Deepwater Fire Anomaly in the Pacific SOLVED (UPDATED 9-3-14)

Deepwater Fire Anomaly in the Pacific SOLVED (UPDATED 9-3-14)

What the heck's going on here? Now we know.

What the heck’s going on here? Now we know.


Da-da knows some truly talented people, many of whom are psychics and mediums. These folks can quickly cut through the crap and SEE what’s really going on. Needless to say, when Da-da saw the above picture and read the pilot’s account of what he saw, Da-da had to know. So, he checked in with Lynn, the Internet Oracle (that’s what Da-da calls her). [She’s written up the session, as of 9-3-14, so you can check it out.]

When the Oracle looked at this picture, she saw huge quantities of a myriad of gases, with an oxygenated component, being “burped” from beneath the ocean floor into the deep water. These enormous gas bubble had somehow caught fire and were burning deep beneath the sea, never reaching the surface.

And that’s it. No ET here, sorry guys. It’s just another hellaciously frightening natural earth process. The good news is that it’s FAR AWAY, and… well… pretty. The not-so-bad news is that the earth has apparently been absorbing tons of extra energy since its magnetic field has waxed complementary in regards to the sun, inducing more volcanism (that Da-da predicted here back in June 2011), as well as,  perhaps, the event pictured above.


Now the other good/bad news. If you think of the earth as a giant living breathing entity — which she is, and a nice she at that — it’s conceivable that this activity might be due to the horrendous man-induced Fukushima radiation mayhem that’s occurring not far away to the south. Look at the map of the anomaly:

Pacific fire anomaly in relation to Japan.

Pacific fire anomaly in relation to Japan.

It’s occurring just up the Ring of Fire (so to speak) from Japan, with Fukushima south along the undersea ridge, where it says, “Japan” on the Google map above. Could the earth be responding to this radioactivity, creating a kind of self-healing condition on the plume of radiation? Pacific currents flow that way. OR, is it the obverse side of that coin: is the radiation making it worse — or indeed causing it? More on that later, as Da-da’s awaiting an answer from the Internet Oracle.

Either way, we continue to live the Chinese curse: “May you live during interesting times.”

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UPDATE 9-3-14: Psychic Lynn, The Internet Oracle, has come back with a big YES on some kind of man-made radioactive component to this area, as if someone’s dropping toxic nuclear waste “in big steel barrels” there in the deep ocean, and Gaia’s reacting to it. Source of pollution is apparently the U.S.


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