Man Claims to Have Captured Video of an Albino Bigfoot [Video]

Man Claims to Have Captured Video of an Albino Bigfoot [Video]

If you aren’t burned out from the Bigfoot overload crowding the web these days, you might be interested in a brand spankin’ new video that purportedly shows an albino Sasquatch tearing through the woods.

The clip, uploaded by M.K. Davis (who, according to Bigfoot Evidence, previously posted a different video of a white Bigfoot around this time last year), shows a fairly nondescript, heavily wooded area, as a white, humanoid figure runs through the frame. It’s hard to get a very good look at the figure because it seems that the video was either pushed to an extreme digital zoom or the frame cropped close in an editing program, either of which would have caused the clip’s heavy pixelation. In fact, as we demonstrated back when the Spokane Bigfoot video came out, just about anything can look like a hairy man-ape when you use a shitty enough camera.

The uploader has removed embedding from the video, so check it out by clicking the image below, and let us know what you think about the clip. Tweet us @WhoForted or swing by our Facebook page and share your thoughts.



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