Unexplained Phenomena Lights up Night Sky in Derby, England

Unexplained Phenomena Lights up Night Sky in Derby, England

balloflightA mysterious “white ball of light” has the residents of the English town of Derby buzzing about visitors from outer space.

When the odd flash lit up the sky on January 26th, Dawn Ratcliffe from Loscoe took to the internet to see if anyone else had noticed the bizarre event.

“I was sat on the floor in the living room talking to my boyfriend, facing the window, when outside I saw a massive white flash that lit up the whole sky,” she told UFO UK. “It only lasted a split second. It was like it had come from a ball of light, not like lightning. It definitely wasn’t a firework and we went straight outside to see If there was anything out there or an aeroplane or something, but the sky was clear. It was such an intense bright white flash.”

Judging from the response, she wasn’t alone, as other residents backed her story up by claiming that, unlike lightening, the event lasted many seconds and effectively lit the sky for many miles on end. Residents theories range anywhere from UFOs to government laser testing.


“I don’t think it was lightning or some sort of power surge,” Dawn told the Ripley & Heanor News. “It was a brilliant white light unlike anything I have ever seen before.

“I’m not saying it’s definitely paranormal or alien – I’m perfectly willing to accept it might be something else.”

Heather Dixon of the British UFO Research Organisation confirmed that the BUFORO is looking into the matter.

Any ideas on what the light could be? Have you seen any strange flashes yourself? We want to hear your stories! Tweet us @WhoForted, share your story at our official Facebook page, or drop us a line in the comments below!


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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Another Meteor….we’re doomed.

I’m curious as to whether it was cloudy or not – that would have some bearing on the kind of light it was and how widespread it was.

So the same thing just happened seconds ago. My best friend and I took off home. Clear starry sky. then white. Twice it happened.

At about 7.45 this evening me and my son were walking to the shop when I thought I saw a flash in the sky but dismissed it. It happened again a few seconds later and it was brilliantly white even though it’s terribly cloudy this evening. No thunder, no noise, no planes etc

The same thing happened to me a little bit ago. I have been scouring the web, looking for anything that fit my description, but I know it was not lightning or a satalite. It took up my entire field of vision and lasted only a second, although it happened 3 times, each one about a minute apart. The first two looked like they happened right above Mr, but the third looked further away. I could now see trees in front of it instead of seeing nothing but white. There were no clouds or sounds or power outages. Just the light.

Me and my family saw a huge flash just over derby about 9:45 there was no noise with it so we could not explain it, so i took a drive into derby and met up with friends at the wyven to then discover they had seen the same thing but more then just once a big bright flash that lit the sky