Better Living Through Psi: Psychic Pseminar Pseries

Better Living Through Psi: Psychic Pseminar Pseries

pokeymansAtheists and denialists claim we are all biological robots. Others respectfully decline, echoing master Yoda’s immortal “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter” where we all are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Focusing on topics from the bleeding edge of maverick science, Craig Weiler and David Metcalfe are spearheading a series of seminars for actualizing one’s psychic potential. Covering all aspects of psi research, and experiments to try at home, these free webinars focus on the contentious science of consciousness with the challenges posed by skeptics, debunkers, and denialists.

Starting Wednesday the 15th of January until the 19th of February, six experts will present their findings, engaging a provocative dialogue, and instructing the audience on tapping their psychic potential.

Note this isn’t going to be fluffy, granola bunny hoo-hah where Lemurian headbands and swearing unspeakable oaths on a stack of The Coming Of Tans. The roll features Dr. James Carpenter laying out his First Sight theory1, William Bengston’s controversial “energy cure” research2, among others.


For more information, check the web page for Everybody’s Psychic: Discovering Your Psychic Potential And What To Do With It.


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