Do These Striking Sasquatch Photos Snapped on July 4th Show a Lumbering Monster or Man in a Suit?

Do These Striking Sasquatch Photos Snapped on July 4th Show a Lumbering Monster or Man in a Suit?


A fresh batch of Bigfoot photos recently appeared online, and for a monster who has a bad habit of never standing still enough to get a good look, these images show some of the clearest images of the big guy since the Patterson film.

The pictures were reportedly snapped on July 4th on Table Rock Lake near¬†Kimberling City, Missouri, and appear to show an extremely large, fur-covered humanoid strolling along the water’s edge. The photos were posted online by Angelique Christensen, a member of the Paranormal Distraction investigation group, who said she was sharing the images for the gentleman who captured them, but declined to name the man.

“When I saw these pics I had to get permission to post them to have them analyzed,” she wrote on Facebook. “If it is a person and a hoax they must [have] been dropped off at shore, but according to the story the man was out fishing in the coves with his family/friends and this is what they saw… Several people had witnessed it.”


The images have only been online for a few hours, but that hasn’t stopped opinions from rolling in. Aside from the obvious declarations of cryptozoological evidence, there have been theories that the fisherman simply captured a hunter in a ghillie suit, while other commenters thought the figure could have been a bear standing on its hind legs, a rationalization that Christensen refutes.

“Def not a bear,” she wrote. “The black bear down there are small and in the other 2 pics you can clearly see it’s human like form.”

Angelique says that she hasn’t come to a conclusion on the images yet, but plans to make her own trek out to the location in the coming weeks in order to search for evidence of her own.

What do you think about the striking photos? Do they show Bigfoot? Or just a guy in a suit? Check out the rest of the images below and let us know what you think! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or join us in the comments!

Missouri Bigfoot

Missouri Bigfoot 2

Missouri Bigfoot 3


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