Ghost Photo Roundup: The Creepiest Images That Hit the Web This Week

Ghost Photo Roundup: The Creepiest Images That Hit the Web This Week


It’s been another busy week for photobombing phantasms all over the world. Earlier this week we brought you both “the castle ghost” and the “home alone ghost” photos, so we figured we’d round off the week with more spine-tingling photos from the depths of social media.


The Pond Spirit Photograph

First on the list of potential ghost snaps is the “Pond Spirit”, which was snapped May 9 at Ponciau Pool in Wrexham, Wales. Wayne Foulkes thought he was having a pretty normal day out on the water, but then his friend took this picture and ruined all that. The spooky photo shows what looks an awful lot like a giant orange goblin floating above his left shoulder.


Lucky for Foulkes, his wife is totally “into all that paranormal stuff”, and was able to identify the orange blob as a ghost. Once the image hit Facebook it exploded, drumming up lots of debate about the validity of the photo as it went.


According to Foulkes, Ponciau Pool has a tragic history and has been the sight of quite a few local drownings, which he says adds credibility to the image. Even the owner of Ponciau Fishing Club, Graham Thomas, had to agree that the strange ball of light floating over Foulkes does look an awful lot like a face.

“There is definitely a face in the background,” said Ponciau councillor Paul Pemberton. “It has got eyes, a nose and teeth. Ponciau Pool has got a real history, a grim past, I know of a number of people who have died there, so it makes the photo more eerie. The guy in the picture had just caught one of the biggest carp in there, but when he’s seen what’s in the background on the photo, he’s been spooked.”

The Randall Park Mall Phantom

Next up on this week’s ghost photo round-up is a picture taken outside of an abandoned mall in Northeastern Ohio.


Snapped by amateur photographer Tonya Nester outside of the abandoned Randall Park Mall, once the largest shopping mall in the entire world, the image appears to show a strange fog manifesting in the abandoned lot. According to Nester, there was nothing present when the photo was taken, it wasn’t until she got home and reviewed the pictures that she noticed the strange white fog.

Once the picture hit Twitter it went viral, stirring up all manner of theories from smudgy car windows, to plastic bags, to, of course, ghosts. Considering that Randall Park Mall is supposedly haunted, there were quite a few people who believe the story fits.

So there you have it weirdos, this week’s ghost photo round up. What do you think? Share your thoughts about the photos in the comments below.


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  1. Ruth

    05/22/2015 at 7:33 PM

    I ran across two different photos in another blog this week. One is probably explanable, the other I have seen before but don’t know if it’s photo trickery or not. The first is two people at twilight with shiny eyes, probably wearing glasses and snapped at the perfect time the other is a little girl standing at a reflecting pool with a double reflection.

  2. Coppertop

    05/22/2015 at 9:15 PM

    That “Randall Park Mall Phantom” bears a resemblance to that video of the “Japanese Tsunami Ghost” that was floating around the internet a few weeks ago.

    Wait, here it is:

    The video always creeps me out, but I’m an easily creeped out dude. Whether or not there’s any actual connection between the two is up to better researchers than I.

    As for the other image… maybe it’s some kind of flaw in the film or a reflection? The flash is on, after all, and I’ve noticed half the problems with “paranormal” photos come from the flash being on.

  3. Ric

    05/23/2015 at 4:50 AM

    The picture of the man with the fish,I you look at the background the face seems to be among some trees,the size of the face must be around 6foot high against the trees,I think it’s photoshopped…….(only my opinion)
    It looks good though

  4. Aisling

    05/23/2015 at 11:17 AM

    The Japan tsunami one looks like maybe something in the water is crushed and explodes and that is smoke coming out of it. Can’t imagine being there when that hit.
    On the Welsh one the moon would have been about 3/4s full that night so I wonder if it wasn’t the moon coming up behind the trees and glowing orange? The eyes definitely seem to be a branch sticking out from a tree.

  5. Peter Parker

    05/23/2015 at 9:57 PM

    Randall Park Mall ghost looks like “Spiderman” masks you can buy at Toys R’Us.

  6. Kevin Edgecomb

    08/24/2015 at 5:41 PM

    Looks like two or three pigeons taking off.

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