Life After Death? How My Sister Left Me a Sign From Beyond The Grave

Life After Death? How My Sister Left Me a Sign From Beyond The Grave


I grew up going to church and my parents teaching me about life after death. But I guess being taught and really believing are two different things. I mean you can be taught to believe and you think you do till that moment when someone you love and are close to passes on. That’s when you find yourself starting to wonder in the back of your mind what really happens when you die.

I don’t know if I am just getting old that has me wondering. I never really wondered about it till a few years ago. But recently I had my little sister pass on from cancer, a sister that was two years younger than myself. This my friends have been the most difficult time in my life. I didn’t cry, but my mind has wept tears that could fill many oceans.

My sister died October 12th 2014 just eight days after her 51st birthday. Her life was one that loved music, life and her religion. She was very talented. She was a music teacher and loved the young children she taught, she called them her children. She could not have children of her own because of the treatments she received when she was 25 years old and she never married.


OK, I will stop there. I could go on and on about her but I need to get to my story, one that is hard for me to write.

After her death I could and still can not get her out of my mind, wondering where is she? Is she doing fine? Is she happy?


I had a dream one night that she visited me. I felt pain in my heart as she got close. I told her in my dream that I could take it and that I wanted her to stay. The closer she got, the pain grew stronger. I felt like my heart was going to explode. When she left, I awoke and sit on the edge of the bed, I felt like I had just had a heart attack, my chest felt hot and my arm hurt.

As the days went by I was working on making a CD, a CD of her music that I found, that she never released. After I finished the recordings I got up and said “ If that was you in my dream, I have a hard time believing it, I want to see your face”. I then later took a photo of my studio.

The photo I took of my studio with Vanessa's art work on the wall .

The photo I took of my studio with Vanessa’s art work on the wall .

Weeks went by and I was going through my photos on my computer when I came across the photo I took of my studio. I glanced at it quick and was about to pass when it hit me…. I saw her. It was her in a picture I have hanging on my wall, a picture, art work that she drew in ink of a Baldwin piano. It was her!



This is my sisters art work that is hanging on the wall.

This is my sisters art work that is hanging on the wall.

I have tried to debunk this but can’t. I tried to get a reflection of myself and the computer. There are no photos of her hanging on my wall behind me.

You can believe what you want but I have my proof, proof that there is life after death.

If you have any photos that show a loved one after they passed on, please let me know.

If you would like to know more about my sister Vanessa Maria Cochran please visit Proceeds from her CD sales are donated to cancer in her name.


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  1. Campbell Steven Gibb

    03/28/2015 at 10:17 AM

    I have woken and seen deceased family. Very low light. Was without doubt them. Very faint see thru shades of faint dark and light grey blurred. One had the suspenders and longish hair as he waved and moved out of room. Another had same body proportions, hair, face with eye patch and head scarf of mom who was motioning with hand to move northor throw away ciggs or waving. Also have distinct clearer in focus dreams once in a while that Ilater exexperience as deja vue

    • DC

      06/17/2015 at 6:55 AM

      Than you for your story Campbell, DC

  2. toni peters

    03/28/2015 at 4:25 PM

    I’m sorry for your loss,thank you for your eloquent and sensitive prose,I do so want to believe,take care,greetings from the UK,

    • DC

      06/17/2015 at 6:53 AM

      Do believe Toni… life goes on after death. I too had a problem believing, But now with proof I cannot deny. DC

  3. mick

    03/31/2015 at 12:49 AM

    I know how it feels. Got the same question when my dad died back in September2014. where is he, what he looks like? does he see me the questions are endless. Then one time I dreamt of him he said ‘I will be away’. I cried and the whole day I felt bad..sore. There are times that I still dream of him but just a glance of his face but the feeling of I know that he is there watching makes me calm.

    • DC

      06/17/2015 at 6:49 AM

      I believe Mick that when we pass we will look like we did at our 20’s-30’s. unless we pass at a younger age. I also believe that your dad like my sister can see and visit us. We are human and we have much to learn, our minds may not be able to withstand seeing them face to face and therefore they have to keep their distance. Dreams are the best way they know how to visit us. I wish you the best! Cheers, DC

  4. Tobin

    03/31/2015 at 3:58 PM

    This story has really touched me, I don’t think I will forget it in a hurry, Thank you and I am very sorry for your loss

    • DC

      06/17/2015 at 6:42 AM

      Thank you Tobin, DC

  5. Michael

    04/14/2015 at 12:05 AM

    Condolences on your loss…it is not easy and can both strengthen and shake faith…simultaneously in some cases. I too lost one of my sisters last year. She was 41 and died in a terrible accident while driving to work last July. My father died the year prior, 2013. While I had peace with his passing, my sister’s death has been a deeper cut in some ways. Though my father and I were very close and his death was shockingly unexpected, he was the type of father so good that being raised by such a man prepared me to deal with his death and take a more prominent role in my extended family. When my sister died, it was also shockingly unexpected, but I had a sense of rage that last for months…I’m only really now coming to terms with it all.

    I have had a few experiences that I’ve always considered to have been “paranormal”, but the occurrence of small, unexplainable events has really made me wonder just what is happening beyond the veil. I don’t think it is my father or my sister, but it is something…but nothing earth shattering…and nothing like the disembodied heavy boot steps I heard a few times while spending a summer at my grandparent’s house at age 20. Items falling from walls for the first time, objects go missing and we discover them in weird places, sometimes much later. Nothing dispositive, but enough for me to look at the data points I’ve gathered over the years and conclude that “something(s)” is “out there. It’s all been quite benign, but still freaky cool. I hope your sister lives on, as I also wish for mine. I’m a Christian and struggle with faith issues at times. Nothing makes us gaze deeper than the death of a loved one.

    Again, I offer my sincerest condolences on your loss.

    • DC

      06/17/2015 at 6:41 AM

      Thank you Michael for your comment, I am sorry to hear about your loss too. I have had struggles with faith also and I think we all go through that. I personally believe that loved ones try to get our attention from the afterlife and if we listen, concentrate hard enough we will witness them.

  6. Angel Hudson

    04/16/2015 at 4:34 AM

    Lovely story, sorry for your loss. I have taken a similar picture and there is someone in it but I have no clue who it is. I was visiting a waterfall with my family and saw a rainbow over the waterfall. I took the picture and upon looking at the pictures on my way home (my first digital camera) in the mist of the waterfall you can clearly see a woman with long black hair and wearing a white dress. I would love to share the picture with you but it won’t let me post it in the comment. It was taken November 4, 2006. The day before my baby’s birthday and a week before I moved out of state and away from my family.

    • DC

      05/28/2015 at 5:04 AM

      Thank you Angel. You can share the photo with me by following the link for my website. Then simply contact me with attached photo. Cheers!

  7. Bianca S

    04/18/2015 at 9:58 AM

    I 100% believe that my loved ones have communicated with me from the other side! Thank you for sharing this personal story with your readers and I hope your sister continues to visit. This article really reminded me of a book I recently read called “”Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased” by Dr. Jamie Turndorf ( I love the idea of my loved ones reaching out to me through spiritual means, I often see “signs” that they are with me. Dr. Turndorf explains these phenomenons and uses examples from her own loss to show us the deeper meaning behind these occurrences. The author’s husband passed away and he came back to her in amazing over-the-top spirit manifestations (often in front of witnesses)!! So wonderful to read and to know that there is life after death

    • DC

      06/17/2015 at 6:33 AM

      Thank you Bianca, I will check into the book. DC

  8. Dan W

    06/12/2015 at 10:48 AM

    That red head is very pretty!

    • DC

      06/17/2015 at 6:31 AM

      Thank you Dan. Her hair was very important to her, she was lucky when she took treatments that she did not loose much. Cheers! DC

  9. Melinda Rae Drumm

    06/15/2015 at 1:44 PM

    I have had visits from my mother in dreams also. My mother always said that, if it were possible, she would come to us after she’s gone, and she kept that promise. In addition to her visit in your dream, your sister honored your request to see her face. That so touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your story. Your sister is extraordinarily beautiful. I will be following the link to learn more about her music, as well as finding out more about your books. I know that it was not your intention to gain from this story. Thank you so much for sharing, and God bless.

    • DC

      06/17/2015 at 6:29 AM

      Thank you Melinda for you comment. What I want to gain from the story is simple, to believe that life after death is real. I was not going to do the story at first but my Aunt said that I should. I hope it will reach those who need it the most and I hope it will help those to believe and find peace. I have been my worst critic and have tried to debunk the photo.. I can not. It is so clear it is her. I believe. DC

  10. Bill Runyon, Jr.

    03/04/2016 at 5:31 PM

    DC just wanted to let you know I was on your website tonight. I really appreciate your training on the Freightliner, but I enjoyed our conversation on your music, your sister’s music, and our discussion of the photo. Having experienced the visit of my mother-in-law shortly after her death, I too believe that what you experienced is real and for your comfort. Most important is the promise and the hope we all have through Jesus Christ of life after death, and the promise of heaven for those who believe and receive Christ as Lord and Savior. I know your raising, and what your parents taught you will stay with you and you will never doubt, there is life after death, and victory over death and the grave, through Jesus Christ. Blessings my friend. Thanks again for helping me accomplish the task of CDL driver training and certification. Bill Runyon, Jr.

    • Derek Cochran

      03/05/2016 at 5:54 PM

      Thank you, Bill. You are a very spiritual person, it was nice meeting you.

  11. Gloria Mako

    07/19/2016 at 8:41 PM

    Beloved ones, if they can, will leave some kind of message to let them know they are around you, I call them guardian angels.

  12. Francesca

    10/26/2016 at 1:29 PM

    Our oldest son died suddenly and unexpectedly twenty-three months and twenty-nine days ago. Our daughter is grown and out of the house. Now, it is my husband, our thirteen year old son, myself and our two dogs. We have had a hard time, but I have been diagnosed with complex grief. In a prior marriage, my daughter was born still at term. No parent should have to bury a child, and I have buried two.

    One month before our son died, I was struck with an illness which I struggled with for a couple of months. About a month after our son died, my doctor and surgeon informed me that the illness had left me permanently disabled, and I would have to retire at forty-six years of age. I take multiple medications and endure a daily medical therapy for six to nine hours per day just to maintain my current health status. I am in constant physical pain. I no longer have a career. I cannot even perform normal household chores. It has taken its toll on all of us.

    Strange things have started occurring in our home. We have had breezes through our home when no doors/windows were open nor was the ac/heat on, cold spots in our home even in the summer that weren’t there before and items seemingly moving themselves around the house. Today was the final straw for me. I went down the hall and noticed that our bedroom door is closed. It does not close on its own. I was so afraid I left my home and spent a half hour in my car down the street. When I pulled into our driveway, I noticed two screens were removed from two windows. I gained the courage to re-enter my home, opened my phone to call 911 and opened my bedroom door quickly. Nothing there. An engineer by trade, I tried to apply logic to the situation and pulled out a level to check the door and the door jamb. Both are plumb. I was the last one to leave the bedroom, and I did not close the door. I went down the hall an hour earlier and it was open. I am at a loss. As I am now in a wheelchair, we always leave doors open to make my ingress and egress smooth.

    Are we losing our minds, or is our son’s spirit visiting us? Today was the first time I felt afraid. We do know the original homeowner died in our home about twenty years ago, and he had lived in the home about fifty years. And yet, we had never noticed anything odd or weird. I am a college graduate, and my husband is a post-graduate. Please tell me we are not crazy.

    Thank you, Cesca

    • Derek Cochran

      10/29/2016 at 12:35 PM

      I am sorry to hear about your loss Cesca. You are right, no parent should have to bury a child. My grandmother buried 3 sons and my parents one child, my sister. I do believe that there is life after death and that world is a better place. The breezes and cold spots you describe might just be a loved one giving you a hug or standing next to you trying to let you know they are there. They do not want you to be unhappy. Grief is a normal emotional response to loss. But we have to be strong and live on for them. By living on and being happy they continue to live in us. If I died tomorrow I would want my family to be happy and love life, to live for me. That way I could live forever in their minds, Happy. I would not want them to be unhappy or depressed. They have to live and keep happy thoughts of me in their memories so I can continue to live with them. Your not loosing your mind Cesca, you are grieving. Maybe the door being closed is to get your attention. Cesca, cherish the memories you have and be positive about life. Live positive and happy for your son, that way he can see your happy and be happy too. I do wish you the best Cesca.

  13. Marc D Conza

    04/09/2017 at 4:40 PM

    I am very sorry for your loss, but encouraged by your inspiring story, and happy that she reached out to connect to you from the other side. I was just wondering if you noticed that the gaze of Our Lord in the sketch to the left of the piano picture is spot-on fixed on your sister’s image in the Baldwin photo?

    • Derek Cochran

      04/10/2017 at 2:34 PM

      Thanks Marc, I never noticed that and you are correct he does seem to be looking that way. Wow Thank you.

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