"Silver Orb" UFO Captured During Daylight in San Antonio, Texas [Video]

“Silver Orb” UFO Captured During Daylight in San Antonio, Texas [Video]

texasorbufoA skywatcher in San Antonio, Texas was in the right place at the right time last week, witnessing what he referred to as a “self-propelled” object emitting a glowing light. Lucky for us, he not only had his camcorder handy, but the video was shot in broad daylight.

Youtube user SAUFOTEXAS posted the footage of the noiseless object the night it was captured.

From the video description (edited for grammar):

Latest UFO Sighting
February 23, 2013


A U.F.O Orb was captured on videotape over San Antonio,Texas..

This day clouds were covering the sky above me. As I was Skywatching facing North, I noticed this orb traveling at high rate of speed. I quickly grabbed my camcorder and began filming this glowing orb. As you can see in the video this object seems to be traveling fast underneath the clouds. The glowing object seems to be traveling on its own power, not blown by the wind. It appeared to be emiting some kind of glowing energy. The U.F.O. was traveling Southeast. I did not hear any noise coming from this unknown. In my opinoin this object is clearly not an aircraft or weatherballoon/satellite.

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