Meet “Peggy”, the Demon-Possessed Doll that Makes Her Visitors Vomit

Meet “Peggy”, the Demon-Possessed Doll that Makes Her Visitors Vomit Uncontrollably

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As if we don’t already have enough cursed dolls to contend with, there’s a new soul-sucking plastic demon in town and she’s giving both Annabelle and Robert the Doll a run for their money.

According to paranormal investigator and owner of Haunted Dolls, Jayne Harris, the evil powers of “Peggy the doll” have been running amuck on the internet, causing anyone who sees her picture to become overcome with feelings of dizziness, nausea, or even chest pains.

So, let’s try an experiment, shall we?



Harris claims the doll was sent to her courtesy of the previous owners, as they believed Peggy was causing them to have bad dreams. A few months ago, when the strangeness was at its worst, the family brought in a priest to bless their home, which according to them, only made the situation worse. That’s when they sent the doll packing.

According to Harris roughly 80% of the people who come into contact with “Peggy” experience some kind of bad reaction that range anywhere from headaches to full blown mania.

Harris has had psychic mediums visit her home to meet Peggy, each of which said the spirit which allegedly inhabits the doll was “restless, frustrated and [had been] persecuted in life.” It probably doesn’t help that the Haunted Dolls team keep taking pictures of Peggy in some dank basement on an upside down cross, but hey, what do I know?


Since Peggy the possessed doll is supposed to cause sickness and strange paranormal occurrences in the lives of nearly 80% of the people who even look at a picture of her, I thought it might be fun to see what you think. If you have anything strange happen while gazing upon the evil face of Peggy, leave your experience in the comments below, and lets see if old’ Peggy lives up to her malevolent reputation.

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