Reptilian Conspiracy: Fossilized Remains of a "Dragon Man" Are Missing

Reptilian Conspiracy: Tracking Down The Mysterious Fossilized Remains of an Ancient “Dragon Man”


These days, there’s a lot of talk on the internet about a “reptilian conspiracy”, with plenty of blurry, zoomed-in photos of politicians eyes presented as evidence of their true forms. But if you want a real reptilian mystery to solve, try this one on for size: somewhere out there exists the fossilized remains of a “Dragon Man”, complete with a long reptilian tail and horns protruding from the forehead. While the photographs might be compelling, no one is quite sure where the remains are now located.

Hopi Indians told tales of their underground “snake brothers”, or sheti, living underneath the American southwest and California. A little less obscure is Q’uq’umatz, the Mayan serpent of wisdom, preceding the Aztec culture’s famous Quetzalcoatl. The feathered serpent is interesting an interesting concept since mainstream science discovered dinosaurs had feathers, or feather-like structures, covering their bodies. Maybe based Quetzalcoatl was an extant, intelligent dinosaur who demanded blood sacrifice?



Athens’s first ruler, Cecrops, was described as a “snake-centaur” being human on top and 100% snake below the belt.


More notorious are the nagas of east Indian legend who shift between serpent and human form. These water spirits also loom large in Buddhism, as Mucalinda sheltered a post-enlightenment Buddha from the elements with his seven snake heads.


Also snakes are Indiana Jones’s kryptonite, protecting the holy of holies from unscrupulous tomb raiders.


Bringing us to a curiosity from a dead web page.1 From secondary sources,2 this is an art exhibit at a museum in Japan, the fossilized remains of a human-dragon hybrid, or a nephilim.


So far I’ve only found this blurb, and Google’s translation does it no favors. “BC.370X year ,,, humans evolved ,,, became Dragon Man Osameta the fossil to the film ,, Kara ,, introduce ,, NOT USED ,, Chinamini ,, timer ,, Miraihe ,, warp Shiteru situ, , two Keitel ,, ≡≡≡≡”3


Thanks to a reader who tracked down this forum post from 2010, we now know that the “Fossilized Dragon Man” is owned by an eccentric Chinese businessman, tucked away in the rear of a clothing shop in Tokyo, complete with old images of it’s excavation:

The picture was not taken inside a museum but in a private gallery at the back of a clothing/lifestyle shop owned and operated by a Japanese eccentric in Tokyo (situated in the Shibuya shopping area).

The exhibition had several such display cases and other artifacts, including diagrams and photographs from the supposed excavation site. The photographs were sepia toned and looked like they could have been from late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

The premise was to present the possibility of a race of horned ‘dragon men’, complete with reptilian tails, that might have existed with considerable proof being offered in the form of these found ‘fossils’.

The implication here is that the fossils aren’t real, of course, but without the name of the store and access to the piece in question, we’re still only a little closer so solving the mystery of the fossilized dragon man.


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