Take a Ride on the Norwegian Dawn, a Haunted Cruise Ship!

Hunting Ghosts on the High Seas: Take a Spooky Trip on The Norwegian Dawn, a Haunted Cruise Liner!


Stop whatever you’re doing and start planning next year’s summer vacation: there’s a haunted cruise liner that’s been terrifying guests while sailing the high seas, and now, they’re planning a tour from Salem, Massachusetts to the Bermuda Triangle. Ghosts, witches, and a cursed mystery spot? Yeah, that covers all the bases.

The Norwegian Dawn has spent years sailing guests to some of the most Instagrammable paradises, but apparently, not all the passengers are living. The Dawn, which has been at the center of a handful of spooky paranormal experiences, has one very active spirit on board who eyewitnesses often describe as a woman with short blonde hair. Many believe the spirit is that of a woman who tragically passed away after a fall from the balcony a decade ago.

A guest who stayed in rooms 10626 and 10628 reported waking in the middle of the night, only to be shocked to find the mysterious woman sitting at the end of his bed.


“We had two connecting balcony rooms, 10626 & 10628. My wife and I were in 10626 and my sister in law and her boyfriend Rob were in 10628. During the day we kept the connecting door open and closed it at night. We also opened the balconies so we had one long balcony. Friday night we went to bed. During the night Rob rolled over and went to put his arm around Judy. She wasn’t there so he went to roll over to see if she moved to the other side of the bed. As he started to roll, he seen a woman sitting at the edge of the bed. He thought it was Judy and he said, what are you doing? Judy was on the other side of him and said ‘sleeping.” When he realized it wasn’t Judy he continued looking at her, she was a woman with blonde shoulder length hair.. he thought it was my wife Nancy then. ( who is blonde with shoulder length hair). He said Nancy is in here, what do you need Nancy? Judy said, “Rob, your talking in your sleep.” Rob said I AM NOT SLEEPING…..Then the woman stood up and had a light around her, she was smiling at him. She continued smiling and he said she floated towards the closets in the room….. she then disappeared in front of the closets.” – KevinsCrusing


Tons of cruisers have reported other experiences on the ship that range from objects moving on their own, to lights that turn on and off by themselves, to run-ins with the mysterious phantom lady.

One guest is convinced that cabin 9506 is particularly active:

Here’s something different for everyone to chew on. My wife who is a psychotherapist, is convinced that 9506 has some harmless ghost messing around in there. She claims that the dividing curtain between the bedroom and living room was picked up as if by a hand , held up, the dropped a few seconds later. I never saw it, but she is positive it happened, right in front of her eyes. And she is a mental health professional. I had nothing but good vibes there, and so did she. Didnt seem unpleasant or unkind at all whatever it was.. but she said there was no gusts, no wind, no nothing just picked up from the floor about 3 feet, held up, then the curtain dropped.” – dustman

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Recently the Norwegian Dawn took Ghost Hunters alum Amy Bruni and her Strange Escapes guests on a paranormal adventure from New Orleans to Mexico, and they had their own mysterious experiences while on board.

“We had knocking on our door, 3 raps,” one guest wrote after returning home. “Then down the hall, each door, as if a steward was checking the rooms. No one in the hall. It happened for a couple of hours. And our TV went nuts for a while. Most of the activity was during the night of the storm.”

Now, the Norwegian Dawn is set to take a cruise that should really ramp up the paranormal activity – a trip from Salem, Massachusetts to the mysterious waters of the Bermuda Triangle.

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Hosted by Strange Escapes, the week-long event will see the haunted cruise ship boarded by hundreds of ghost geeks for lectures on paranormal phenomena by the world’s leading anomalous researchers, spooky tours through the home of America’s witch trials, and even a brush with the Devil’s Triangle. Did we mention that an entire museum full of haunted, cursed, and otherwise supernaturally-influenced items will be on board with you?  Don’t worry, psychic Chip Coffey will be there to tell you whether or not you’ll make it out of this adventure alive.

Just keep chugging those Piña coladas and maybe you won’t even notice how scared you are the entire time.

Tickets for “Witching You Were Here: a Paranormal Cruise from Salem to Bermuda, are still available at Strange Escapes, but will most definitely sell out quick. Sure, you might never return from the Bermuda Triangle, but after an adventure aboard a haunted ship with Ghost Hunters‘ Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, and Grant Wilson, Paranormal State‘s Chip Coffey, Ghost Stalkers‘ John Tenney, Spooky Southcoast’s Tim Weisberg, and the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, you’ll have a hard time topping the experience anyway.

Would you take a cruise on a haunted ship full of ghost hunters, psychics, and cursed artifacts? What’s the scariest vacation you’ve ever been on? We want to know! Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @WeirdHQ, friend us on Facebook, or start a conversation in the comments below!


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