Life After Death? How My Sister Left Me a Sign From Beyond The Grave

Life After Death? How My Sister Left Me a Sign From Beyond The Grave


I grew up going to church and my parents teaching me about life after death. But I guess being taught and really believing are two different things. I mean you can be taught to believe and you think you do till that moment when someone you love and are close to passes on. That’s when you find yourself starting to wonder in the back of your mind what really happens when you die.

I don’t know if I am just getting old that has me wondering. I never really wondered about it till a few years ago. But recently I had my little sister pass on from cancer, a sister that was two years younger than myself. This my friends have been the most difficult time in my life. I didn’t cry, but my mind has wept tears that could fill many oceans.

My sister died October 12th 2014 just eight days after her 51st birthday. Her life was one that loved music, life and her religion. She was very talented. She was a music teacher and loved the young children she taught, she called them her children. She could not have children of her own because of the treatments she received when she was 25 years old and she never married.


OK, I will stop there. I could go on and on about her but I need to get to my story, one that is hard for me to write.

After her death I could and still can not get her out of my mind, wondering where is she? Is she doing fine? Is she happy?


I had a dream one night that she visited me. I felt pain in my heart as she got close. I told her in my dream that I could take it and that I wanted her to stay. The closer she got, the pain grew stronger. I felt like my heart was going to explode. When she left, I awoke and sit on the edge of the bed, I felt like I had just had a heart attack, my chest felt hot and my arm hurt.

As the days went by I was working on making a CD, a CD of her music that I found, that she never released. After I finished the recordings I got up and said “ If that was you in my dream, I have a hard time believing it, I want to see your face”. I then later took a photo of my studio.

The photo I took of my studio with Vanessa's art work on the wall .

The photo I took of my studio with Vanessa’s art work on the wall .

Weeks went by and I was going through my photos on my computer when I came across the photo I took of my studio. I glanced at it quick and was about to pass when it hit me…. I saw her. It was her in a picture I have hanging on my wall, a picture, art work that she drew in ink of a Baldwin piano. It was her!



This is my sisters art work that is hanging on the wall.

This is my sisters art work that is hanging on the wall.

I have tried to debunk this but can’t. I tried to get a reflection of myself and the computer. There are no photos of her hanging on my wall behind me.

You can believe what you want but I have my proof, proof that there is life after death.

If you have any photos that show a loved one after they passed on, please let me know.

If you would like to know more about my sister Vanessa Maria Cochran please visit Proceeds from her CD sales are donated to cancer in her name.


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