Unknown female spirit jumps from train platform, bystanders shocked

Unknown female spirit jumps from train platform, bystanders shocked

Along the Nankai Main Line, this last Sunday, travellers witnessed an unknown woman jumping from the platform in front of an incoming train. An everyday sight, since it’s one of the commonest suicide methods in Japan.1

Except, in this case, the woman vanished.


“What do you mean she’s not there?!”

No blood. No entrails. No body parts tangled in the undercarriage of the train car. Not even a scream, other than that of the train’s brakes.23

In a matter of moments, social media was a-twitter with news of the event.4 Standard operating procedure in these situations, train service is interrupted for two hours. Since no one could find the body, thirty minutes later the train was ready to leave Izumiōtsu Station.


The case gets creepier with a tweet from @y_m_n_t_, a 鉄道ファン, or railfan.5



This isn’t the first recorded incident, dig this translated testimony along the Yamanote Line No. 3 from October 16, 1996.

A woman dressed in gray with a bobbed ahirdo was seen jumping in front of an incoming train that afternoonwith a bobbed hairdo, and dressed in gray was seen jumping in front of an incoming train. Station staff came to her aid, with a plastic sheet and tools to extricate her while the police are contacted. Officials look under the train and find nothing. No pieces of meat, no bloodstains.


After eighteen minutes, the stationmasters shrugged their collective shoulders and resumed service. People theorize the woman was knocked by the train to someplace out of sight. The engineer insists the train hit something, but nothing could be found. No one could rule out the possibility of this lady being a spirit. Read the source, there are plenty of other train-related ghost stories I reckon would be up Ken Summer’s alley.6

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