Ghost Hunters Busted for Trespassing, Post Their Ghostly Evidence Online

Ghost Hunters Busted for Trespassing, Post Their Ghostly Evidence Online

Coming soon to SyFy

Coming soon to SyFy: GhostMinors

A group of teenage paranormal investigators from Tonowanda, New York are set to appear in court next month after being accused of trespassing on private property. Despite the charges, one member of the group has posted a startling piece of their evidence online.

The 14 individuals, with ages ranging from 16 to 20, were discovered early Sunday morning creeping around an abandoned hospital formerly used as the WNY Office of Disability Development. State Police received a tip about mysterious tire tracks and footprints in the snow, and as officers were investigating two empty vehicles belonging to the group already in the building, a third vehicle had the misfortune of pulling up and into their waiting arms.

According to the WIBV4 News, the kids in the car readily gave up the names of their compatriots, leading to what I’m sure was a full quota of tickets for the end of the month.

After getting “so pissed” and “standing in the cold for like an hour”, one of the ghost hunters took to twitter and instagram to show off images of the abandoned asylum, including one that she believes is a former patient’s tortured soul photobombing her facebook picture. So much for #YOLO.



Proof of life after death wasn’t enough to keep the group of having a near breakdown on social media though, blaming one another for squealing to the cops and lamenting their court date in a series of amusing tweets. Perhaps they’d have done well to read my 25 Hard Earned Pointers for Paranormal Investigation?



All things considered, the photo is interesting, and reminds me a lot of the kinds of images that have been appearing on creepy message boards since the dawn of dialup. If you really look at it, you can almost visualize a white “imp” jumping off her shoulder. I wouldn’t be surprised if the snapshot makes it’s way into a few nebulous YouTube videos titled “REAL!! PROOF OF DEMONS AND GHOSTS! NOT FAKE!” in the near future.

So what do you make of it? Did the teen ghost chasers capture paranormal activity on camera? Or are we just looking at smoke from a cigarette stolen out of mom’s purse? What the hell is swag anyway? Share your thoughts (and your own creepy photos!) with us on twitter @WeirdHQ, at our Official Facebook page, or in the comments section below.


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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It’s a dirty mirror with a hand print on it. The picture was taken with a flash onto a reflective surface! Places like this could have some real activity, but they are often off limits due to asbestos or are too dangerous to explore. A group of kids who learned how NOT to ghost hunt off tv aren’t going to find anything of value anyway. The number of people involved also only leads to getting caught. What a bunch of jerks, thanks for continuing to ruin paranormal research for the rest of us!

This gives a bad name to the paranormal teams that are actually out there trying to help people and places. The photo is either a photoshopped or a ghost app was used. I am totally disgusted with this whole thing. It is not all fun and games out there.


You sure she wasn’t just taking a MySpace photo and got confused?

… It looks like a sneeze.

Haha! Genius!

Trespassing is illegal kiddies. That said, I have to agree with the dirty mirror comment. No ghost,no cigar, Next.

Jose the Paranormal Skeptic

The paranormal scene is a tragic joke riddled with idiots who chase dust in the dark. Pseudoscience at its worst.

Then why are you on a paranormal website dumbass?

Internet stupidity at its worse.

The photograph amounts to nothing by a reflection of the flash and a dirty mirror. These inexperienced ghost hunters need to take some basic photography classes. As far as trespassing in an abandoned facility that previously housed individuals with developmental disabilities? Each and every single one should be charged to the fullest extent of the law. Not only did they endanger themselves–these types of locations are not safe, and include hazards like asbestos not to mention simply following through the floor–it is extremely disrespectful to the facilities past. I equate this type of “ghost hunting” in the same way as… Read more »

I’m afraid this looks like another case of pareidolica. If I were to go by my impressions, I see alternately a masculine person bending a little and looking at the camera, with another person or the face of a clock behind it/him – or a white-faced clown sticking out his/her tongue at someone to the left of the camera. Ihen I’ll go back to the dirty-glass-with-aberrant-reflections theory.

This is a common mistake that many newbies do. Glad no one got hurt and hope they learn from this. We all start at the same place when entering the field. Some make bad choices while other don’t. There is not reason to even post the photo. We all need to raise the standard of what we post. There are anazing captures be caught.