Wither Iconoclast(s)? 2006-2014 RIP

Wither Iconoclast(s)? 2006-2014 RIP

hatA few days ago, the internet lost one of its finest voices for UFOlogy.

The UFO Iconoclast(s) began April 2006, beginning with scrutiny of Lonnie Zamora’s encounter at Socorro, unique UFO theories challenging the status quo of UFOlogy, religious aspects of the phenomenon. All the while slaughtering our sacred cows and provoking spirited discussion in the comments. A week ago, I was tickled to discover our site was mentioned by TUI while railing on lack of dignity and class in UFOlogy1.

In UFO circles, we get such things as this: “Who Forted?” – A punny site, maybe full of great material (I’ve never sought it out because of its obtuse title) but one that sacrifices dignity and good taste for a catchy sobriquet.

MAYBE?! Why I oughta…


Sad to say, I didn’t know about Rich Reynolds’s site until I started writing for The Anomalist. For nearly two and a half years, I found the Iconoclasts to be one of the more intelligent blogs contemplating flying saucers. As Rich made cogent points about the subject matter, he was usually vicious when it came to the community. If one could get past the unmitigated nastiness, there was a kernel of truth giving pause for reflection on the direction being taken in our field.

Some won’t miss him, as sentiments remain (rightfully) raw where their sister site the UFO Provocateur(s) wished death on Mac Tonnies2, and others, seven months before his death. Same probably goes for Roswell guru Kevin Randle who has been in The RRR Group’s sights of late with the Roswell Dream Team slide kerfuffle.

Unsourced theories abound, ranging from the blog being deleted in a fit of pique, the demise of the UFO Updates list, or discovering Tonnies is a celestial archon condemning Rich to be reborn as a yeti to relearn his ways.

The question I pose to you is simple: Are you lowering your Magonian flag to half mast, or sneering “Good riddance to bad rubbish?” Choose your poison: Facebook, Twitter, or the comments below. G’wan, I dare ya.


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