5 Best Paranormal Podcasts, Web Series, and Vlogs You Should Subscribe to

Five of the Best Paranormal Podcasts, Web Series, and Vlogs You Should Be Subscribing To


Ever since the advent of the internet, the paranormal community has been very busy creating an abundance of podcasts, web series, online magazines, books, and vlogs, and with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

We’ve narrowed the list down to five of our favorite indie paranormal projects you should be watching and listening to. Each entry in this list stands out because of a unique concept, incredible attention to detail, and most importantly, high entertainment factor.

These are some of the very best paranormal podcasts, web series, and vlogs coming out of the community, and they don’t just deserve your attention, they deserve your support.


Haunt ME 

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I watched all three seasons of Haunt ME in two days because it’s just that good. The web series, which stars investigators Ashley Brooks, Ty Gowen, Katie Webb, and Carol Cleveland, follows the intrepid team as they head off to explore and investigate some of the most haunted destinations in Maine.

Not only do I love the fact that the series is female dominated (still love you, Ty!), I love that this team knows their shit. With a heavier focus on the metaphysical than many ghost hunting shows, Haunt ME stands out because of its reliance on intuition blended with paranormal tech and good old fashioned logic.

One of the most refreshing parts of the series is the team’s willingness to try new things in their search for the unknown, whether it’s establishing tarot cards as an investigation staple or using mysterious haunted artifacts as trigger objects at a location (stay tuned and you might see some familiar faces).

Haunt ME is currently filming its fourth season, which means you have plenty of time to catch up on the first three before the latest drops. Trust me, if you love the show even half as much as I do, you’re in for a treat.

Bizarre States Podcast


Bizarre States is hosted by two of my favorite professional nerds, Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser. Each week the dyamic duo takes a look at everything from unsolved mysteries, to cat funerals, to paranormal pop-culture… nothing weird is off limits. Not only do Chobot and Bowser have some of the best on-air chemistry, but they both do the topic of the paranormal justice… by not taking it too seriously. 

When it comes to talking about the world of the weird, humor in the paranormal community too often coming from a place of absolute malice, if it’s not missing entirely. In a field that has a habit of being a little heavy-handed with its reliance on Catholic demons and dude-bro ghost hunting machismo, Bizarre States is a breath of fresh air. Chobot and Bowser know that laughing at the absurdity of the strange doesn’t mean you aren’t invested, just well-adjusted.

If you’re looking for a fun, informative, and highly binge-able podcast to satisfy your inner weirdo, these two pros are your best bet.

Spirits Of The Stanley 

Spirits of the Stanley

There’s a lot to love about Sprits Of The Stanley, from the editing, to the score, to the cast, but first and foremost, what always impresses me is just how much the Spirit Investigations Team is truly exploring ways to advance paranormal investigation. In fact, they’re putting most of us ghost hunters to shame.

Created by Ghost Hunters Academy alum Karl Pfeiffer, Michelle Tate, team member Connor Randall, and trusty cameraman Wyatt Mercer, the now-wrapped vlog series follows the team and their dedication to investigating the sprits of Colorado’s infamous Stanley Hotel. Throughout the series, SIT explores new investigation techniques with astonishing results, and reminds us that you don’t always have to rely on cheap scares to make ghost hunting compelling.

If you haven’t watched the full run of Spirits of the Stanley, I absolutely, 100% recommend you do. It’s a smart and engaging web series that challenges all of the familiar ghost hunting television tropes, and keeps you completely fascinated from beginning to unfortunate end.

The Vlogs Are BackMondays at Noon… The Vlogs Are Back. We think you’ll find it’s been worth the wait.

Posted by Spirit Investigations Team on Friday, March 18, 2016

Realm Of The Weird Podcast


Brainchild of Weird Lectures John E.L.Tenney, Realm of the Weird is one of the most binge-able podcasts out there. Narrated by Tenney himself, each episode is a slow burn that unravels the fascinating, spine-chilling, and always jaw-dropping tales behind one of Tenney’s many adventures into the world of high strangeness.

From mysterious necklaces hidden in the floorboards to phantom children haunting houses, all 13 episodes will have you tumbling down a rabbit hole of weird and loving every second of it. If you’re looking for a way to lose an entire evening, grab a glass of wine and start at the beginning.

Realm of the Weird is one of the best paranormal podcasts, and not only will you blow through both seasons in no time, you’ll join the rest of us who email John weekly to beg for more.

In the mean-time, be sure to check out Reel Lost, Tenney’s latest podcast in which he digs through piles of forgotten reel-to-reel recordings, bringing us rare looks at spooky spirit channeling sessions, creeptastic self-hypnosis, and serendipitous discoveries from defunct mystery spots.

Euphomet Podcast

Euphomet Podcast

There are few paranormal podcasts that take the time to craft as captivating an experience as Euphomet. I was blown away by Jim Perrys ability to tell a well-crafted story, and by the end of my first listen, was left with my mouth hanging open.

An audio adventure into the world of the weird, Euphomet is a narrator-based podcast with fascinating guests from the wide world of the strange each week. Making expert use of guest interviews blended with recreations by talented voice actors, backing tracks from up-and-coming atmospheric musicians, and Perry’s enjoyable narration, each and every episode masterfully brings the listener inside a new, bizarre world, and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Start with “As Above, So Below”, an eerie episode that takes you into our very own investigation into the Kentucky Goblins mystery, for a great taste of Euphomet’s incredible story-telling showcase.

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