Kindred Spirits: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are Back With a New Paranormal Series on Destination America

Kindred Spirits: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are Back With a New Paranormal Series on Destination America


This week Destination America announced that they’ve green lit the brand new series Kindred Spirits (WT), and for fans who have missed watching Ghost Hunters‘ dynamic duo Amy Bruni and Adam Berry on their televisions each week, this is the series they’ve been waiting for.

UPDATE: Kindred Spirits to premiere on TLC, Oct 21!

Executive produced by and starring both Bruni and Berry, Kindred Sprits follows the duo as they help bring closure to real families dealing with paranormal problems in their homes, but what sets this series apart from others is that many of the clients believe the activity is the result of late family members.

The Kindred Spirits production crew wraps the first shoot | Via Amy Bruni


I’m really excited about this series because Amy and Adam, who both stared in the Syfy series Ghost Hunters, are the perfect team to bring compassion and closure to families frightened by the hauntings in their homes, but confused about how to handle that situation if they believe a loved one is to blame. Hopefully Kindred Spirits will inspire future generations of investigators to hold themselves to the same standards that Amy and Adam have set for themselves when it comes to providing paranormal help.

“I can’t go into too many details yet, but this show is everything I’ve ever wanted to do within the paranormal,” Bruni announced in a blog post. “Now that I have my own family, the value of family has never been more apparent to me – which is why this show focuses on helping families, especially those who feel they are being haunted by a loved one. It’s been so fulfilling and rewarding to see this all come together and I can’t wait for you all to be able to see how transformative our experiences have been.”


While there’s no premiere date set in stone yet, you can probably expect Amy and Adam’s new series to drop this fall on Destination America, a network that is thrilled to be hosting the duo’s next television adventures.

Kindred Spirits takes paranormal investigation back to its roots with a simple mission of making contact with the other side but, first and foremost, helping people who are terrified and don’t know where else to turn,” said Jane Latman, general manager of Destination America. “Over the years, Amy and Adam have built a kinship with each other and their fans that make them the best paranormal team to bring closure to these families and the perfect addition to our family here at Destination America.”


While you’re waiting for Kindred Spirits to debut, you can have a paranormal adventure of your own by booking one of Amy’s incredible Strange Escapes adventures, or head to ComicCon this July to take part in the Supernatural Super Panel, an all-star cast of weirdos featuring Amy and Adam, Paranormal Lockdown’s Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, and Haunted Collector’s John Zaffis. Word on the street is that there’ll even be a sneak peek at the first Kindred Spirits footage.

In case you missed it, the Amy and Adam made our list of top five best pieces of paranormal evidence captured on television, so we obviously cant wait to see them back on the small screen for more spooky adventures.

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