Man Films Bigfoot Crossing the Road in Blue Ridge, Georgia.. Or Does He?

Man Films Bigfoot Crossing the Road in Blue Ridge, Georgia.. Or Does He?


A two and a half minute clip that appears to show a Sasquatch bounding into the forest has surfaced online, and the footage is raising some eyebrows in the Bigfoot community.

The clip, titled ‘Incredible Bigfoot Footage (2013)’ was posted to the Legends Beware Youtube channel sometime during the early morning hours on July 18th 2013 and shows what appears to be a very large, very hairy, upright hominid crossing a rural road before darting into a wooded area and out of sight. The camera man trails the creature into a nearby forest, all the while knocking over brush and swearing quietly under his breath, as you do when in hot pursuit of a stealthy forest trekking monster. After a spine tingling two minutes we’re given a screen of text explaining that the camera man was then forced to retreat due to Bigfoot aggressive grunting, which we’re told is a sure sign of aggression.

According to the video blurb, the short clip was submitted to Legends Beware on the 12th of July and was filmed 5 miles north of Blue Ridge, Georgia, which according to Bigfoot researchers is an absolute hotbed of sightings.


This new video comes to the Bigfoot community after a summer string of hoaxes and costume fakes, and though I’m not usually one to call faker before all the facts are known, I can’t help myself this time. Call me cynical, but the video just seemed a little too perfect for my taste. Opinions on the net are mainly leaning towards hoax for reasons explained by Before It’s News user terrythecensor:

“This report is suspicious because it is missing: date, time of day, location, witness names. Also, there is no followup of any kind, such as: images and samples of foot prints, hair, etc., where the alleged Bigfoot was walking, no investigative party following the path of the Bigfoot to find where it walked from or walked to, no details of ranger or police reports, etc.”

I’d go so far as to add that the Squatch’s vocalizations sound an awful lot like they were simply dropped into the clip in post production. Give it a listen with some good headphones and you’ll see what I mean.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Was it Bigfoot, was it a bear, was it a guy in a cheesy Halloween costume? Give us your opinion and tell us why you think it’s a bona fide Bigfoot or just a guy in fun fur. Share your thoughts on Facebook, tweet us @WhoForted, or leave a comment below!


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