What is the Occult? Conner Habib's New Online Course Teaches the Ins and Outs of the Arcane

What is the Occult? Conner Habib’s New Online Course Teaches the Ins and Outs of the Arcane

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Whether you’re reading Harry Potter, watching The Craft, or listening to the latest black metal album from Norway, occult ideas are alive and well, and like they’ve always been, they’re buried just below the surface, reminding us that the world is not as it seems. But when most of our ideas about the occult come from pop culture, how do you separate the fact from fiction? Well, a new online course from Conner Habib will do just that!

In “What is the Occult?”, a live interactive course and Q&A, writer, teacher, and activist Conner Habib will conjure up a definition that outlines just how radical, exciting, and useful the occult is, especially in our dynamic and intense moment in history. Curious about the class myself, I fired over a few questions to see what attendees are in for.

Who is this class intended for?

Habib: What Is the Occult is a class for anyone, really; and no, I’m not just saying that! It’s really important to me that the occult be a viable and usable approach to encountering the rest of the world, so I had to think through why it would be valuable to different sorts of people.


So, first, it’s for anyone who is interested in the occult, even those with a long history in it: I’m not rehashing old definitions, I’m presenting my own. It’s a way of encountering and seeing the occult with new eyes and that allows immediate use. It’s a way of thinking about the occult that can change the world around you instantly.

So that’s why it’s also for people who think they don’t care about the occult or that it’s mumbo jumbo: This way of approaching the occult can illuminate the political, the scientific, the social world without demanding any belief in anything at all.

Why should we care about the occult? 

Habib: The occult is very human-centered. This might not sound appealing in a moment where everyone is thinking about ecological catastrophe caused by humans (it also might sound unappealing to witches who engage with nature so often), but I think it’s exactly why we need it. The occult is the only way of approaching the world that takes ALL of being human seriously: Thinking, feelings, actions, sex, imaginations, relationship, anatomy, the origins of life, and more. Nothing is left out or dismissed, even the illusions. The gaps in our knowledge and compassion are where some many of the world’s problems are taking place, and the occult creates more bridges than any other approach.

When I leave this class, what will I take with me?

Habib: During the class, you’ll get a new set of eyes. I’m going to talk about things that can’t be unthought. You might agree or disagree, but either way, you’ll be with me in considering the entirety of the world in a new light, the same way I have on this occult path I’m taking. So that’s the big thing: It’s a lighting up.

Another thing is you’ll gain a deeper understanding and a different kind of respect for the occult and its practitioners, even the totally looney ones.

If you’re into the occult already, this course will infuse you with a new kind of strength and help you communicate with others.

Anyway, lots. You’ll take lots with you! See you there!

“What is the Occult?” takes place this Sunday, March 12, from 3PM to 6PM EST, and there’s a few different options available to attendees, including some private one-on-one time with Habib. Can’t attend live? Don’t worry, you can always sign up and get access to the whole class for 90 days.

To learn more about the class and sign up yourself, head over to the Eventbrite page here.


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