Man without a Country: Who Was The Mystery Man from Taured?

Man without a Country: Who Was The Mystery Man from Taured?


One of the most perplexing events of the 20th Century did not involve flying saucers, conspiracy theories, a criminal act, or even strange creature sightings. It took place on a seemingly normal day in one of the most tedious, mundane places one could imagine: Airport. Yet to this day, no one knows exactly what happened there, or why one average business traveler became the heart of an enigma largely forgotten by our modern world.

Haneda Airport, as it appeared in 1954, photographed by Rodney Stich.

Haneda Airport, as it appeared in 1954, photographed by Rodney Stich.

The year 1954 was hotter than normal in Tokyo, but at Haneda Airport it was business as usual. That is, of course, until one unknown date when a routine European inbound plane dropped off its passengers. As the crowd made its way through customs, a neatly-dressed middle-aged Caucasian man stepped up and told officials this was just a normal business trip or him, one of three so far this year to Japan. His primary language was French, yet he spoke Japanese and several other languages. In his wallet was a variety of currencies from various European countries, as if to verify his frequent flyer tendencies.

When they asked him for his country of origin, things became strange. He casually stated that he was from Taured, on the border between France and Spain. The officials told him that Taured didn’t exist, but he presented them with his passport—issued by the nonexistent country of Taured—which also showed visa stamps corroborating his previous business travels to Japan and other countries. Yet when they called the company he said he was having a meeting with, they had never heard of him or his company ever before that moment. The hotel he had reserved a room at had no reservation for such a person, and the bank listed on his checkbook appeared not to exist.

Map of the country of Andorra, believed to be "Taured".

Map of the country of Andorra, believed to be “Taured”.

The bearded man scoffed; surely, this was some elaborate practical joke for his benefit. Customs officials showed him a world map and pointed to the tiny country of Andorra. Perhaps that was his real country of origin and somehow he was either mistaken or having his own little joke? The man became irate, saying that Andorra didn’t exist but it was right where Taured should be. His proud country had existed for a thousand years. Still in shock over his misplaced homeland, the mystery man was detained by customs and given a room at a nearby hotel for the night while officials tried to figure out what was going on.

The following morning, the mystery deepened. Taured’s one and only known resident completely vanished from his hotel room which had been guarded by immigration officials all night long. And to make matters worse, all of his personal documents—including his passport and drivers license issued by the mystery country—vanished from the airport’s security room. Police and airport officials searched in vain for the mysterious man. It was as if the whole encounter had never actually happened.

No documentation verifying this story has yet surfaced, but it was mentioned in several books, including The Directory of Possibilities (1981, p. 86) and Strange But True: Mysterious and Bizarre People (1999, p. 64). And given its puzzling ending, I doubt that any official would have written up a report concluding that the man and all his documented evidence simply vanished.


Could this man and other out-of-place travelers be from another dimension?

Surprisingly, misplaced travelers such as the business man from Taured have appeared on many occasions. In 1851, a man was found wandering Frankfurt an der Oder in northeast Germany who claimed he was from a country called Laxaria on the continent of Sakria. Another young man who spoke a completely unrecognizable language was caught stealing a loaf of bread in Paris in 1905; he said he was from Lizbia, which authorities assumed was Lisbon—or Lisboa in Portuguese, yet his language was not Portuguese nor did he recognize a map of Portugal as his homeland.

Is Taured out there somewhere? And what about Laxaria or Liziba? Did these men fall backward through time or pass through dimensions? Or were they simply perpetrating a hoax or mentally ill?


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Ken Summers
Ken Summers is a historical researcher and purveyor of strange tales and forgotten hauntings. An explorer of haunted sites since 1995 and the apologetic creator of the "orb color chart," he has always endeavored to balance eager curiosity with logical questioning in the pursuit of truth. Ken is reluctant to call himself either a skeptic or a believer, yet throughout his life, he has had strange experiences that fall under the category of "unexplained". His last book, Queer Hauntings, was published in 2009.
Ken Summers
Ken Summers

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More likely he was from Taul Spain, Taul, Lleida (provence) near the border of France and spain, and also near Andorra. Founded around 1000 years ago. And this was merely a confusion in dialect. many Asian languages pronounce ‘ll’ like ‘r’ (case and point Godzirra not Godzilla was yhe Japanese monster) ..’Taul lleda’ to ‘Taureda’ and then the mystery just grew on its own with added details.

I know this is old,and I’m being pedantic, but it’s not Godzilla or Godzirra in Japan. It’s Gojira. Godzilla is the anglicized version.

That is correct. There is no Godzirra.

Well he had a passport of Taured which country was supposed to be non existent, right? So, I don’t think it’s the problem with dialect.

Lleida would be pronounced closer to Ryeida or Rieida

I dont know if its true or not. There are quite a few possibilities. But one thing i know is that these kinds of stories give me a break from my own reality.

Me to

I wish there was more evidence (any small evidence at all) about all this.
No documents, no witnesses, no paper headlines, it sounds more like a rumor.
I love the mysteries and the creepy/weird stuff but to me this one sounds similar to ”This Man” the flight with 50 skeleton in Brazil, Slenderman among others…
However, is there any reliable source of it? Or is it more a sort of urban Legend? genuinely curious.

Sounds like another case of a Time Storm, there have been several documented, where people have moved backwards, forwards, & in this case sidewards in time.

In the quran it is said about some early muslims entering a cave and sleeping there thinking for only a couple of hours to escape their persuirs.but woke up after more than 100 years or more. Google “ashab al kahaf” or “people of the cave”

Well this man said that his country, Taured, had survived for around 1000 years. From what I researched on the internet, the Principality of Andorra, the country mentioned here, has been in existence for a 1000 years

heres where this Taured name becames creepy. So I wrote down Taured then directly under it wrote Deruat… Taured Deruat I studied what I had wrote down to see if I could come up with hidden message of some kind. De-r-u-at, was the first and then I noticed Ta-ured(tired). So my first thought was maybe he was trying to “where are you at, I’m tired”. Remember the Japan authorities did take him to a hotel. Maybe he just needed a good nap. Final, it accured to me to write the numbers of each letter that corresponds with the alphabet 18… Read more »

HAHAHA U got me reading all those numbers

so you really added the math here huh

Man without a country? big boss?

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

This story appears originally in Jacques Bergier’s “Visa pour un autre terre”, 1974.

Derek Cochran

Very interesting story.


I’m just wondering how the attendant knew that taured didn’t exist. Like does the person know all existing countries or something.

Yeah, it’s just like that. We are talking about educated people of course. At least here, in Poland. You may not be able to list all of them from your head, but if you hear a name which isn’t familiar at all, you are almost sure it doesn’t exist (I would be, if I heard of Taured). “But” you think “it may be some tiny exotic country in the middle of the jungle or something”, so you naturally ask: “Where is this country?” And when the answer is in Europe (especially the West), you immediately know that there’s no country… Read more »

In the 50’s there was an Passport directory in use at most major airfields. It gave a visual example of valid passport types for all countries so that attandants could verify the validity of passports being used by visitors. After awhile you would become familiar with the passports that were commonly being used by the larger body of travelers and would only question the ones that were not familiar or had the look of being non-authentic. This is when you would refer to your reference materials. A counterfeit passport from an imaginary country would be immediately obvious.

Is it that hard to know all existing countries, it’s just under 200 names…

First of all they know more than us because they are the ones getting in touch with the travellers and maybe they have to know all the countries people might come from . They also have to know if you need a VISA or not for every country you’re coming from. That’s their job. At the same time even a normal person like me, let’s say you tell me you’re from FGTDSS but i haven’t heard of it. I need to know what country is that so i could let you in or not so i call my boss and… Read more »

Dat truth man


[…] Travelers from Worlds Beyond? […]

I’m from the Philippines and we have a place similar to Lizbia, Taured and Laxaria. It’s called Biringan and it is said to exist in the Visayas region of our country. Look it up and you’ll see weird stories similar to this.

Another story from the Philippines. “Gil Pérez – The Teleporting Soldier”. The backstory: Gil Perez was just an ordinary Spanish soldier and member of the Filipino Guardia Civil during the 16th century. But on October 24, 1593, he suddenly found himself in Plaza Mayor, Mexico City–almost 9,000 nautical miles away from Manila. The bizarre “teleportation” incident was never believed by the Mexicans and Perez was jailed because people thought he was a “servant of Satan”. When asked about what happened, the confused soldier told the authorities that prior to the incident, he was just resting against a wall inside the… Read more »

I’m from mexico and i can tell you there was no Mexico in 1593, and there was a “Plaza Mayor” but at that time it was filled with Aztecs… perhaps Aztec corpses as the Spanish conquerors began their jobs

There certainly WAS a Mexico in 1593… Cortes and his men landed in 1519, the country was part of the Spanish Empire by then…

I’ve heard of Biringan. Only a few managed to visit that place, they said. Like the place itself will choose its visitors.

Looked Biringan up on Wikipedia. Weird stuff! Thanks for telling us about it.

These inter dimensional travelers stories are really interesting but some how relates to each other and at the same time challenges a lot of laws and orders and as there is no documentation available and neither have any reference like from when it all started.

I think these stories are no more than old time hoaxes and some writers may add this under that influence.

I’m intrigued by mysteries of the world and this is a great story. But without any documentation and no known eye witnesses, it’s impossible to corroborate. As eerie and mysterious as it sounds, I would have to chalk this one up to an over active imagination.

This story was great. We can’t saiy it never happened. Not just we don’t have a prove it doesn’t real. VOJKAN comment here got a point. The things weren’t belong here may go back to it’s place. Maybe that’s what happened to all of the evidence

Things possible that story remember there are several dimensions side-by-side and if that man from another dimension it’s possible it would be interesting to see the story to know more about it

I think it could be very easily be faked, fake passport, fake check book made up bullshit, time isnt measured erre.. hard to belive in a dimentional reason.. perhaps amnesia aswell

If we just widen our conscious behaviour and be open minded maybe we can see at least that it is possible like God truly exist even though hard to explain of how, why, when or what…

I never heard about a country called Taured. But I know in 1947 to 1954 TRIESTE was briefly indipendent. Following the Italian defeat of WW2. So Im wondering, what if the case of this guy is not a visitor from a parallel universe but a case of poor translation? it was back in the 50’s, no google, no internet, uptodate maps and atlas were hard to find, since the borders in Europe were not yet stabilized, so its not impossible that it could just have been a mistranslation from Trieste to Taured. The rest is just a fabbrication in creating… Read more »

But his personal documents vanished at the airport. And the guy at the hotel disappeared, how can you explain that with just a mis-translation or miscommunication?

This is the best interpretation yet. Word of mouth accounts can get embellished.

Mosserete van der Geez de Valois

It may be the case that the Japanese officials had treated the guy wrong and/or violated the law or regulations. So they concocted the cover-up and let the guy go free, provided he won’t tell anybody about the incident. The information about “Taured” may be all wrong, coming from mistaken memo via Japanese katakana script – the original may have been Trieste or Taul Lleida (a town in Spain).


Perhaps they travelled between dimensions or parallel worlds, so to say

Not sure if this story is true or not, but it’s interesting to say the least. My only hope here is that, if this man really did exist, then I hope he did eventually find his way home to Taured.

I’ve been dreaming some weird places
since I was 9yrs old after seeing that strange creature.
and they always talking about some sort of an energy
its like they were experimenting for something.
But I can’t really remember everything….

Some dreams, we remember but most we don’t


“Visa pour une autre terre” (Visa to another land) from Jacques Bergier

you’re welcome

NSA/CIA coverup.

It’s really amazing to wonder about all the mysteries surrounding the conscious and unconscious. What’s there, what is not. But what is not there, can be..

That first picture of the abandoned airport lobby is in the capital of Cyprus Nicosia and is still waiting its freedom since Turkish Invasion of Cyprus from 1974

I’m not sure why someone saying this in 2015 would be considered mentally ill or a hoaxer, but if you add time to the story it somehow rises in credibility. All of these “men from elsewhere” stories all occur in the past. If anything, these stores should be LESS credible than if they were told today. What is more logical, rational, AND POSSIBLE…that a man really came from an alternate reality or he is lying, delusional, or otherwise mentally ill? I mean, I know which story is more INTERESTING, but the fact that so much internet and mental real estate… Read more »

So according to you, this “Mentality ill” man not only spoke several languages but also had the ability & equipment to produce a fake passport & drivers license. Plus was an amazing magician with masterful escape talent that revivals the Great Hudini.
And he did it all for fun?

Is that really your stance?


[…] tko je i odakle je, čovjek koji se predstavio kao ‘poslovni čovjek’ rekao je da je iz – Taureda, državice na granici Francuske i […]

Interesting theories!

Hi, I’m going to take the judgement that this is fake, seen as there are no ‘high value’ sources you have cited, nor that i can find on the internet myself, i.e. academic/scientific journals or respectable news paper articles, books etc. For the reason i dont believe a word of this

vous les gars ne nous connaissent pas, mais les gars ont visité depuis longtemps

I wonder how can he disappear. If there is one today we could see what happen in building’s camera.

Ken, this article was really well-written. I enjoyed reading the whole thing very much.

This is what I think happened. A man hops off a long distance flight from Europe, desperately needing to go to the toilet, so he asks some of the staff at the airport where he can find the nearest one. Mystery Man: “Quick, where’s the nearest toilet?” Japanese Official(s): “Taured? You’re from Taured?” MM: “No, not ‘Taured’ – toilet, toilet, where can I find one?” JO: “Ah, this man from Taured. He fake. He try to trick us.” At that point they drag him away and lock him in the hotel room, and thus an urban legend is born. I… Read more »


I think it’s fake, because I can’t possibly believe that airport officials didn’t keep his ID, passport or driver’s license, for further investigation, what did they do, call up someone from Europe and asked: “hey do you know Taured ?”. I call it bull to be honest.

uhm: “all of his personal documents—including his passport and drivers license issued by the mystery country—vanished from the airport’s security room”

How convenient…

Men in black

“uhm: ‘The internet says so.'”

The arrogance of stupid people never ceases to amaze.

“And to make matters worse, all of his personal documents—including his passport and drivers license issued by the mystery country—vanished from the airport’s security room.”

Men in black

you are right, the history comes from a book called “Visa pour un autre terre” from the writer Jacques Bergier.

i think its funny nobody has noticed taured is an anagram of (u retard) lol

It’s not an anagram. taured has one r, u retard has two rs.

Thank you for telling him so I wouldn’t have to. I would have been much less gentle about it.

An “etard”.

Which makes Carl a…?

Makes Carl a Boston Retad. Isn’t that how they say it in Boston?

In Boston, “retard” is spelled with an “h,” as in “retahd.”

I can clear all this up. I have been to Tuared. I have partied there. I won a golf tournament there and they have some very nice looking women there.
From a Former LSD aficionado.

Carl u etard

Why are you all earthlings so stupid? The guy simply woke up in this reality, but wasn’t aware of it, thus all the events that followed. And next night he got back to his world, with all of his belongings of course, as they were of different energy/ of course that they vanished from the airport, which most of you find hard to believe for some reason. The same happened to me, the only difference was that i knew what was going on, and i got back after few minutes. Do some work on your consciousness/spirit, whatever, you are all… Read more »

So true! We don’t need physics or any of the laws that govern physical reality to get in the way of a good story, right?

I completely agree with you Vojkan. I am really interested in hearing more about your experience, though. Can you please tell us?

I wish to learn

voj kan… Voidborn? Is that you?