Listen to Rare Recordings of the Real Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Listen to the Rare, Uncut Recordings of the 67 Terrifying Exorcisms of Anneliese Michel


Many of us are familiar with the sad and horrifying story of Anneliese Michel, the 24-year-old German woman who died after undergoing a grueling series of Catholic exorcisms. Anneliese’s story has become that of legend, even spawning the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Over the years, the facts surrounding the girl’s death have been at the center of many debates betweem believers and skeptics, but there’s still one piece of evidence that everyone needs to hear before making up their minds: the audio tapes.

While a few low-quality recordings have been floating around on the internet in various forms, they’re usually only around six minutes long. Below, you’ll find the rare, uncut version of the original tape recordings of Anneliese Michel’s 67 exorcisms, which clock in at around an hour and a half. While the audio is entirely in the German language, it isn’t any less horrifying to listen to.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Anneliese Michel, her story is a strange and sad one. She was born in Bavaria in 1952, and during the course of her short life underwent some of the most terrible experiences imaginable. Shortly after she turned 16, she suffered a violent seizure, and was subsequently diagnosed with temporal lope epilepsy. By the early 70s, after Anneliese had suffered her third seizure, her frightened parents decided there was nothing left to do but to check their daughter into a psychiatric hospital.

In 1973, Anneliese began to experience full-blown hallucinations that doctors concluded stemmed from her deeply-held religious beliefs. These experiences ranged anywhere from hearing menacing voices telling her that she was “damned”, to visual hallucinations of frightening demonic faces. Unfortunately, the hospital treatments did little improve her health or combat her visions, and Anneliese fell into a deep depression.


By the following year, Anneliese’s mental state had deteriorated to the point where she was often discovered drinking her own urine and eating bugs, but it was when she appeared to be speaking languages she didn’t know – with terrifying expertise -that her family began to consider the possibility that she wasn’t suffering from some kind of psychological disorder, but rather a demonic possession.

She refused to walk past crucifixes, recoiled from holy water, and seemed to know deep, dark secrets about people. Her doctors, concerned about the girls emotional and physical welfare, prescribed anti-psychotic medication to treat what they believed was Anneliese’s debilitating mental heath issues.

With no sign of recovery in sight, the family was put in contact with a priest named Ernst Alt who only validated their fears. Alt declared that the girl was suffering from a prolonged demonic possession, and as a result, he petitioned the Catholic church to let him give the girl an exorcism. The church denied the first request, during which the girl’s behavior became dangerously alarming. She would often be discovered self-mutilating, coughing up blood, and scream a steady stream of obscenities at anyone in the immediate vicinity.


Finally, the church agreed to the exorcism, which took place on September 24, 1975. It would be the first of many. Over the course of ten months, Anneliese underwent a grand total of 67 exorcisms, each performed by Ernst Alt with help from a local pastor named Arnold Renz. Many of these sessions were recorded on tape by the Michel family.

During the series of exorcisms, the Catholic Church began to believe that Anneliese was possessed by the spirits of Cain, Judas Iscariot, Hitler, Nero, and even Lucifer himself. According to the priests, the audio recordings even captured the voices of “demons arguing” with one another.

The Michel family, believing that the exorcisms would work, stopped Anneliese’s medical treatment, and her heath began to quickly deteriorate. On July 1, 1976, ten months after the exorcisms began, Anneliese Michel died from malnutrition and dehydration, weighing only 68 pounds. Near the end of her life, Anneliese would often talk about “dying to atone for the wayward youth of the day, and the apostate priests of the modern church.”


Both the Michel family and the priests were charged with negligent homicide in the aftermath of the exorcisms of Anneliese Michel. During the trial, the horrifying tapes of Annaliese’s exorcisms were played, with the Catholic Church’s hand-picked defense lawyers intending on convincing the jury that the girl was suffering from a demonic possession, however the court was not convinced. The case of Anneliese Michel was officially labeled a misidentification of mental illness, and in the end, both priests were found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six months in jail, though neither of them served any time.

The internet is littered with news stories, grainy cell phone footage, and even reality shows dedicated to demonic possession cases, but there’s something especially disturbing about the audio recorded taken during Anneliese Michel’s exorcisms. Her throaty growls sound otherworldly, and at times, its as if many voices, all screaming together at once, are coming from within her broken body. Whether or not Anneliese Michel was actually possessed is something you’ll have to decide for yourself, but the audio recordings are enough to consider why the church, and her family, believed it.

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I’m sure that somewhere, a transcript must exist that translates from German to English language, right? Thank you for posting this. I’ve only heard excerpts before.

Here’s a link to a transcript:

Not sure how accurate it is since I’m not a translator or German scholar. Lots of expletives…not a lot of content. Didn’t help that the priest asked a lot of leading questions and didn’t ask questions that might actually lead to some sort of compelling proof of demonic/supernatural entity. Good thing that priest went into religion and not law/detective work.

Another transcript is posted here:

Why would a demon tell the truth. That which the girl says in the interview. Isn’t that what the demon wants us to think?

I can give you a very brief roundup of some things she (or the demons) said. Mind it’s not in exact order but it gives the tone: -) Judas is damned, we took him. He could be saved but chose not to follow the Nazarene. -) Men are as stupid as beasts. They believe death is the end of everything. -) The Modernist movement inside the Church is a creature of mine and all its members belong to me. -) The altar turned towards the faithful is our work… Catholics have the true doctrine but want to follow the Protestants.… Read more »

Thanks for the summary, very helpful. Very hard to get through all the expletives and gibberish (to figure out what she was actually trying to say).

It’s really hard for me to watch stuff like this without wondering if they really did do a thorough psychiatric evaluation of Annaliese. Also wondering what medications or treatments they gave her (also dosages – were they correct, were they appropriate for her condition, did they interact with each other)? Anti-psychotics can have bizarre side effects. Why was she released, even when she was a harm to herself? Perhaps religious items/imagery were mental triggers for her condition(s). To force her to undergo a full-on Catholic exorcism (with all the rites, references and religious items)might have exacerbated her condition. It’s extraordinarily… Read more »

“For those who believe no explaination is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explaination will suffice” -Dunninger

Is it dangerous to listen to?

Only dangerous for your sleep. It’s… pretty creepy.

I’ve often thought this, at the end of the day…you’re listening to a demon(s), who given the smallest of chances will try and invade your life, when these possessed people speak, or rather the demon speaks through the possessed, who knows what they are saying and even calling up, being so clever and knowing it’s being recorded in order for other people to listen to, Then who’s to say, they don’t use this, and unbeknown to the person listening, the apparent garbled voices are actually kind of chanting and calling up others to infest the immediate property that the chant… Read more »

Should be okay to listen to on headphones.

One of the worst decisions in my life a few years ago, was thinking it would be a great idea to listen to this. Alone at home. At night. On LSD.
It nearly broke me.

Dear god that sounds brutal. Once, when I was in the same position, so idiot decided to throw a wine-bottle through our window, covering us in all glass and little cuts. Very mellow.
As for the audio, it sounds like me during a hang-over.

Ugh that voice is so gross crazy how exorcism voices always sound like they’re not only angry and crazy, but also like an 80 year old who has smoked since they were 14 .. Like there’s no way to throw your voice like that

I’m sorry, but I find no other explanation then demonic possession. I read the book about this case many years ago. I’m not an expert by any means, but voices like that don’t come out of someone mentally ill. One of the main things that proves demonic possession, according to the Catholic Church, is a strong aversion to religious objects. Also, how could she possibly know private things about people that were in the room? People with mental illness don’t know those types of things!

This is the one and only movie that totally disturbed my husband …freaked him out for weeks when our son was a baby and would wake up at 3 am. Lol I still like to bug him.

Adam Blai played a snippet of this at my first ever paranormal event.

Did. Not. Like.

um this is a really scary story and if i do get a knock on my door and its black eyed children i am not opening the fu**en door i will call the cops but i got 2 questions 1 how did they get those eyes? and 2 what will they do if you don’t open the door?

A terrible story of abuse and neglect. There is also a wonderful German movie from 2006 made about this case, called Requiem:

i found this audio to be horrific….they said the courts were not convinced, so , I’d like to know what they actually thought of the audio, i know it sends goosebumps all over me, really creeps me out, those voices, and i will say those, as at times it does sound like a few entities are speaking at the same time, rather than just one. That poor poor girl, i couldn’t even begin to imagine how she felt.

that is disturbing sounding, I wish I knew what it was saying, sort of.

I went and searched to see if I could find a translation and there are some youtube recordings on this site that have some translations at the bottom.

What’s the provenance of these recordings? Knowing that would go a long way toward evaluating them.