The Clear Face of Bigfoot? Screens from Secretive Sasquatch Project Leak

The Clear Face of Bigfoot? Screens from Secretive Sasquatch Project Leak


Have frames from the infamously secretive Erickson Project video leaked, showing Bigfoot’s face in the most compelling evidence since the Patterson film? Maybe…

A screen capture allegedly grabbed from the infamous "Matilda" footage claims to show Bigfoot's face

A screen allegedly grabbed from the “Matilda” video claims to show Bigfoot’s face

Dr. Melba Ketchum, the woman behind the controversial DNA study into Bigfoot, has been working with a group of people calling themselves “The Erickson Project”. The project’s claim to fame? They swear that they were actually able to sneak up on a sleeping Sasquatch and capture ultra clear video evidence of the creature.

While that evidence has been teased for quite awhile, having been seen and even verified as genuine Squatch evidence by the likes of Finding Bigfoot head honcho Matt Moneymaker, the only clip that has ever come to light was a very inconclusive bit of footage that cuts away without ever showing us the money shot – Matilda’s face.


According to our friends over at the Bigfoot Evidence blog, the complete footage is so enticing that Erickson has offered to sell it at the price of one million dollars, with rumors that the Discovery Channel may have even purchased it already. With eyewitness statements from Moneymaker, interest from Discovery, and a seven figure price tag, you can’t help but wonder just how convincing Matilda’s face is.

Well, if the recent leaks of what are purportedly frames from the Erickson footage are to be believed, the answer might be “not very”. In fact, “Matilda” might just be a painted and re-touched Chewbacca mask.

The frames were posted by Bill Munns on the Bigfoot Forums along with a pointed request for those who have seen the Matilda footage to verify it and somehow prove that the creature’s face is not just a mask.

From the post:

isthismatildaWith this posting, I cordially suggest the following:

1. If anyone wishes to publicly acknowledge that this is their footage, I invite them to do so, and if they are correct, I’ll acknowledge it to be true.

2. If anyone feels the video frames show a real creature and not a Chewbacca mask, I welcome their analysis of why we should consider that to be so.

3. If anyone has seen the “Matilda” footage, I invite you to let us know if this is or is not the footage you call “Matilda”, because maybe what I’m looking at isn’t her, and I welcome being corrected if that is so.

4. If my display of this chart causes anyone to feel that they should file some type of civil action against me, please have your lawyer contact me at [email protected] so we can set an appointment for my receiving the service of papers, and we can discuss the matter on the public record, in a court.

For the record, I will confidently and clearly offer an appraisal of evidence as being something real, if I truly find the evidence leads to that conclusion, and my appraisal of the PGF as being real supports that position. But as much as we must support what we find to be real or valid, we must also reject or discount what we find to be false or fake. Our obligation is to find the truth, and I think it’s time we all knew the truth about this “Matilda” thing. I finally decided it’s time I did my share to get the truth out.

If what Munns says is true, this comes as another blow to a Bigfoot project claiming “definitive evidence” that has already seen several hits to it’s credibility, whether it be the refusal of science journals to even touch the project or the paper’s citing of an April Fools joke in it’s references.

On the other hand, the leak might just be viral marketing for Star Wars Episode VII.

What do you think? Is this the face of Bigfoot or just a high quality Chewy mask? Are these even frames of the Erickson footage or just a cruel anti-Sasquatch hoax? Have you seen the Matilda footage? Did Han shoot first? Share your thoughts with us on twitter @WhoForted, join the conversation on our official Facebook page, or leave a comment below! If you haven’t yet gotten your fill of Bigfoot, you can also watch our 2011 documentary The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching absolutely free!


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