Mermaids, Demonic Lovers, and Cheat Codes for Atheists: The Best of Yahoo! Answers Paranormal

“I Need to Become a Mermaid as Soon as Possible. Pls Help.” – The Best of Yahoo! Answers Paranormal


During my searches for the strangest stories on the web, it’s not unusual to find myself in some of the weirder parts of the internet. I’ve hung out on vampire dating websites, traded scans of antique grimoires with magicians, and even stumbled onto a forum full of people who claimed to be real-life werewolves. And yet, despite all of my armchair adventures into the fringes of the world wide web, the strangest place of them has got to be Yahoo! Answers. Hands down.

You’ve probably been there before, but the gist of Y!A is that anyone can ask any kind of question at all and then receive answers that are voted on by the community. This can work out to all kinds of amusing ends, especially when it comes to the barrage of 15 year olds asking how they can properly sell their soul to the devil or wondering if midgets really have night vision.

Over the last few months, I’ve made it a point to start collecting my favorite questions relating to the paranormal, and I’ve amassed quite a collection. Here’s a sampler platter of the weirdest paranormal questions posed at Yahoo! Answers.


Desperate for Demon Dong


This is the same kind of sexual desperation that lands middle school teachers on To Catch a Predator, but instead of losing your job and going to jail, you lose your mortal soul and go to hell. Explaining yourself to Chris Hansen is bad enough, but can you imagine how embarrassed you’ll be when Jesus comes out and asks you to take a seat?

My Siren Song Brings All the Boys To The Yard..


We’re lucky Yahoo! Answers is around for support during that pivotal moment in a young girl’s life when she’s finding out whether she’s a mythical sea-creature or a murderous distraction for sailors.

Pray the Gay Awaydevilmakesyougay

The can-do attitude of Mandii3 is the only thing that keeps this one from tipping into “depressing”.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start


How should science deal with the existence of a hellish nightmare reserved for unbelievers? Paul has the answer: we invent flame resistant souls. It’s like a cheat code for atheists! Brilliant!

Now Casting for Animal Planet


Easiest way to be a mermaid is to audition for Animal Planet’s 2014 television special Mermaids: The Even Newer Evidence. If that fails, maybe you could borrow Cassie’s water-themed necklace.

Hunting down the Extinct

Don’t fear Alteo! Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, and yet indigenous tribes in dense jungles around the world have still reported seeing them. Glory holes might still be out there, and even if they aren’t, we can always hope for the day an enterprising young scientist finds a 1980’s porn theater encased in amber and decides to clone one.

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