"I Held the Cursed Idol of Nightmares and Was in a Terrible Car Accident"

Witness Report: “I Held the Cursed Idol of Nightmares and Was in a Terrible Car Accident”


Discovered bound in burlap and hidden in a crawlspace below a home in Ohio, The Idol of Nightmares is one of the most fascinating, frightening, and paranormally-active haunted objects that we’ve ever come into contact with. But is The Idol dangerous? After a man who held the artifact suffered a horrible freak accident, he got in touch to share his terrifying experience.

Thanks to its tendency to surprise even staunch skeptics with its strange activity, The Idol of Nightmares has easily become the most popular item in the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, even earning the affectionate nickname “Billy” from guests. Many who work up the courage to hold the artifact will report intense nightmares that feature the statue front and center, but the most incredible thing about The Idol of Nightmares is how the figure’s unmistakable, gruff voice comes through almost every EVP session we perform with it, without fail.

danamatthews-idol-of-nightmaresMuseum curator Dana Matthews holds the bound Idol of Nightmares


A portion of our experiments with The Idol of Nightmares happen in front of large crowds in some of the world’s most haunted places, and if you know much about haunted objects, you know nearly all of them have a bad case of stage fright. Not The Idol. He rants and screams on recorders for audiences of two or two hundred. He’s even done it for Nick Groff, who has taken hundreds of thousands of EVP recordings during his years on Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Lockdown, and Ghosts of Shepherdstown. He’s never heard anything like it.

The following video, filmed by a guest on the Nick Groff Tour’s stop at the Ohio State Reformatory (where we’ve captured some fairly incredible evidence in the past), gives you a good idea of what you can expect from The Idol of Nightmares. The ten minute clip actually captures one of the first live, public experiments we conducted with the artifact, including some priceless reactions from Paranormal Lockdown‘s Katrina Weidman, paranormal investigator Jeff Waldridge, and a room full of ghost hunters.

Interesting to note: a later video by the same guest documents a bizarre recording error that kills the audio during the evening’s most intense group experiment with The Idol of Nightmares.

Sometimes, though, a guest has an experience with The Idol of Nightmares that goes beyond a bad dream or an EVP recording. Far beyond.

The following email comes from a man who held The Idol at a stop on the Nick Groff Tour, and subsequently experienced a terrible car accident. But he wonders – did The Idol of Nightmares cause the accident, or did it save him from it?

[Redacted] said he was talking with you about my story on your live feed last night and you wanted me to tell you about it first-hand.

I was at Ashmore Estates, on the Nick Groff Tour, where I held Billy. Three days after the event, I was driving in North Central Wisconsin when all of a sudden, for no reason, I started to think about holding Billy the Idol. In that moment a semi truck and trailer came over into my lane. I had to take massive aversive action or become nothing more than a memory for my family friends.

I had no choice but to take my truck off road or suffer a head on collision. I went down into the ditch at 65MPH and totaled my vehicle. The semi didn’t even stop! For whatever reason, I recall thinking of Billy again as I laid in the ditch in my truck.

Thankfully I walked away without a scratch.

So is it really bad luck or could be good luck? Something to think about, Greg.

i-held-the-idol-of-nightmaresPhoto captured three days before the man’s freak car accident

Despite the nightmares, creepy history, and the gruff voice that comes through on recorders, we’ve never gotten the impression that The Idol of Nightmares was malevolent so much as misunderstood, but then again, we’ve never received a report like this one either.

If you’ve ever wondered why visitors to the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult need to sign a waiver before handling the haunted objects on display, this is why.

Have you held The Idol of Nightmares? Would you? We want to hear from you! Tweet us @WeirdHQ, drop us a line on Facebook, or start a conversation in the comments below!


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Writer, adventurer, and professional monster chaser, Greg Newkirk is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Week In Weird, Director of The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult and one-half of the prolific investigative duo Planet Weird. Learn more about Greg.
Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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This statue has the evil eye,not evil persayBut the eye that wards off bad juju or bad ghosts. He is a protector, whoever removed him from what he was protecting is not a good thing!You’ll know what it is if you could actually find out where he is from. I feel bad for him, because his job was taken away from him. The crys you hear are screams of anger and frustration that he cannot finish his job here on earth. I feel sorry for him.wish you luck.😇😇😇

The statue itself, in my opinion, appears to be similar in nature to the statues produced by the Nok culture in Africa (Nigeria-area). The style is very similar, and I know they found evidence of rock paint at different dig sites. Might be something to look into.

Is it possible to play the tape in reverse?

Absolutely is. We should have all the recordings soon and will give it a shot!

Glad I did not touch it!

I would like to hold it and feel the energy from the idol of nightmares, I have no fear cuz I love the supernatural.

Lol you say that now.

Erm, walking away from any car accident – even a minor fender bender – without a single scratch is pretty dang impressive. I’m really surprised, considering the high speed at which the truck went off the road. That’s crazy! I’m betting the accident investigator was pretty surprised as well. Hoping they can track down the semi with negligent driver, though I’m guessing without any brake tire marks or cameras, that will be near impossible. Maybe Billy will haunt the driver’s dreams… I’m fairly certain that I would decline an offer to hold Billy. He seems wildly unstable – anything could… Read more »

I have had the pleasure of meeting Billy at Ashmore Estates. I could of gave him tobacco but not the whiskey. Next time I bring moonshine, never know, he might like. Offerings are good, at times

I have a pic of Billy and Greg. Do ya want a copy? And where would you like for me to share it at?

Please do! You can always share it right here or email it to us at [email protected]

I know the paranormal is real because I seent it wit my eyes.


I can say it gives you nightmares for sure !

I think it was saying: “Cunt… Go to hell…” i can be wrong too… That was surely scary, i do belive in paranormal stuff… I saw another website of guys that tries to proof that spiritual forces exists, and he have a archive of EVP videos i though interessing, it isnt like most “i want scary you” video that happen strange things that makes u have no interpretation of what is happening, it more like in your video, i can see that you guys are really filming it all, without edits, and i can say that have lot of details… Read more »

I loved Billy, not nightmares what so ever!