Haunt ME Season 4: One of the Web's Greatest Ghost Hunting Series Returns With Chilling New Episodes

Haunt ME Season 4: One of the Web’s Greatest Ghost Hunting Series Returns With Chilling New Episodes


The intrepid ghost hunters from Haunt ME have been investigating Maine’s eerie legends for three seasons full of isolated lighthouses, haunted high schools, and bed & breakfasts where bumps in the night are complimentary with every stay. Now the Haunt ME team have returned for their biggest season yet, and this time, they brought some famous friends along.

With a solid decade of paranormal programming filling the airwaves, and countless independently-produced ghost hunting shows available on the internet, to create something truly original in the reality space is a daunting task, but Haunt ME have done so with ease. Maybe it’s because there are so few paranormal shows with such a strong female presence. Maybe it’s because the team’s ghost hunting methods are so unique. Maybe it’s because they very obviously care about the locations they investigate – and the spirits that reside inside them. Whatever the case may be, Haunt ME has proven itself to be one of the best ghost hunting shows in production, and it isn’t even on cable.



Haunt ME follows the adventures of team lead and historian Ashley Brooks, manesologist Carol Cleveland, tech analyst Ty Gowen, and occultist Katie Webb as they track down some of Maine’s spookiest haunts. The team makes use of tried and true ghost hunting techniques from the modern age, combines them with traditional occult methods of spirit communication, and present the results in a half-hour program with production value that rivals anything you’d see on television, and with a level of heart rarely seen on big budget productions.

“We’ve done three seasons. If you don’t believe ghosts are real yet, stop watching our show. We’re done trying to convince you,” Ty Gowen half-jokingly told The Big Seance’s Patrick Keller. “We’re coming back in and we’re going to try and help the things we’re interacting with, and help the people who have to interact with them on a daily basis.”

cast-and-crew-of-Haunt-METhe cast and crew of Haunt ME | Via Haunt-Me.com

Premiering on May 1, Haunt ME‘s fourth season sees the team investigating a number of new haunts, including one the team says is more dangerous than many before it, but that’s only the beginning. Season four also sends Haunt ME back to some of their most puzzling and paranormally-active locations, this time with some help from friends like Ghost Hunters‘ Grant Wilson, Paranormal State‘s Chip Coffey, and even Greg Newkirk & Dana Matthews, the curators of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult.

“This season we’ll challenge preconceived notions, face fears, and rely on one another to get through it all,” promises Ashley Brooks. But don’t take her word for it, watch the killer trailer for season four of Haunt ME below and see for yourself.

Haunt ME‘s fourth season premieres May 1 with new content uploaded every week. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel so you don’t miss a single episode. For more about Haunt ME, including team member profiles, location information, and the complete back catalogue of episodes, visit Haunt-ME.com.


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