Do These Striking Sasquatch Photos Snapped on July 4th Show a Lumbering Monster or Man in a Suit?

Do These Striking Sasquatch Photos Snapped on July 4th Show a Lumbering Monster or Man in a Suit?


A fresh batch of Bigfoot photos recently appeared online, and for a monster who has a bad habit of never standing still enough to get a good look, these images show some of the clearest images of the big guy since the Patterson film.

The pictures were reportedly snapped on July 4th on Table Rock Lake near Kimberling City, Missouri, and appear to show an extremely large, fur-covered humanoid strolling along the water’s edge. The photos were posted online by Angelique Christensen, a member of the Paranormal Distraction investigation group, who said she was sharing the images for the gentleman who captured them, but declined to name the man.

“When I saw these pics I had to get permission to post them to have them analyzed,” she wrote on Facebook. “If it is a person and a hoax they must [have] been dropped off at shore, but according to the story the man was out fishing in the coves with his family/friends and this is what they saw… Several people had witnessed it.”


The images have only been online for a few hours, but that hasn’t stopped opinions from rolling in. Aside from the obvious declarations of cryptozoological evidence, there have been theories that the fisherman simply captured a hunter in a ghillie suit, while other commenters thought the figure could have been a bear standing on its hind legs, a rationalization that Christensen refutes.

“Def not a bear,” she wrote. “The black bear down there are small and in the other 2 pics you can clearly see it’s human like form.”

Angelique says that she hasn’t come to a conclusion on the images yet, but plans to make her own trek out to the location in the coming weeks in order to search for evidence of her own.

What do you think about the striking photos? Do they show Bigfoot? Or just a guy in a suit? Check out the rest of the images below and let us know what you think! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or join us in the comments!

Missouri Bigfoot

Missouri Bigfoot 2

Missouri Bigfoot 3


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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Without a doubt a guy in a shitty gorilla suit.

I like it, bent knee gait, very bulky upper with unusually tapered lower body, head had a crest and goes into the shoulders consistent with eyewitnesses. The resolution is a little low due to it being a consumer grade camera, but it’s good enough to say I think we will be seeing the finding bigfoot crew here in the near future. I’d like to see their proper recreation with heights so we can get a better idea. If it’s well out of human proportions, then it’s really something!

Adam Moore

These have to be from the 90s when Glamour Shots were all the rage.

Adam Moore

“Does this bigfoot suit make my ass look big?”

The tiny, human-sized hands kind of gave it away, even though the formlessness of it in profile just seems plain unnatural.

Dayum, clear bigfoot photos is probably the weirdest part of the story. It’s a shame you can’t see the front/face. It looks to be the size of a person. It’s walkin’ around and chillin’ like a person. If it’s a legit hunter, it doesn’t appear to have any gear, which would mean it possibly read the hoaxonomicon.

I agree with Jon about the gait. What immediately struck me was that the angle of the bent leg is almost identical to that of Patty and wrong for a human. Interesting pics.

Ah what a pity.

I was willin’ to ignore the matchstick legs because the rest of it from behind’s a pretty fair hash at simulatin’ Patty’s huge upper body and enormous arse.

Then the profile shot…aargh!

I’m with you on the rear shots Greg they’re very suggestive of ghillie suits.

That profile shot though’s almost certainly a totally different figure with long hair or a wig and what looks like a full length goth style fur coat flaring out at the bottom.

From what I see, I am leaning far toward “The Big Guy”

If it’s a Gillie suit it’s not very good, and he has no weapon.

Not saying it’s bigfoot either, I need more information.

How many times did this guy walk by?, And in how many different directions? Waste of time for serious investigators.

Looks like the unfortunate Suitsquatch is lost; wandering back and forth searching for his good side while on the lake bordering of the Show Me State and the Blur Me state.

I grew up on this lake. It has 751 miles of shoreline it’s a big lake. Most of it is surrounded by heavy woods. It would be easy for a large animal to survive hear. There’s so much wildlife for it to eat. I’m not going to judge these photos but I know there is something out there from personal experience.

Greg I’ve cracked the case.

I thought it was a bloke not a Sasquatch.

I was wrong.

What confused me was the huge fat hairy arse just like Patty the Sasquatch’s.

What fooled me was the titchy spadger’s legs.

Then it hit me…

…and this’s a world exclusive…

…these’re the world’s first known pictures of Patty the Sasquatch sittin’ atop the shoulders of her secret lover Grover the Muppet.

Why no week in weird videos anymore meow?

Def not a gillie suit, the gillie suit is designed and made (by each Sniper)for one to blen in. Even standing up right you would barely be able to tell it was a gillie suit from some of those distances since the colors used are taken from the current surrounding.


This is not Bigfoot. It is an Islamic lady wearing her burqa.

It’s wearing a belt, the arms are too short, it’s a fake.

looks like a guy in a raincoat. i’d say fishing but it doesn’t appear to be raining and, being from MO, it’s too damn hot for that kind of clothes. looks pretty hoaxy though,.

This facebook photographer and his butt-fck buddy ain’t fooling me.

He taking picture of this wannbe bigfoot and the cheap bigfoot walking like there’s no care in the world he exist, just casually walking by a lake on a Sunday afternoon stroll and doesn’t care that maybe a humans with a big gun are aiming at his head… and BOOM ! BOOM ! BOOM !!.. Elvis has left the building type scene.

If it were me, I yell at him first by cursing a “F” words at him for his reaction before I open fire.


[…] Do These Striking Sasquatch Photos Snapped On July 4th Show A Lumbering Monster Or Man In A Suit? Who Forted? […]


[…] Do These Striking Sasquatch Photos Snapped On July 4th Show A Lumbering Monster Or Man In A Suit? Who Forted? […]

of all the bigfoot sightings, has anyone thought about what the chances are that a big foot would be spotted. there are a lot of sightings that may be out in the middle of nowhere and by one person or maybe two at any given time. if it is a hoax how would the hoaxer know that someone would be deep in the woods at that time in order to pull off their hoax. now if it is spotted in a town or close to one or a camping area ok it is very possibly a hoax. but in the… Read more »

So let’s take pictures if it but not try to get its attention or something of that matter to get it to turn around or to see its face. Seriously?

It kinda looks like a man in an oversized hoodie. It also looks like it’s wearing black shorts in one of the pics as well.