo. That meant that someone would have had to unscrew the original outdoor camera, take it into the locked house, then into the bedroom, snap one photo, and then return it to its original location… and all of this would have had to have happened only 20 minutes before Flex returned home.

The comments section was pretty divided between those who thought that there was a very good chance someone had access to his house, and those who thought the strange activity had a much more paranormal source. Some pointed out the strange human shape balled up at the corner of the bed bore the striking resemblance to a shadow person. In fact, quite a few readers chimed in to explain that they themselves had experienced the same types of technical glitches inside their own haunted homes while the activity was at its worst.


The story is still unfolding over on Reddit as the weirdness continues inside FlexGunShips’s house. For obvious reasons, he has not been sleeping at home, but he continues to get updates from the cameras daily, which are still active in the house. Week In Weird will continue to update the story as it unfolds.

If you’ve ever experienced this type of technical weirdness inside your haunted home, we want to hear about it in the comments below.

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