Supernatural Dating Society helps ghost hunters find love

The Amazing Kreskin’s Supernatural Dating Society wants to help paranormal fans find “the one”


Its hard to find love when you’re too busy searching for signs of life from beyond the grave. Well, that, and not everybody is into making out in cemeteries or getting busy in abandoned hospitals. Fear not, single ghost hunters!  Because “The Supernatural Dating Society” is about to put an end to your lonely night, and set you up with the weirdo of your dreams.

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Founded by famed mentalist “The Amazing Kreskin”, the Supernatural Dating Society is intended for those of us who consider ourselves “enthusiasts of the paranormal, the unexplained, the mystical, and the implausible”.


“…these folks would like nothing more than to meet other people with whom they can discuss their thoughts, beliefs, and experiences without compromise…without fear of embarrassment. They want to speak openly to a special someone who will listen, understand their feelings, and react appropriately.”

Your first six weeks are free, and after that, for an undisclosed amount of monthly cash you get to continue making love connections with your paranormal peers.

If you’re looking for your own Fox Mulder or whoever that chick was on Fringe, The Supernatural Dating Society is about to make your search a whole lot easier. Just keep an eye out for succubi – they make terrible ex-girlfriends.


Join the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and get awesome perks!

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