Off-Roaders Discover Trail of Three-Toed "Monster Prints" in Concord, New Hampshire

Off-Roaders Discover Trail of Three-Toed “Monster Prints” in Concord, New Hampshire


Two kids enjoying some off-road action hit the brakes last weekend when they stumbled onto a trail of three-toed footprints in the mud. They aren’t certain of what left them, but they aren’t ruling out a “monster”.

A young man known only as Josh found the prints while four-wheeling his way to the local swimming hole in Concord, New Hampshire. When his girlfriend realized how strange the tracks appeared, she didn’t waste any time pulling out her cellphone and comparing the prints to hers.



“Guys this is not faked or anything,” Josh wrote on YouTube. “We were four-wheeling to the quarry ( were me and [my] gf swim) and we stumbled across these foot prints. Are these a possible monster?”

The jury is still out on that, but lucky for us, Josh has posted a number of videos online for internet cryptozoologists to pour over.

The prints seem to be roughly the length of a human’s, but a bit wider. Plus, there’s that thing about only three toes. Interestingly, the impressions look quite a bit like the prints left by “goblins” in Kentucky last summer.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think made the weird prints. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or tweet us @WeirdHQ!


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

Editor-In-Chief at Week In Weird
Writer, adventurer, and professional monster chaser, Greg Newkirk is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Week In Weird, Director of The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult and one-half of the prolific investigative duo Planet Weird. Learn more about Greg.
Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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deer tracks. ive been deer hunting over 40 yrears and have seen tracks like this hundreds of times.

Ooooh! And lucky for us the monster walked along the length / path of the fresh mud, too! Didn’t deviate, didn’t walk onto or off of… it’s almost as if it dropped from the skies and flew away! THAT is one sneaky monster, I tell ya.

Pretty sure those are emu prints. Either an escapee from a nearby ranch, or one that was dumped/released because its owners couldn’t afford to feed it anymore.

Lo and behold, as recently as 2007 there was a stray emu stalking the New Hampshire Audubon’s Concord property. I wonder if that’s anywhere within a few miles of where these kids were off-roading?

I was going to say turkey tracks, but too big. Emu makes more sense.

Moose. Thanks to the internet I’m kind of a Camel-toe expert.

Find it very interesting regarding the 3 toes. The Original Stories of Arkansas’s Bigfoot, ie. The Fouke Monster also stood out from other reports around the country with similar foot print. 3 Toes are definitely not the usual finds people come across, or fake for that matter.

New Hampshire is Not the only place for these 3 hoofed prints! and we can rule out moose. I just now got back from the Bulow Plantation in Florida and I saw these same exact prints on the trail, only 3 or 4 of them and whatever creature it is, has a massive stride and a foot the size of my own nearly. Here are my photos:


[…] roams the land down under. Half a world away, some kids showcased a similar situation where some Off-Roaders Discovered A Trail Of Three-Toed “Monster Printsâ€� In Concord, New Hampshire. Don’t just take Greg Newkirk’s word for it, since these kids uploaded their findings […]

As a Concord native, I can tell you there are more than a few emu farms in the area. In fact, there is one not far from the quarries in question.

I too live in NH and found these tracks in my snow this week!

I’m baffled by the fact that folks fail to realize mutations and deformities occur in all creatures. These could be the prints of a bear with fused toes (google “alperts syndrome”,which occurs in humans, and look at the hands/feet.) Most of us have seen polydactyl cats and never thought it was a new, unknown species- but what if we’d only seen the prints?