Why Did Area 51 Build a Giant Pyramid on Base? Ancient Structures Vs. Alien Tech

Ancient Structures Vs. Alien Tech: Why Did Area 51 Build a Gigantic Pyramid on Base?


Is Area 51 trying to harness mysterious ancient technology? Recent satellite photos of the infamously secretive military base in Nevada have uncovered an interesting new structure sure to have Georgio Tsoukolos fans cocking their heads and declaring aliens.


UFOlogists, conspiracy theorists, and other weirdos who’ve made it their job to peer into the secrets of Groom Lake are used to seeing strange structures pop up, but this one is a doozy. Satellite photos snapped in 2011 show what appears to be a gigantic pyramid on base, and the odd structure has been the point of some big debate regarding its rumored use.


For years years there have been researchers who insist that the Egyptian pyramids were built under the influence of extraterrestrials for reasons other than simply looking neat. Some believe that the shape lends itself to healing properties, others say that the structures induce rapid releases from the human pituitary gland. In fact, there’s an entire group of people who believe the purpose of pyramids is to enhance the evolution of the human body by focusing energy from the heavens, almost like a giant antenna receiving signals from space.

Could Area 51 be using the pyramids to breed a new race of super soldiers to assist in the coming (or previous) alien colonization?

Before you rush to the kitchen to begin work on your tin foil hat, I should tell you that A) tin foil hats actually improve the reception of government mind control, and B) there might be a less extraterrestrial reason for the military interest in building pyramids.

nhawk11What we might be seeing in the new satellite photos is an aircraft stand used for measuring stealth effectiveness. According a few military personnel, these kinds of pyramids aren’t uncommon to see on government bases that test secret equipment. See that hole in the top of the structure? Apparently, a long pole rises out of it, to which different models of aircraft are attached and their radar cross sections tested. Before It’s News user Warren sums it up pretty well:

The military needs a way to test changes to airframes to see how the changes affects radar signatures. Every time they add a radar dome or an antenna or some other whatnot to an airframe it changes the radar signature. The effect of the change needs to be measured and tweaked to produce the minimum radar reflection.

So there you have it. No pyramid power, and no super soldiers.. probably. But hey, this only means that there’s an even bigger question to solve: who were the ancient Egyptians so intent on hiding from?

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