Man "Possessed by Snake" Dies After Attempted Exorcism By Head-Butting

Man “Possessed by Snake” Dies After Attempted Exorcism By Head-Butting

snakepossession2A 23 year old Japanese man died on Friday after his father attempted to exorcise his “snake demon” by biting and head-butting him.

Takuya Nagaya’s mother thought her son was acting far too strangely when visiting on Thursday, behaving “erratically” and rambling on about being a snake, while slithering about on the floor. Clearly worried about the boy, she made a frantic call to his 53 year old father, Katsumi Nagaya, who proceeded to beat Takuya to death over the course of two days.

According to The Mail Online, when police asked Katsumi why he killed his son, he answered that he was attempting “to drive the snake that had possessed him”.

It was later revealed that Katsumi repeatedly head-butt and even bit Takuya in his attempt at the snake exorcism, and when his body finally gave up and went limp a day later, he was rushed to the nearest hospital where he was pronounced dead.


No charges have been set pending a mental health evaluation.

Back in 2006, a story with a very similar beginning had a polar opposite outcome when two 12 year old children from Nepal began to writhe around on the ground. Instead of beating them to death, the locals believed they were possessed by a “Snake God” and promptly built them their own temple.

You win some, you lose some.


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