Exorcist Casts Out Man's Demon (and Tooth) in Surprise Exorcism, Receives Lawsuit

Exorcist Casts Out Man’s Demon (and Tooth) in Surprise Exorcism, Receives Lawsuit

Exorcisms have never been known to be an exactly peaceful thing (in fact, people regularly die of them), but when you get snuck up on and start losing teeth thanks to a fracas with Satan, things might be getting a little out of hand. That’s what a Tennessee man says happened when he visited Family Chapel Church of God last year.

Andrew Byrd (probably not the singer), filed a lawsuit last week that stated he received a “surprise exorcism” after the church’s pastor, Joel Arwood, extended an invitation to visit. Byrd claims when he arrived at the church, he was attacked by the minister, the minister’s wife Theresa, and another man who ended up cracking several of his teeth and knocking one of his crowns out.

To add insult to injury, Byrd claims that the pastor “bragged to the congregation that he had punched the devil and knocked the devil’s tooth out,” and went on to publish false allegations that Byrd was a “contract killer” who had already “hit” three people in Sevier County, with two more still under contract.

According to an article posted at The Mountain Press, Andrew Byrd is seeking $3.7 Million in damages from the Family Chapel church.


Pastor Joel Arwood has so far refused to comment on his “contract killer exorcism”, but the Church’s facebook page has made it a point to ask their followers to pray for him, following up with an online sermon about “Slander, Gossip, and Evil Speaking Against Others.” Maybe next week’s theme can be “no roughhousing in the church”.


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  1. Totem

    03/01/2013 at 8:16 PM

    A devil’s tooth must be worth something on ebay. I want it!

  2. Bobby Elgee

    03/02/2013 at 4:00 PM

    Perhaps this method of exorcism may be slightly more effective than the one used by the Catholic church. I demand an controlled experiment* and am currently recruiting:

    1. Ministers of Pentacostal churches who are willing to punch people in the face.

    2. Catholic priests willing to perform exorcisims.

    3. People who are possessed by evil spirits who are willing to get punched in the face and undergo exorcisms.

    4. Certified paranormal investigators with “Devil Detection Devices” who can confirm whether or not either method worked.

    5. People who are possessed who have no interest in getting rid of their demons as a control group.

    6. Boyd from the television show Justified to supervise the proceedings.

    7. A flying %*#$ that I currently don’t give one of…

    *note the above post does not reflect anything remotely resembling a well-designed experiment.

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