Mysterious Bruises, Self-Moving Utensils Evidence of Poltergeist Activity Frightening Couple

Mysterious Bruises, Self-Moving Utensils Evidence of Poltergeist Activity Frightening Couple


After windows began unlocking by themselves, utensils seemingly teleporting to odd places, and strange bruises began showing up on her boyfriend’s arms, one woman has appealed to the internet for help answering the burning question: “are we being haunted?”

A retelling of the odd events, which was posted by Reddit user ‘immagdi’, contains a two pictures of a man’s bruised wrist, bruises immagdi explains appeared earlier this week without explanation.

“They look like burn scars, deep, maybe even bruised, but the skin is soft on top like they are old wounds that had time to heal,” she wrote. “They don’t hurt and they aren’t going away.”


The bruises are not the only unexplained phenomena taking place inside the home. Immagdi goes on to say that on more than one occasion, inanimate objects have appeared to move mysteriously on their own, eventually ending up in the same spot on the kitchen floor. In one instance a fork appeared, and even stranger yet, the net from a fish tank was found more than once with the thick wire handle bent in half.

The poster also goes on to describe how in recent weeks the poltergeist–like activity has begun escalating, and both home owners are now hearing strange noises, often coming home at night to find all their locked windows wide open.

Comments from Reddit users urged immagadi to try to capture the strange goings-on by recording the kitchen area with a voice activated phone app. Here’s hoping we get an update in the next few days containing some interesting audio, or better yet, some spooky video to ponder.

Stay tuned  for updates on this story as it unfolds. In the meantime, check out the images and let us know what you think! And hey, don’t forget to pop by Reddit to give immagadi an upvote!


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