UFO Flyover State: Video Captures Unexplainable Object Streaking Across Nebraska Highway

UFO Flyover State: Video Captures Unexplainable Object Streaking Across Nebraska Highway

One of the pitfalls of pursuing anomalies is trusting your gut. Ninety percent of the time, you know a video, photo, or eyewitness account is straight-up junk.

The other ten percent just sing. Something weird is happening, fate conspires to give you a glimpse behind the curtain, apprehending one of the universe’s greater mysteries. KeriLeigh Shriver’s footage may very well be one of those gems.

Here’s the footage, uploaded late Wednesday night, for your approval. UFOlogist extraordinaire Chris Rutkowski shared it. The money shot happens three seconds into the video.


Taking a skeptical tack (note the small ‘s’) this could be a missile, a low-flying meteor zipping across Nebraska, or judicious use of Adobe After Effects. Heck, here’s KeriLeigh’s take:

I was guessing a meteor!….or Superman! Either way, it’s something I would never have thought twice about actually seeing, it if I hadn’t gotten it on video!

Skepticism, not cynicism, is key. Here’s an insider secret, that 10% is more likely to be 1%, because someone’s pulling an epic gag.

And yesterday was April Fool’s Day.

What’s your best guess? Drop us a line on Facebook page, at Twitter, or (if you insist) in the comments below.


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Chris Savia
Contributor at Week In Weird, in addition to being a member of The Anomalist's crack team of news editors and their social media maven. Chris lives near the Pine Barrens with his wife, six cats, and the Jersey Devil.
Chris Savia
Chris Savia

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Very interesting! Especially due to the complete lack of sound.

If we were in the 1940s, this would be cataloged as a ‘ghost rocket’ 😉

So what was the reason she was filming in the first place?

It was the smoke monster. He finally escaped the island!