EXCLUSIVE: Watch the First Clip from Amy Bruni & Adam Berry's New Series "Kindred Spirits"

EXCLUSIVE: Watch the First Clip from Amy Bruni & Adam Berry’s New Series “Kindred Spirits”


Good news, weirdos! Destination America just debuted the very first clip from their new Amy Bruni and Adam Berry series Kindred Spirits at the San Diego Comic-Con, and we’ve got your exclusive sneak peek right here!

UPDATE: Kindred Spirits to air on TLC, Oct. 21!

Two weeks ago, Destination America, a channel quickly becoming known for having some of the best paranormal programming on television (Ghost Stalkers, Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Brothers), announced a brand new series starring former Ghost Hunters cast members Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. Tentatively titled Kindred Spirits, the new show follows the duo as they assist frightened families who believe they may be haunted by loved ones.


Destination America previewed the first clip from Kindred Spirits during their Supernatural Super Panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s a creepy one. The footage shows Amy and Adam sitting in a darkened room, reviewing audio evidence from the day’s investigation. Adam asks the mysterious entity if it has been watching their clients from the woods, and receives an answer in the form of an unsettling EVP.

The new series is set to debut this fall, and Amy and Adam promise that the series is everything they’ve ever wanted to do within the paranormal field.

“Now that I have my own family, the value of family has never been more apparent to me,” Bruni wrote, “which is why this show focuses on helping families, especially those who feel they are being haunted by a loved one. It’s been so fulfilling and rewarding to see this all come together and I can’t wait for you all to be able to see how transformative our experiences have been.”

Judging by the footage, we’re in for a spooky ride.

Kindred Spirits starring Amy Bruni and Adam Berry coming soon!

In addition to dropping the first clip from Kindred Spirits, Destination America announced that they would be airing a very special Halloween episode of Paranormal Lockdown, which will see Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman perform the longest paranormal investigation in television history.

This fall season is shaping up to be nice and creepy, just the way we like it.

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Awesome! Just don’t let them make the music too distracting!

It won’t be but it has to have music to help with the production value. 🙂

I totally understand.😊

I sure hope we get in show in Canada

Good Lord, can’t believe I’m even posting this. I enjoy watching these shows but please- use a proper recording device (like the decent Tascam digital recorders Ghost Hunters used to use- at least). These tiny little crappy devices you’re using are so susceptible to RF, EM (surprise, it’s all around you, all the time) and handling noise it’s laughable. And that comes from 30 years of professional audio work.

omg can’t wait!

Can’t wait.

Can’t wait!!!!

You have no idea how I can’t wait!!!


I would love to watch your show!
But it does not fall in our dish package

You can download off iTunes or amazon

Adam Berry oh
Thank you!
I will check that out!!

Omgosh great! I was gonna say the same thing! Have been so looking forward to it, but we don’t gey the channel! Thanks, Adam Berry, can’t wait to see it!

Im excited!

I can’t wait to see you two in action again and helping people find peace!

Excited! Question though how many investigations have you been on where nothing happens or the people try to make stuff up? Does someone scout locations before you film?

If nothing happens we tell them nothing happens. We have the luxury to hand pick our cases

Sounds good to me, thanks Adam!

Im very excited can’t wait

I can’t flippin wait! love you guys!

I can’t wait!!!

Congratulations you two! Good luck with your new show!

I don’t have that channel 🙁

You can download it off iTunes or amazon

Good to know.

Can’t wait 🙂

This is so exciting!!! I can’t wait!!

Love the name

So happy to see Amy and Adam taking on this new adventure. Can’t wait to tune in this fall.

Can’t wait to watch


Looks good guys. Good luck!!!!

Adam has said several times that you can download the show on Amazon or I tunes!

I wish it was sooner

Looks interesting can’t wait to see if we get it in Canada @OGPSFILMING

So excited!!!

OMG! I’m so excited for this show!

I am so stoked! You and Amy just have this awesome energy and I love watching you guys together! Can’t wait for this! True fan!

Cannot wait!

Can”t wait! sure to be awesome! What network?

Can’t wait for the new show to air. I have met Amy and Adam in person and can tell you they are the real deal, not fakes. Wishing you both the best of luck with the new show.

okay that’s really creeeeeeepyyyyyyyyy

I can’t wait to see this show!!

I most definitely heard the No. Clear as day!!! CAN NOT WAIT!!!

This makes me sooooo happy!

I wish I had Destination America.

They’ll also be available for download from iTunes and Amazon!

Thanks for the peek. I cant wait to see the show. You two do a great job together!

Hope I can find a way to watch it without cable. I just love you guys and can’t wait to see this show.

Adam Berry Thanks! Really looking forward to this!

That is awesome footage!!! Looking forward to the show . . . YOU TWO ROCK IT!!!!

Hope it comes to the UK soon please x

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Love you two can’t wait

I miss you guys, it will be fun to see you again

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I am so going to watch this!

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