Stunning UFO Footage Shows Multiple Objects Darting, Flashing Over Russian Sky

Stunning UFO Footage Shows Multiple Objects Darting, Flashing Over Russian Sky


Incredible footage of a cluster of UFOs captured above Russia was posted to the Alien Andromeda YouTube channel late last month, and the striking video has caught the attention believers and skeptics alike.

The 10 minute clip was posted June 20th 2013, titled nothing more than ‘UFO Russia’, and unfortunately contained no other information about the location in which the video was filmed, or when. Though the clip has only had a meagre 2000 views as of the time of this posting, those who have taken the time to watch the footage have been amazed by the strange lights which appear to dart across the sky, flash brightly, and then dissipate into luminous spheres.

Personally, this is one of the most intriguing UFO clips that I’ve seen in a long time.


Noteworthy points during the video occur at the 1:34 mark when two hovering orbs are met by a third, forming a triangle shape which slowly begins to move as one across the night sky, and the 6:14 mark when one sphere bursts into a bright light, disappearing completely. Finally, at the 8:17 mark, the strange lights are approached by yet another fast-moving orb that disappears without a trace.

Youtube user OzPublic pointed out that,“… there’s no sound coming from that thing. It’s gotta be the size of a football field,” while user macylapy added, that “every now and then people get really good footage.. this is one of them.”

Unfortunately, as of right now no other information has yet to surface about the video, location, date, or the camera man who captured the amazing lights hovering somewhere in Russia. If anyone has more information please send it our way.

Until then, give the footage a watch and let us know what you think about the clip. Is there a terrestrial explanation? Or are they visitors from another planet putting on a light show for a few lucky Russians with their eyes on the sky? Share your theories in the comments below, on Facebook, or tweet us @WhoForted!


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